Monday, June 25, 2007


President Bush is a big supporter of the immigration bill that may or may not pass in the Senate. The bill that would pretty much guarantee citizenship for 12 million or more people who are already here illegally which would then encourage even more illegals to arrive. Illegals who will take advantage of social services made readily available to them. And while they're at it, give birth to more babies who automatically are legal because of the way our laws are written.

President Bush is also a big supporter of the private sector solving problems as opposed to the government. I bring this up because of something I experienced Friday night. I was out walking when I approached a Bank of America in my neighborhood. Three people were getting ready to go to sleep on the lawn in front of the B of A. Whenever I've seen people who looked like they might be down and out veterans, I'm a soft touch. I tried to say something to them, but it became apparent they couldn't speak English. Too bad. I was good for an easy 20 dollar bill. But then I realized where they were. On the lawn of a Bank of America, a company that makes it easy for illegal immigrants by giving them credit cards and other services that help these illegals to appear to be legal. In other words, another way to game the system. Our system!

And that got me to thinking about President Bush and his belief in the private sector. Why not let B of A and other businesses who enable illegals, step up and pay the costs associated with the care and maintenance of illegal immigrants?

Mr. President, you want to make life easier for people who are here illegally and you believe in the private sector? I believe I have the perfect solution for you and you don't even have to thank me.


Traffic! I don't care where you're living. Traffic jams are a way of life. Here in the Los Angeles area, traffic jams are an around the clock nightmare. In Saturday's Los Angeles Times there was a story that was headlined, "Robotic cars could take pressure off nation's highways".

In essence, the Stanford University Racing Team has developed a vehicle that if proven to be successful and affordable, would result in all of us (someday) driving cars in massive traffic jams while reading the newspaper, working on our computers or even snoozing. In other words, this robotic vehicle would be a big time stress reliever. When might vehicles like this be ready for public use? That's the big unknown, but keep your eye on upcoming stories about something called the 2007 Urban Challenge in November. This will be a 60-mile test of city driving. Intersections, rights-of-way, stop signs, lane changes and the big variable: traffic. All eyes will be on a driverless Volkswagen Passat named Junior. If this vehicle is successful, that means no fender benders or accidents of any kind while getting from point A to point Z. A number of years ago, there was a hit song titled, "If I Can Dream". That's what they're doing at Stanford University and we're hoping that this dream comes true!


Sometime tomorrow, Paris Hilton is scheduled to be released from jail. Wednesday night, she is scheduled to be on CNN for one hour with Larry King. King is no better than a third choice because the Hilton people appear to have overplayed their hand when after supposedly having a money making interview with Barbara Walters set up at ABC, they tried to turn this into a bidding war. After telling ABC that NBC had offered a lot more, ABC didn't try to top NBC's offer. When NBC realized how foolish they were looking, they dropped their offer. That prompted the Hilton's to go back to ABC, but ABC said, "See ya!" and that's how CNN and Larry King got the Paris Hilton interview. But what exactly have they gotten?!? An hour with a 26-year old fairly attractive ex-con whose most famous accomplishment is a starring role in a home made sex movie? And this is worth an hour on CNN?!?


A 2006 movie called "The Sentinel" was shown Saturday night on HBO and is now on the HBO schedule for the next couple of weeks. It's a political thriller that stars Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger, Eva Longoria and in a role that had me wishing for more, the very beautiful and talented, Gloria Reuben.

The Michael Douglas character plays a Secret Service agent who's having an affair with the First Lady and he gets set up as the fall guy in an assassination plot on the president.

If you like good popcorn movies, you're gonna love "The Sentinel" 'cause this is a thriller that is filled with thrills!

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TOMORROW: Thoughts about the 3rd episode of "John from Cincinnati", the 2nd episode of "Meadowlands", the new movie about Hugh Hefner and why tourists aren't coming to the U.S. like they used to.


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