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And what would that be, Scott?!?

If your parents are here illegally when you are born then YOU are here illegally as well!!! No more automatic citizenship to children unless their parents are LEGAL citizens of America!!!

Oh, I've said this before, but what prompts my bringing it up again is yesterday's arrest of Elvira Arellano outside a church in Los Angeles. Ms. Arellano's first entrance to the United States was in 1997. She was caught at the border and deported. Several days later she got past the border and was here until 2002 when she was arrested and convicted of using a false social security number at her job. That's identity theft, folks. In other words, that could have been you whose life was made miserable because of her illegal activity. Why it took until last summer (which would be about 4 years later) for an immigration judge to order Ms. Arellano to present herself for deportation, is a question that definitely needs answering, but we know what happened after Ms. Arellano got that order from the judge. She went to a church in Chicago where she was given refuge by the Reverend Walter Coleman. Ms. Arellano gave birth to a boy who is now 8 after she arrived here illegally. Who's the father? Another question to (perhaps) be answered at another time. Ms. Arellano says she went to the Chicago church to prevent being separated from her 8-year old American born son. The Chicago Reverend Coleman said, "We always knew it was a possibility that she would be arrested. She was hopeful the country would have the wisdom and the humanity to let her state her case."

Short Commentary: Oh, Ms. Arellano has already stated her case. She entered this country illegally twice. She got a job after stealing a Social Security number, a crime she was convicted of. She was ordered deported and defied that order by hiding in a church. When the Reverend Coleman suggests that this country (America) should have the wisdom and the humanity to let her state her case, he's implying there's something the rest of aren't seeing or are too stupid to understand. Not true, Reverend. For you see, like the old song once said, "I Can See Clearly Now!" Ms. Arellano is another criminal who's trying to game the system by playing the "child" card. Instead of sending her to jail where she belongs for having stolen that Social Security number, the judge in the case showed big time compassion by merely ordering Ms. Arellano deported. And no, she wouldn't have been separated from her child unless she wanted to be, because the child could have gone back to Mexico with her.


One thing about the internet....If you've ever said or done anything in the past that you hope won't be discovered, fuh-git about it! Because the internet doesn't fuh-git about it.

Have you seen that You Tube footage showing what Vice President Dick Cheney said about Iraq in 1994? In essence, Mr. Cheney very eloquently stated a passionate case for staying out of Iraq. In other words, he was agreeing with the first President Bush who had the wisdom to understand the quagmire possibilities which have now turned to reality because of our decision to go there under the Bush II administration.

The hope here is that a reporter who is willing to make the guarantee of asking one question is allowed to visit with Vice President Dick Cheney. The Vice President would be shown footage of what he said in 1994 and the one question would be, "Mr. Vice President, what made you change your mind?" If the Vice President's answer was, "You'll have to ask the President.", the reporter's response should be, "I promised to ask one question and I'm keeping my promise. Please answer the question I asked."


"Superbad", the teen comedy that got some good reviews, also made some good money this past weekend. More than 31 million dollars. The Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig film, "The Invasion", was a disappointment at the box office. 6 million dollars.

I saw "The Invasion" Friday afternoon. This is a Nicole Kidman film. Oh, the new James Bond guy, Daniel Craig is also in the film, but it's Kidman's film. Can anyone name the last film in which Kidman was the headliner that was a hit? She's a good actress, buuuut...

I liked the chemistry between Kidman and Craig. I liked it a lot. I also liked the young boy who played Kidman's son. Other than that? To me, it was just another movie. Not bad, not particularly good.

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Blogger BCP said...

Spot on commentary about facts surrounding the fugitive from justice Elvira Arellano. My only concern is what took the Feds so long to deport her? She was hiding in plain sight in the church in Chicago and traveled all the way to LA and gave speeches before they nabbed her. But, a deportation is a deportation. And hopefully our laws will contiue to be enfirced.


8:30 AM  
Blogger Lauren Barnes said...

What took the feds so long to deport fugitive from justice Elvira Arellano?

I was kind of feeling Arellano was swiftly deported once she was found. I didn't know she had been out on the lecture circut.

My understanding is,after she was covicted for social security fraud, she was ordered to serve 3 years probation!

Demonstrating the "X"treme wisdom of the courts she, of course, was ordered to do that probation here!!! DOH! Here, so we could be sure that the justice dished out was actually consumed...I GUESS....

I've also heard her 8 year old son doesn't speak a word of English....
Way to assimilate! I guess she didn't send him to get the free education he is entitled to as an American...or for that matter an ILLEGAL. In either case I think not sending a minor child to school is illegal too.

Here's what I do know!
Had I commited social security fraud...I'd never see the sun shine...Had I not allowed my kids to learn English they would no doubt have been taken from me.

8:15 PM  

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