Monday, September 17, 2007


Overall, I enjoyed Fox's telecast of the Emmys last night. And I'll get one thing out of the way right now. The feeling here is that the choice of James Gandolfini for best actor in a drama series would have been an award for all the years "The Sopranos" were on the air. I think the voters got it right for who deserved the award for last year. Unlike most critics and voters, I saw every episode of both shows and I thought that what Spader brought to the table week in and week out was better than what Gandolfini brought to the table. But like most people, I was surprised when Gandolfini didn't win.

And the voters got it right when Sally Field won for best actress in a drama series. And then Fox went and bleeped her ending in her acceptance speech. On the show "Brothers & Sisters", Field plays a mother whose son has been sent to serve in the Iraq war and she said, "I'm proud to be one of those women, and let's face it, if mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamned wars in the first place!" The last part of what she said was bleeped as was the ovation Field was given after saying what she said. After the show, Field said (in essence) that being bleeped was okay and that she'll simply say what she said someplace else.

Ray Romano was also bleeped for making a remark about Patricia Heaton sleeping with her new co-star Kelsey Grammer and Katherine Heigl was bleeped for mouthing the word "Shit!" when her name was announced as winner of the best supporting actress in a drama series. When Heigl got on stage, one assumes that the off stage announcer said "Shit!" when Heigl corrected the way Heigl's last name had been pronounced.

Short Commentary: My first reaction to Heigl's public "correction" was to be reminded of what I continually hear about her being a major "piece of work" on the set and thinking this was simply another example of a talented diva throwing her weight around, but on second thought...The announcer on a show like the Emmys has one thing to have burned (in this case) in her brain and that's the correct pronunciation of all the presenters and all the nominees. That's her job and there's no excuse for a mistake like that. If she's invited back to be the announcer on next year's Emmy telecast, she will be given one more chance than anyone else would usually get.


I loved the singing opening that was done by the cartoon characters Stevie and his dog Brian from the show "Family Guy"! Absolutely loved it!

A nice self deprecating remark was made by host Ryan Seacrest when noting there were 6,000 people seated in the audience, said that all of them had "passed" on doing the hosting that he was doing. And boy was he set up to fail! I didn't read one critic who said before the show that was kind about the selection of Seacrest to host the show. I refer to Seacrest (kindly) as being "Vanilla Deluxe". Just like his idol, Dick Clark. As long as Ryan stayed being a "M.C.", he was okay. When he stepped out of his element like talking to people in the audience, something that Ellen does so very well, or the bit with the blogger that really bombed or the bit with the costume that made one think of Johnny Carson and be reminded that Carson, Seacrest ain't, Ryan was totally exposed as a (pleasant) "fish out of water".

And as long as I'm talking about people who strike me as being "out of their element", what's up with all the praise heaped upon Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. When they were on stage together, they were (to me) what they usually are. Seldom funny in a stupid bit about (I think) ecology. When they were done with their embarrassing nonsense, the camera captured what most of the audience was feeling when they showed the expression on the faces of Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick.

Funny was delivered by Elaine Stritch last night!

Funny was delivered by Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher last night!

Really funny was delivered by Lewis Black last night!

Poignant (and funny) was delivered by Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick and Mary-Louise Parker!

But if there was one thing that really got my attention, it would be what The Jersey Boys did during their tribute to "The Sopranos". Bravo, bravo, bravo! Especially their opening number!

Again...glitches, bleeps and all, I liked last night's telecast!


Friday, I saw "The Brave One". I thought the scenes with Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard were terrific...Nicky Katt was given most of the funny lines and he delivered them well...I like the way the story developed...And I didn't see the ending coming! That surprised me! What didn't surprise me was hearing what people were saying as they walked out of the theatre. Which was how much they liked "The Brave One".


It was just a matter of time, wasn't it? When O.J. Simpson figured to do something stupid again? Example, even if it's possible he wasn't guilty of the murders (which pretty much no one believes), riding in the Bronco with Al Cowlings was off the charts stupid! In this Las Vegas deal, even if he didn't go into that room knowing that he was with a person or people who had guns, and or if there was property of his that he wanted back, the way he went about getting it back, was also off the charts stupid. How will all this play out in court?!? No one knows, but know this; We'll be O.J. updated, updated and updated some more which will provide a distraction that the Bush administration should send a "Thank You!" note to O.J. for.


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TOMORROW: Would the decriminalization of pot and then a big tax on it possibly be a big step toward the solution of our uninsured health crisis? Does the possible candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Ron Reagan Jr have a ghost of a chance of resulting in them becoming our next president and vice president? Annnd anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


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