Wednesday, August 15, 2007


American corporations love outsourcing. It allows these corporations the opportunity to make tons of money of top of the huge profits they'd make if they were paying American workers!

Case in point; How's that having to deal with people in India when you have a problem with your computer working out?

Well maybe, just maybe, this latest outsourcing maneuver will backfire enough to force a major American company to think again about the overall advisability of outsourcing. Especially if these latest problems cause this American company to come dangerously close to having to go out of business.

The company I'm referring to is Mattel, a company that sells toys for your children to play with.

Toys that are made in China and have been discovered to contain lead paint.

Off the charts cheap labor resulting in toys containing poison for our kids. As Don King might say, "Only in America!"

And it gets better. Toys made by cheap labor in China containing magnets that have been swallowed by American kids.

More on that in a minute. The toys made for the American company Mattel by cheap laborers in China that have contained lead paint include "Sarge" cars and characters such as "Dora the Explorer", "Big Bird" and "Elmo". If we now know about these toys, the odds are pretty good that there are others.

These magnets put into toys made for the American company Mattel by cheap Chinese laborers? They include Polley Pocket dolls and Batman action figures. Once again...If we know about these toys, there are bound to be others.

Pay attention now 'cause here's the scary part of these Mattel toys made in China that contain magnets. There have been several cases of American kids swallowing these magnets because they tend to become loose easily. When a child swallows one magnet, that's bad enough. But when a child swallows more than one magnet, the magnets can attract each other and cause big time intestinal problems which could kill your child.

Ah, yes. The "benefits" of outsourcing. The benefits being off the charts profits! The economic harm to American workers or the possible harm to our children?

Well, a boycott (in this case) would get Mattel's attention. But you'd have to be serious about it.
Really serious!


I haven't mentioned letters received from you great readers and listeners lately. Most of you have figured out that the way to get a response from me is to not write to the blog, but to write to me directly. If you write to the blog, I'll see it, but for whatever reason, I can't respond back to you. When you write to me at, I can and do write back.

I want to mention a note that was sent to the blog last night from a person named Josly. Josly is apparently a new reader and she or he writes, "This blog's information is very rich. I like it!"

Thank you, Josly. This is our 99th blog and as a first time reader, you've discovered that we cover a lot of ground.


Marjorie Eisenberg of West Hills has written a possible solution letter about the illegal immigration problem:

"If we deport all the illegal workers in this country, the price of food in restaurants and grocery stores will go up. If prices go up, people will eat less, and there will be fewer medical problems associated with obesity. And if there are fewer medical problems, the price of health insurance will go down. And if more people can afford health insurance, taxes will go down. And if taxes go down, there will be more jobs with better pay. If this doesn't make the case for deporting illegal workers, what does?"

Short Commentary: Hmmmmm...


In the new September issue of Esquire, the opinions in their monthly "What I've Learned" column are spoken by the legendary singer, Merle Haggard. Here are two of the 19 observations offered by Haggard:

"I probably had as bad a sex urge as anybody when I was younger. I remember an old guitar player, Eldon Shamblin, told me, 'When you get pussy off your mind, you can go ahead and learn something.' Isn't that great?"

"Willie Nelson's the one who told me the reason it costs so much to get divorced is because it's worth it."

Short Commentary: Another Hmmmmm...

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