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A lot of baseball fans were rooting for an historical baseball trifecta last night. At Dodger Stadium, Barry Bonds had chances to tie Hank Aaron's all time home run record. At Yankee Stadium, Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) had a chance to hit his 500th home run. And in Milwaukee, Tom Glavine, pitching for the Mets, had a chance to win his 300th game.

Bonds went oh for two with two walks in a 3-1 win for the Giants. Tom Glavine left his game with a 2-1 lead, but the bullpen couldn't hold it and the Mets ended up losing. In the game at Yankee Stadium, when you noticed that the Yankees hit 8 homers in their 16-3 win, it was easy to assume a big night for A-Rod, but he went oh for five. Oh, well. A-Rod and Bonds will try it again tonight, but Glavine's not scheduled to pitch again until this weekend.

A couple of interesting observations were made by legendary Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully last night. While commenting on all the talk about how Bonds' home run chase is a big distraction for the Giants' players, Scully wondered if it might even be a bigger distraction for opposing players.

Scully also played an interesting numbers game when he pointed out that if Babe Ruth would have had as many at bats as Hank Aaron did, Ruth would have hit more than a thousand homers. Aaron also had a lot more at bats than Bonds has had, but I didn't hear Scully say what Bonds' projected home run total would be. Maybe that number will be kicked around after Bonds has retired. Like the old song says, "Just talkin' base-ball..." If you're a fan, I know you know the tune!


During my second appearance on KLAC's Joe McDonnell show last night (Tuesday night's, 9:30 or so until 10), we talked a lot of baseball. Specifically, steroids related baseball and after that segment, several of Joe's listeners sent me e-mails. Some agreeing, some disagreeing and some who just wanted to say, "Hi!". You guys kept me up late answering your e-mails, but it was nice hearing from you! Joe's show is on KLAC, Monday through Friday nights from 7 to 11. It's a fun show, because Joe and his co-host Tim will talk about anything!


ABC's "Good Morning America" is a good show. But they shared some bad news with their audience yesterday. Robin Roberts has been a major part of "Good Morning America" since 1995. She's only 46, but she has breast cancer. There's no family history associated with this disease, so this came as a big shock to her. She will soon have surgery and follow-up treatments as they are needed. Short Commentary: This is another example of how none of us are immune from diseases. Robin Roberts has had a wonderful life and career, but all of a sudden, wham! It can happen to any of us. Attention women! Breast cancer! Early detection is the key! Insist that your doctor check you out! Attention men! Prostate cancer! Early detection is the key! Insist that your doctor check you out!


No, Britney Spears doesn't have cancer, but it looks more and more like she needs some kind of medical attention. Did you hear about her altercation with photographers in Las Vegas last Thursday? After pictures were taken of her, Spears threw a baby bottle at one photographer and yelled, "I am going to kill you!" This was after a bodyguard of Spears' roughed up a photographer. Spears also told the photographer that he should get a restraining order against her because she was going to kill him or hire someone that would.

Okay...and let's all take a deep breath now...Short Commentary: First of all, threatening to kill someone is never a good idea. Especially in front of a bunch of witnesses. When you're as high profile as she is, it might cost her some serious money in a lawsuit. But Britney Spears needs to have a major reality check. It wasn't that long ago when Britney Spears was drop dead gorgeous and was selling a lot of music CD's. She's only 25, but her looks are fading and she's doing nothing musically. Both things are a direct result of her current lifestyle. If a dumb guy like me can see this, why can't someone in her inner circle see this and point it out to her. Is it because they're afraid to disrupt some kind of "gravy train" she's providing to them? I would imagine that "yes" people are cool to have around, but in order to survive, everyone in the position that Britney Spears is in, has to have someone who isn't afraid to give it to her "straight". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that person is called a real friend.

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