Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When talking about Iraq, El Rushbo is El Wacko!!!

Orrr...Is Rush Limbaugh just being the bought and paid for snake oil salesman that many of us believe that he is?!?

I'm writing this on the 16th of July. I mention this because I won't write my next blog until the 23rd of July. Most readers know the most recent blog is the first blog they'll see for a week, and some (for example) read this morning what I wrote a week ago.

So when I refer to "today", I'm talking about July 16, 2008.

Like many Americans, I listen to Rush Limbaugh from time to time. Not as much as I used to which is also true of many Americans. Despite what he implies (he's clever with his words), his radio ratings are not nearly as high as they once were. But that's true of all radio performers. Radio is going through a very tough time now because of all the different choices listeners now have. But to give the devil his due, El Rushbo's radio ratings are still (overall) higher than everyone else's, so his "downward" trend is better than every other broadcaster's "downward" trend. A classic candidate to be humming the old Lee Hazlewood song, "I've Been Down So Long, It Looks Like UP To Me".

But I digress.

I was listening to El Rushbo today when he went on a rant about Iraq. In his view, the fact that some people are saying Iraq is not now nor ever has been a war we should have been (are) involved in, caused El Rushbo to do what he does when his "panties are in a bunch". He began using a fake voice that (I guess) stands for, "Pay attention now, because I am the Divine Oracle and I am going to tell you what Bill Clinton couldn't tell you. The 'meaning of what IS, is'"!!!

In essence, he gave us his "wisdom" about why it is we're in Iraq and why it IS that we must STAY in Iraq and WIN!!!"

Praise God, Hallelujah, Amen!

Divine Oracle, El Rushbo railed away about troops, contractors and other Americans who have been killed in Iraq and that it would be an insult to their memory if we left before...Oh, I dunno. Maybe he was thinking of something biblical like, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord!"?!?

If that's what Divine Oracle, El Rushbo was thinking, I might be inclined to use that biblical phrase myself. If we're talking about PAKISTAN!!! Where Osama bin Laden is hiding and apparently being protected by a lot of Pakistani folks who are supposed to be our allies.

OSAMA bin LADEN did us wrong, El Rushbo, oh Divine Oracle that you are.

Oh Divine Oracle, El Rushbo, you're right when you say that many of our troops, contractors and other Americans have been killed in Iraq.

And I hate to bust your bubble you pious phony, but those Americans who have been killed were all killed after we INVADED Iraq!

Not BEFORE!!! NO Americans were killed by Iraqi's until we WENT to Iraq! A country that hadn't done a GOD DAMN THING TO US!!!

And before anyone thinks I'm some head in the sand pointy headed liberal who's scared to stand up for myself or for my country, know this; I would have no trouble supporting staggering amounts of bribery money given to Pakistani officials to give us information that would allow our Special Operations Warriors to go in and get Osama bin Laden, dead or alive....ORRR...If Pakistani officials turned our bribery money down and refused to cooperate, I would also support my (your) country telling Pakistani officials that we will begin the process of turning that country into a parking lot until Osama bin Laden IS found, because HE's the son of a bitch responsible for killing all our American brothers and sisters on 9/11 and now bin Laden is INDIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of our citizens in Iraq because of the off the charts incompetence of the Bush White House....ORRR....Something much worse that has NOTHING to do with incompetence!!!

Anyway, congratulations on the new contract Divine Oracle, El Rushbo and may your baloney never be out of season, 'cause we all gotta make a livin', right?

Divine Oracle, El Rushbo, because I have a long memory, I remember when you first exploded onto the radio scene and made a name for yourself by picking on minorities (mostly African Americans) and women. Man, you grabbed the market for that entertainment and ran all the way to the bank with it. Every once in a while it would trip you up. Like on ESPN and other instances. But to me, you weren't worth commenting on then. But if you and all your deferments that protected you from wearing a uniform don't give you pause when it comes to having the audacity to preach phony patriotism by misrepresenting who our real enemies are and those enemies who are (for whatever reason) "enemies of convenience", then hoss, your baloney brings out (to quote an old Merle Haggard song) "The Fightin' Side Of ME"!!!

The Wild, Wild West Attitude The Bush Adminstration Has Regarding "Regulations"!!!

What might happen to a bank you and I have our money in, has us a little worried, doesn't it? What have been lack of "regulations" is a big reason for our concerns. It's a big reason for the housing mess and every other mess we're in.

This administration and their head nodding puppets are against "regulations". Why? I don't know. It could be because they're as stupid as they sometimes appear to be, but I find that hard to believe. But here's the problem. If they're not stupid, did they really think that no "regulations" wouldn't cause people at the top of businesses to try to take advantage of that? I mean, so they could fill up their pockets more?

And this administration likes to push "no new taxes" ANNND...let's continue to lower taxes, a strategy that will help people at the top more than people at the middle or bottom.

For the record? I don't want to pay new and higher taxes! In fact, here's something I AGREE with Divine Oracle, El Rushbo on; A 17% FLAT tax for ALL Americans. Did you know HE was/is in favor of that? You do NOW!

Do you remember when the first President Bush had to go back on his "No New Taxes!" pledge. Changing his mind, kept him from getting reelected. The new Bush taxes also set the new great economy for the Clinton Administration into motion.

Do you know what the first President Bush's new taxes helped pay for? HIS little war in Iraq!!!

The current President Bush has not raised taxes to pay for his BIG war in Iraq!!! It's another reason our economy is in the toilet. If the current President Bush had proposed a tax hike to pay for THIS Iraq war, we either wouldn't have gone or once most folks realized that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and in fact had done nothing to us at ALL, we would have inisisted on getting us out of there a long time ago.

And How About The White House's Refusal To Turn Over Documents Related To The Outing Of Former CIA Agent, Valerie Plame?!?

Hey, boys and girls (in the White House), if you had nothing to do with this, your documents would initially be read by only a few members of Congress who would have very high security clearances and nothing more would be done or said about it except a statement from the investigation committee that would sound or read, something like this; "After examining the documents, we conclude that the White House had no involvement in anything untoward regarding the "outing" of former CIA agent, Valerie Plame."

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