Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm a Jack Bauer guy! Put a guy like him in Afghanistan (or wherever Osama is hiding) and we'd have that war on terror won.

I've seen every episode of "24". The first episode I was ever disappointed with was last season's final episode. It wasn't bad, it (to me) just wasn't what I've learned to expect from "24". This season got off to a good start, but then something happened. I continued to watch as did most folks because it still gets terrific ratings, but I think we continue to watch because in our hearts of hearts, we KNOW it WILL get BETTER! WON'T it? And if not, why not? In other words, what's wrong with 24?

I say it's because we're not getting enough of what makes "24" so much fun. And that's Jack Bauer. It's almost like the producers have decided to let Jack have a little time off this year because of all the hell he's been through the previous years. But we, the viewers don't WANT that. We want Jack to continue to go through the hell he's gone through 'cause if there was ever a guy who the term, "Payback's a bitch!" represents, it's our boy, Jack.

A lot of time has been spent featuring actors playing characters who have their own agendas. Like a sleazy Vice President who was last seen running a whorehouse on HBO. He's a good actor, as are most of the other actors, but what on earth is that former "Spoons" actor Ricky (or is it Rick?) doing on that show? He was fine on NYPD Blue, but I think he's totally out of place on "24".

If the producers want to investigate a "side" storyline, they had a beauty of one that should have been milked as opposed to just teasing us with. The relationship between the First Lady, played by Jean Smart and Secret Service Agent Pearce (I hope I spelled that correctly) played by the very underrated Glenn Morshower. I mean, there was some smokin' hot chemistry you could see developing between those two in some episodes LAST season.

If the producers of "24" don't want to further explore the relationship between the former First Lady and the former Secret Service agent, Jean Smart and Glenn Morshower ought to find some producers willing to star the two of THEM in a show.

Meanwhile, on "24", GIVE US BACK OUR JACK!!!!

Speaking of hot television shows....Sanjaya survived AGAIN on American Idol, while Gina was eliminated. I'm gonna miss Gina. She can sing and looks like she'd be fun to hang with.

Have you checked out "Brothers and Sisters"? It comes on after "Desperate Housewives", Sunday nights on ABC. What a cast and what a show! Sally Field is the show's rock and she's showing us what an Oscar(s) winner with good material can do. I like ALL the actors on "Brothers and Sisters", but here's a special shout out to Rob Lowe. Lowe turned DOWN the role of McDreamy on "Grey's Anatomy", but boy, did he ever make a good decision ACCEPTING the role of a Senator who might become President while making love with Harrison Ford's main squeeze.

The Masters golf tournament begins today. Tiger gonna win another major? Phil?

I don't think there's anything the Lakers could do that would keep them from MAKING the playoffs, but does anyone who isn't delusional think the Lakers will do anything IN the playoffs?

Yay!!! The Dodgers won a game! Are you enjoying the way the opposition runs around the bases when a ball lands fair in the outfield?

Are the Angels ever gonna lose a game? The new HGH center fielder playing for the Angels has certainly made some spectacular plays on defense. In three games, he's robbed the opposition of at least one homer and maybe two while also being effective on offense.

Last item...

How about these gas prices? I'm not a communist. I'm all for people who can make a good buck. But when are we gonna stop believin' this constant b.s. we're fed about "THIS costly problem" or "THAT costly problem" being the reason the gas prices are going up. But at the END of the year (and EVERY year), we read about the monstrous profits made by these poor oil people who have "THIS costly problem" and "THAT costly problem". YO, OIL FOLKS!! And the bought and paid for politicians you have helping you spread this drivel!!! I'm sittin' here feelin' like Lee Trevino, who once said, "I might have been born at night, but it wasn't LAST night."


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