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We all believe that we have plenty of drama in our lives, right? Just the everyday thing of trying to survive, is all the drama most of us can handle. If anything else gets added, a lot of us get like our tea kettle that starts whistling because the water's boiling.

Other people's drama can be a relief and is good escapism and you've come to the right place if escapism is what you're seeking today.

I mean, just in the last couple of days we've had a load of drama we could talk about. How about yesterday's U.S Open? America's golf championship had different leaders and different contenders all day long before Argentina's Angel Cabrera ended up outlasting the number 3 player in the world, Jim Furyk and the number 1 player in the world, Tiger Woods by one shot.

Here in Los Angeles, the Kobe Bryant drama continues with the reported story about Bryant and Lakers' owner Jerry Buss having a secret meeting in Spain with Kobe telling Buss he wants to be traded. Kobe has publicly changed his mind so much you can't help but wonder if he's about to run for high office and use Mitt Romney as his role model.

Plenty of political drama. The Senate immigration bill might be back in business and John McCain's support of this bill makes him look like his presidential aspirations are over.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a high drama moment a couple of days ago while speaking to a group of Hispanic journalists. He told them the best way for Hispanic students to improve their academic performance would be to turn off the Spanish television set and learn English. The silence in the room was deafening, but outside the room it was not, as Pilar Marrero, political editor of La Opinion said that many Hispanics don't have time to learn English because "they're too busy working." Short Commentary: Let me see if I have this straight. You're in America. You're demanding citizenship to be an American. A lot of you are here illegally while making these demands. And you're too busy to learn English?!?

More drama involving presidential candidates. Senator Joe Biden is beginning to get another look by some people who are still very much undecided. His recent demand that this adminstration do something about providing life saving vehicles for the troops has gotten the attention of people who really do "support the troops".

Anybody care about the drama that is Barry Bonds? He hit his 748th homer yesterday. He needs only 7 more to tie the all time record.


Two television shows making their new season debuts on TNT tonight have gotten terrific reviews. The 3rd season of "The Closer", starring Kyra Sedgwick will be on at 9 tonight. And the 1st season of "Heartland", starring Treat Williams and Kari Matchett will be on at 10.

Two films that came out last year are currently running on cable. "Invincible" is on Starz and it's the true story of a Philadelphia bartender named Vince Papale who showed up for an open audition to possibly make the squad of the Philadelphia Eagles' football team. This was a then highly ridiculed idea that was the brainchild of Dick Vermiel who was the Eagles' new head coach. Against unbelievable odds, Papale made the team and played for three years. Mark Wahlberg plays Papale, Greg Kinnear plays Vermiel, the always good and good to look at Elizabeth Banks plays Papale's girlfriend and Paige Turco plays Vermiel's wife. A big time dramatic feel good movie and I loved it.

The film "10th and Wolf" is currently running on TMC and will be on (again) tonight. This film got mostly lousy reviews, but I liked it. It's based on a true story about mafia activity in Philadelphia and features a large cast of name actors that includes, Val Kilmer, Dennis Hopper, Brian Dennehy, Giovanni Ribisi, James Marsden, Lesley Ann Warren and the very beautiful Piper Perabo.

Literature Drama:

Jackie Collins' new book, which will be her 25th book, will be released two Tuesdays from now. It's called, "Drop Dead Beautiful" and a movie about this book is already being developed. This is another story about Lucky Santangelo which features Lucky's daughter, Max. When Parade Magazine's James Brady asked Collins who would play Max, Collins said her first choice is Lindsay Lohan, a decision that would automatically add drama to that production.


We end with some humor involving the never ending drama that is Paris Hilton. A few days ago while doing his Los Angeles morning radio show on Movin 93-FM, Hall of Fame broadcaster Rick Dees reported that when Hilton underwent her cavity search, what was removed was Sheriff Baca's watch.

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TOMORROW: The J. Edgar Hoover story we were going to do today, reviews of the latest "John From Cincinnati" and the new Showtime show, "Meadowlands".


Blogger LB said...

Okay, I have to leave a comment. Drama,Drama Everywhere! Indeed.

Since nothing you mentioned struck me as being actually 'Dramatic', I looked it up!

The Definition explains why I don't find this days subjects very dramatic.

I'm sure there are others that find:
3 a: a state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces (Merriam-webster)

Like Diogenes, I'm having a hard time finding 'honest drama'. But, I will move on the Barry Bonds deal.

Living in the Home of the Cardinals, there are a few public types trying to churn up some drama on the Bonds deal.

It seems Barry may be right here in St. Louis when he breaks the record playing the Cardinals. With the state of the bull pen here Barry, may actually be taking a break until his arrival here. But I digress.

The churning goes something like this: "will you go to the game to see Bonds get the record?" "if you are a ticket holder will you go to the game?"

People are laying bets it will be standing room only. Will the crowd cheer or jeer? Is he coming by the record honestly? Will he be rewarded in spite of his suspected abuse of 'maybe legal, maybe not, drugs'?

It sounds like an idiots folly to me. Bonds will make the record somewhere, maybe here maybe not. Provided he doesn't fall asleep at the wheel of a car at a red light, or run himself up the back of a flat bed, he will set a record.

Is it right? Is it wrong? I'm taking the positioned less traveled and most forgotten. The third position: I don't care. They can't make me care either.

What I find odd, and filled with irony is, in my opinion I don't think even Bonds cares.

I don't think anyone can make him care either.

11:31 AM  

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