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So much for that argument about how celebrities always get favorable treatment from judges and juries in L.A., huh?

A judge has ordered that Britney Spears will no longer have custody of her two children. Instead, Kevin Federline will have sole custody of Sean Preston, 2 and Jayden James, 1, beginning at noon tomorrow.

Think about the meaning of this order. Kevin Federline, a guy whose only known "talent" is getting women to fall for him and getting women pregnant is now deemed qualified (by a judge, no less) to have sole custody of two toddlers. Does this mean that Federline will magically quit being the "party boy" he's always been? I mean, couldn't an argument be made for having the "State" take custody of these kids. Britney Spears' parenting skills have been deemed so pathetic by this judge, that he had previously ordered that she be given parenting lessons by a parenting coach!

Help me out here. Have you ever heard of such an occupation? Parenting coach? Do you find them in the Yellow Pages?

Anyway, a playboy with no known other "skills" is given custody of two toddlers while the mother, a once upon a time beauty queen who could sing, but other than that appears to dumber than a rock is getting ready to possibly go to jail. If what is happening here is "what's best for the children" justice, one can only be reminded of words spoken often by the great orator, Don King, who, after seeing something ridiculous, says, "Only in America!" And to that we say, "Amen, brother! Amen!"


We're now going to tell you about some people who can be absurd as anyone, but they are appreciated for their absurdity. Because more often than not, it's considered to be funny.

Since starting this blog on the 28th of March, I've been constantly amazed when people pop up out of (seemingly) thin air and let me know that they're reading some of this stuff I'm writing. Like Orli Sharaby who has an office in Brooklyn, New York and who does work for "Comedy Central". Orli commented on a commentary I wrote about President Bush's questionable "legacy" and about my belief that "amateurs" needed to be replaced. And Orli thought I might be interested in seeing some parody work being done by Comedy Central involving many of the current presidential candidates and how they compare to comic book superheroes/villains.

Orli, I looked at what you sent me and if you were looking for publicity, I have seven words for you; "You sent this to the right person!"

Yes, I can appreciate absurdist humor! I'll give you a couple of examples and then give you a link that you can activate to see some other fun (or not) stuff.

Again...current presidential candidates and how they compare to comic book superheroes/villains.

Example: "Hillary Clinton. Trained as a lawyer, can kick pretty much any guy's ass, marriage to Man-Wolf was probably a mistake." Comparison? She-Hulk.
And yes, you see pictures with all these comparisons. To see all of these Comedy Central comparisons along with other Comedy Central "INdecision 2008" stuff, click the link below.


Heck of a baseball game last night, huh? The playoff to get into the playoffs was played between San Diego's Padres and Colorado's Rockies and it was a first rate nail biter.

The Rockies have been the hottest team in baseball, but the Padres were starting baseball's best pitcher, Jake Peavy, and even though the game was at Colorado, the Padres were favored. When Peavy left the game in the 7th inning, he had given up 6 runs and the Padres were losing, 6-5. But the Padres tied the game in the 8th and it stayed tied until the top of the 13th when the Padres took an 8-6 lead. In the bottom of the 13th, Trevor Hoffman, the best closer in the history of baseball went on the mound to protect that lead. When Hoffman got his only out in that inning, it was on a fly ball that scored the winning run for Colorado. A devastating "it wasn't meant to be" game for the Padres. The best pitcher currently in the game at the beginning of the game for the Padres and the best closer in the history of the game at the end of the game for the Padres and they ended up losing!!! It's gonna take quite a while for the Padres to forget about this game!

Baseball's playoffs begin with a tripleheader tomorrow. All times are Pacific Time. Colorado at Philadelphia, 12:07. Angels at Boston, 3:37. Cubs at Arizona, 7:07. The Yankees play their first game at Cleveland, Thursday, at 3:37.


I'll be making my Tuesday night radio appearance on "The Joe McDonnell Experience", between a little after 9:30 until close to 10 on KLAC, 570 on your AM dial. Being on with Joe and his sidekick Tim Cates is a weekly highlight for me. It's a sports show, but we've been known to talk about darn near anything. If you get a chance, check us out tonight. Joe's show is on KLAC Monday through Friday from 7-11pm.


The first episode of "Boston Legal's" new season airs on ABC at 10 tonight. Two other shows will be airing their first ever episodes at 8 and 8:30. The 8:30 show, "Carpoolers" is getting lukewarm reviews. The 8:00 show, "Cavemen" wasn't sent to critics which has critics saying, "How bad must that show be?!?"

I got caught up on some other first (taped) episodes of shows yesterday. I liked "Shark", Sunday nights at 10 on CBS. I thought that "Grey's Anatomy" got off to a slow start (Thursday nights at 9 on ABC), but once it got going, I liked it. "Big Shots" (Thursday nights at 10 on ABC) pretty much got savaged by the critics, but once that show got going, I found myself "getting it". Heck of a cast. Dylan McDermott, Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus and Joshua Malina. All four play guys who are very flawed and very successful. McDermott is given an ex-wife (who he'd like to have back) and a daughter who are gorgeous and it'll be interesting how all that plays out. The other three guys have their issues as well and I get the sense that when all is said and done, "Big Shots" has a good chance to become a "Big Hit".

Another episode of "Damages" on FX at 10 tonight. That is such a good show!!!


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TOMORROW: Some thoughts about presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


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