Friday, September 28, 2007


Long time Los Angeles Dodgers' baseball fans remember the quote you see in our headline. It was played over and over by the late Jim Healy on his very popular radio show.

Tommy Lasorda said those words when he was managing the Dodgers and the Dodgers were struggling.

I'm reminded of Lasorda's quote because of the way the Dodgers are ending what looked like (in July) to be a very promising season. The Dodgers were in first place and visions of a possible championship were dancing in a lot of heads.

Then a number of things happened. Injuries, questionable decisions by manager Grady Little, but (perhaps) above all, questionable decisions by general manager Ned Colletti. Decisions that continue to be questionable like the obvious order to play the "younger players" while the Dodgers wrap up a season that could result in them finishing under .500 for what has been (overall) a very disappointing season.

So I offer this suggestion to Grady Little. Grady, say it loud and say it proud; "It ain't my bleepin' fault! Colletti's the bleepin' guy!!!"


The final games of the regular season will be played this weekend and a look at what's going on in the National League is exciting stuff. 7 teams have a shot at the 4 playoff spots. In the division races, Arizona has a 1-game lead over San Diego and a 2-game lead over Colorado, a team that has won 11 games in a row. Chicago has a 2-game lead over Brewers in the Central Division and the Mets and Phils are tied for the lead in the East Division. In the Wild Card race, the Padres have the lead, but the Mets, Phils and Rockies are only one game back. This weekend, the Rockies play host to Arizona, the Padres are at Milwaukee, the Mets play host to Florida and the Cubs play at Cincinnati.

Wow!!! The possibilities are endless, but this much is certain: All players and coaches on all the contending teams figure to get stiff necks because of all their scoreboard watching. Play ball!!!


Do you remember all the noise that was made about deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other military hospitals? The hospitals providing "care" for our wounded troops? Certainly this administration which is quick to shout, "They're not supporting the TROOPS!!!", when legitimate questions are asked would be the administration to see to it that proper medical care was provided for wounded troops. I mean, it's the least that can be done to "support the troops".

Anyway, our attention is brought to remarks made by members of a congressional oversight committee who have been looking into the disgraceful conditions at these military hospitals. Republican Representative from Virginia, Thomas Davis III said, "After so many promises but so little progress, we need to see more concrete results." Democrat Representative from Massachusetts, John Tierney referred to the lack of progess being the result of an "utter lack of urgency."

And what about this highly paid private military we have in Iraq and Afghanistan? A private military that is paid 5 to 10 times as much as our regular military troops and a private military that seems to causing us all kinds of political problems in these countries. And the fact that there are more of them than regular military personnel? What's wrong with that picture?!?


There are several new films opening today, but the only one I plan to see is, "The Kingdom". Critics are referring to this film as some kind of revenge fantasy that takes place in Saudi Arabia. Sounds good to me! Isn't Saudia Arabia where the vast majority people who hijacked those planes on 9/11 were from? "The Kingdom" has a great cast which includes Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper and Jennifer Garner.


Yesterday, I saw the second episodes of "Back to You" (Wednesday, 8pm, Fox) and "Gossip Girl" (Wednesday, 9pm, CW). "Back to You", with Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton is very funny and it looks like it'll be another big hit for both of those actors.

"Gossip Girl" is a series featuring (mostly) a cast of unknowns in a continuing storyline about some rich New York young people's constant drama in their privileged lives. After Wednesday's episode ended, I wrote down these words: "This show is too cool for words!" I am totally hooked on "Gossip Girl".

I also saw the first episodes of "Private Practice" (Wednesday, 9pm, ABC) and "Dirty Sexy Money" (Wednesday, 10pm, ABC). I thought the first two scenes in "Private Practice" were terrific, but then (to me) the show slowed down and I thought, "Uh, oh!", but then it picked back up. The hands down best actor on this show is 4-time Tony winner Audra McDonald, but once this show got going, all the actors began to shine.

"Dirty Sexy Money" might become the most talked about new show of the year if the first episode is an indication of what we can expect in the future. It is a continuing story about New York's Darling family. No, I'm not saying it's a darling family, that's really the name of this family. The first scene with Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland is off the charts terrific. Zoe McLennan, an actress I'm not familiar plays Krause's very sexy wife! Samaire Armstrong ("The O.C.") plays one of the family's problem children as does her loony twin brother who's played by Seth Gable. Glenn Fitzgerald plays an Episcopal Priest, the likes of which will not make real Episcopal priests feel proud at all.

I could keep going, but you get the idea. The Darling family is a family that ain't whacha call perfect, but man they're gonna be fun to watch! Oh...There's also a murder that the Peter Krause character is determined to get to the bottom of. "Dirty Sexy Money" is sexy fun and I can hardly wait for next Wednesday's episode.


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