Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If Obama wins the election, will Hillary be nominated for the next U.S. Supreme Court opening?!?

For those of you who think that Barack Obama will choose Hillary Clinton to be his running mate? Ain't gonna happen unless his first two choices don't want the job.

But everyone agrees that Hillary should be offered something! Like a nice cabinet position orrrr...How about a nomination to be the new member of the U.S. Supreme Court as soon as there's an opening?

Something to chew on, folks.


Did you see Obama's wife, Michelle, on "The View" today. She was a guest co-host, but for almost the first half of the show, she answered a lot of questions that were posed by the regular hosts.

I thought she came across as very charming.

Radio and television talk host Sean Hannity also saw the show and he said on his radio show(among other things) that he thought Michelle Obama displayed a "phony frozen smile".

Okay. Sean Hannity is not a Barack Obama supporter and he's had negative things to say about Michelle. When you're running for the highest office in the land, the candidate is fair game and so is the candidate's spouse.

The key word being "fair" game!

Which brings me back to Sean Hannity. No doubt about his politics. His definition of Conservative is "good". His definition of Liberal is "bad". Hannity's a big "family values" guy and he's a huge supporter of the war! I mean he wraps himself up in his definition of the "patriotism" thing.

Nothing wrong with that. Especially if you walk the walk. We all know he talks the talk.

Let's examine a couple of things regarding Sean Hannity.

He preaches a lot about "family values". Two guys he seems to idolize are former Mayor Rudy and former House Speaker Newt. Does anyone honestly believe that those two guys pass the "family values" test?

Sean Hannity also preaches a lot about "service to country" and he feels that what we're doing in Iraq is for all the right reasons and he never had a problem with Valerie Plame being "outed" as a CIA agent.

Can anyone name one thing Sean Hannity has done regarding "service to country" except for running his mouth like a ventriloquist's dummy.

I use the "ventriloquist's dummy" analogy because Hannity has talked a lot about Obama supporters drinking the "Kool-Aid".

Hannity has a lot of gall when he tries to make that point! Either that or someone needs to play him a tape of one his own shows so he can hear himself pontificating on things that make Hannity sound like he's drowning in Kool-Aid given to him by people who should probably be in jail! People like Karl Rove!

And when's the last time you ever heard Sean Hannity say anything about Osama bin Laden?!?

I've never heard Hannity say anything about bin Laden, but I don't listen all the time so I'm assuming he has, but certainly not in the last few months or more.

Sean Hannity: A very successful and much listened to Parrot-Puppet. Come to think of it, so was Tokyo Rose.

I could be very wrong about this, but after listening to Hannity a lot, I get the feeling that here's a nice looking guy with a good sense of humor who often had his lunch money taken from him while he was in junior and senior high school.

And once he got the career break of his life, he's been getting even ever since.

If I'm right, I say, "Payback's a bitch, huh Sean?!?"

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This is being written on June 18, 2008 and there are two big sports stories people are talking about here in Los Angeles. Tiger Woods' season ending knee problem and the Lakers' horrific season ending loss to the Celtics last night.

In a 19-hole playoff, Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open this past Monday. And he did it while walking 91 holes on a very painful knee. A knee that we now will require surgery meaning that Woods won't play golf again until sometime in 2009.

Golfer Retief Goosen had the audacity to suggest that Tiger might have been "faking it" while doing some of his limping during the U.S. Open. Okay, with no Tiger to worry about, let's see how many tournaments Goosen wins between now and the time Tiger comes back.

Tiger Woods has more money and fame to last the rest of his life and then some. Some fans would have been disappointed, but no one would have gotten on his case if he had "shut it down" in the middle of the U.S. Open. But after the U.S. Open had ended, Tiger said, "There was no way I was going to quit on these people." "These people" being the fans who had bought tickets to watch him play.

As many of you know, I'm a former radio and television sports and talk host who's now an actor. My long time agent is Sid Levin who's agency is in Beverly Hills and he wrote me a line about Tiger Woods that I want to include here. "I wish the Lakers would talk to Tiger about the will to compete and win!"

Amen to that, Brother Sid!

For those of us who have been fans of the Lakers for a long time, that performance they gave in last night's game against the Celtics was disgraceful.

I take that back. It was beyond disgraceful!

Before the Lakers-Celtics series began, there was a lot of discussion (again) about the comparison between the new NBA MVP, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. And some of the "experts" expressed the view that Kobe was better than Michael or at least Michael's equal!

Uh, okay. Before game one of the just concluded Lakers-Celtics series.

But NOW?!?

Before becoming an actor, I had the pleasure of covering the Lakers on television when they were known as the "Showtime Lakers". Magic Johnson's Lakers, if you will.

Kobe Bryant in the same breath with Michael Jordan? Puh-leeze!!!

Kobe Bryant has no business being uttered in the same breath with Magic Johnson!

If Kobe Bryant is be compared to any great player, I think I have the perfect guy. Dominique Wilkins.

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