Sunday, April 08, 2007


Wasn't that the line in the film, "Field of Dreams"? Build it and they will come?

I'm reminded of that movie because of what has happened here in the last few days.

I wrote my first entry on March 28. A short commentary about gambling. Specifically, Indian casino slot machine gambling. This is the Monday, April 9 entry.

I've told our background story in emails I wrote to a bunch of people. How Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Gershan talked me into doing this, showed me how to do it and also wrote the bio you see next to my most recent entry.

When it comes to writing a blog, I knew from nothing. Make that less than nothing. Or a lot of other stuff that requires a computer. The idea of trying something like this was scary to me. As are MOST new things to most people. "I can't do THAT!" Why not? "Because I CAN'T!"

Translation? I've never done it before and I don't want to admit I don't know how to do what most 10-year olds know how to do. And don't tell me YOU were never in this position!

Learning new stuff, ANY new stuff is scary. But what's cool is, once I had to learn the basics of getting the written word onto the blog page, I also made it a point to learn a bunch of other computer stuff as well.

And I have a lot more TO learn, but let's go back to the headline of this piece.

Friday and Saturday, I received quite a lot of emails at my regular email address about what we're doing here. A couple of you posted comments under three of the commentaries. People like Jon, the former engineer for The Real Don Steele and a reader named Lauren who wrote some funny/acerbic political thoughts under a political commentary.

With all due respect to the title in Kevin Costner's fine film, there are no guarantees when you build something. But the response from you after only eight listings is humbling.

To say, "Thank you!" has me wishing I could think of something more profound than that, but "Thank you!" is what I mean.

And my thanks (of course) to Kevin Gershan and to people who have blown the horn on our behalf.

Your comments are always encouraged, I will mention some of those comments from time to time, but I won't write another entry like this one.

Tomorrow's headline and headline story will be, "WHY HASN'T CARDINAL MAHONEY BEEN ARRESTED?"

I hope you all had a happy Easter.


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