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Before getting to who might be our next two Presidential nominees, I want to give a shout out to a guy who's arguably been the King of local sports talk radio for a good number of years. KLAC's Joe McDonnell got married to a beautiful young woman named Elizabeth at The Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City Friday night. Joe's one of my favorite people and I'm glad I was one of the hundreds there to witness this blessed event. After the wedding, a big reception was held and all of us had assigned seats. I sat at a table that included publisher, Don Barrett and Don's ace writer, Alan Oda as well Fox Sports Radio's "Big" Ben Maller who told me he grew up watching me on television. "The Best Damn Sport Show's" Tomm Looney introduced himself (good guy) as did many others including a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. Joe's taking the next couple of weeks off (honeymoon), but when he comes back, here's a tip for you. I think he's sounding the best he's EVER sounded.

Back to Don Barrett and A couple of people have asked if this new blog means that I won't do any more "The Way I See It" columns for Don? No. Two separate situations. On occasion I'll write a radio specific column for Don, but what will be written about here will be mostly about everything EXCEPT radio. Like politics.

I'll show you mine. Feel free to show me yours.

I'm a lifelong Republican. I grew up in a military household and I did a little tour myself. I believe if Barry Goldwater was still alive, he'd (now) be a Democrat. And that's my way of saying that the Republicans in THIS White House ain't MY kind of Republicans. Anytime I hear that crowd try to sound like what they're doing or espousing is Reagan-esque, I want to throw up. Any thoughts on who you might like our next President to be? A lot of announced and yet to be announced candidates out there. Here's my thoughts on a couple of them. John McCain? I can't imagine what he went through in that prisoner of war camp, but I don't want him in the White House. Same deal with Mayor Rudy. The Mormon candidate? Do we know what he stands for or has he changed his mind again? Hillary? Tell me when she's perfected her southern drawl. I reserve the right to change my mind once everyone's positions have been made clear, but right now, my choice would be Senator Joe Biden. But do you know who I think the nominees MIGHT end up being? Barack Obama and Fred Thompson. I know. The only thing most folks know about Obama is that he's young and black. And the only thing most folks know about Fred Thompson is that he plays a D.A. on "Law and Order" and he used to date a Country singer. But these are two very sharp guys and we could do a hell of a lot worse. And in the last few decades, we HAVE! But as Dennis Miller might say, "That's my opinion. I could be wrong." Speaking of guys who have changed their mind(s)....The bandwagon has different passengers now, Dennis. Are you about to switch AGAIN?

Other stuff...Do you read the Drudge Report? Did you see the item about the unnamed CBS television newscast that showed an anchorman dozing off while the weather guy was giving his report? I bring this up because Channel 2, the CBS affiliate here in L.A. has a relatively new reporter (at least to me) who will never be accused of causing people to nod off. Mary Beth McDade is her name. She's easy on the eyes, but (to me) hard on the ears. "Strident" is the word that comes to mind.

The final season of The Sopranos begins Sunday, the 8th. Only 9 episodes.

Did you hear about Barry Bonds? He hit two homers in his last exhibition game. The regular season begins for the Dodgers at Milwaukee today. Friday they'll begin a 3-game series against Barry and the Giants in 'Frisco. The Dodgers' home opener will be a week from today against Colorado. The Angels open at home against Texas tonight.

Does anyone care about the college basketball game tonight?


Blogger Lauren said...

Scott! I found your blog by way of Bob Harris. He gave you a shout-out if you haven't seen it yet take a look.

I used to be a Republican. I ran, not walked, away during the Iran-Contra ordeal. The GOP only ran down hill from there. You do know water seeks its own level.

I'm here to set the record straight on Romney. I too have been a life long hunter. I've had to hunt for my keys most of my life. Just the small keys; vermin if you will. I have to admit though I never shot them after I had hunted them down.

Hope the Key-ta group doesn't get after me.

This is Lauren from Imperial by the way. Good to see you again.

10:07 AM  

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