Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wow! Talk about the odd couple! Rosie O'Donnell and Don Imus? Doing a political/news show? Together?!?

Would you watch? I'll bet you would the first day! I know I would!

The National Enquirer's Mike Walker says that Fox suits sent Rosie on a corporate jet to New Mexico for a meet and greet with Imus and these two "opposites" hit it off. Now (according to Walker) Fox bosses are trying to put a package together that would satisfy Rosie and Imus.

Rosie O'Donnell has something else she's chasing. "The Price Is Right". If she hasn't had the meeting already, sometime this week she will have a meeting with "Price" producers about possibly becoming the new host of "The Price Is Right". We've been led to believe that the finalists for this job are the E! Network's Todd Newton, "Entertainment Tonight's" Mark Steines, George Hamilton and John O'Hurley. My personal choice of those four is Hamilton, but the fact that "Price" bosses are talking to Rosie means this job is very much open. Do you know who would get Bob Barker's vote? Rosie.

Sudden thought: Rosie and Imus on "The Price Is Right"? The mind can only imagine the size of that potential train wreck. But ya know what? Imagining potential disaster is what would cause a lot of viewers to tune in to Rosie and Imus on Fox if that deal ever gets made.


Confession. Some of the absolute best times of my life have been with green-eyed redheads. There's just something...

Okay, back to reality, Scott.

If you're a red-haired knockout between 5'6 and 5'11 and between 18 and 35, Howie Mandel's "Deal or No Deal" is casting for new briefcase models this week. If you're very attractive but not a redhead? "Deal or No Deal" might make you a deal, but they're particularly short on redheads. Good luck!


Have you heard about the new Republican presidential contenders poll that came out yesterday? Fred Thompson is now the leader by 28 percent to 27 percent over Rudy Giuliani. I mean, Fred Thompson has yet to announce that he is a candidate! What will happen to Thompson's poll numbers then? Of course there'll be this little matter of him having to answer questions in debates, etc., but any candidate who underestimates Fred Thompson is an idiot.


First of all, there's nothing new on the Senate's proposed immigration bill, but folks are still debating the issue. I mean, passionately debating the issue. The 1907 Teddy Roosevelt speech about immigrants that was sent to us by former CNN anchor Patrick Emory resulted in several emails sent here saying (in essence) that it's too bad someone like Teddy isn't running things now!

And more mail about Barry Bonds. Like the one from Kansas City reader/listener, Jon Badeaux who writes, "The reason people cheered for Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire to break the all-time home run record is because they were real people who didn't take themselves too seriously. In St. Louis, you might find yourself sitting in church next to McGuire. Or buying soft pretzels or fried pickles. He was a stand-up citizen in St. Louis. I understand that Sammy Sosa was equally loved in Chicago.

I've never read a love story about Barry Bonds. The real cheering will probably come long after Bonds breaks the record...when someone else breaks his!"

Thanks for your thoughts, Jon. Interesting letter. Fried pickles? Man, I'm from St. Louis. Somebody forgot to tell me about that delicacy. Short Commentary: Jon, I agree with you about McGuire. I know Mark. I've never met Sammy, but he's now hitting a lot of home runs for Texas. I agree with the thought that the big cheering will take place when someone breaks what will undoubtedly be Bonds' record. And that person (unless he has a major injury) will probably be the player known as "A-Rod".


Have you checked out the new CW show called "Hidden Palms"? It stars Gail O'Grady, Sharon Lawrence and a bunch of very attractive young people. It's being referred to as Palm Springs' answer to "The O.C.". I've seen the first three episodes. Nothing overly serious about this show. A lot of pretty people doing things we like to watch and I'm hooked. Episodes 4 and 5 will be on tonight between 8 and 10, Pacific and Eastern times.

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TOMORROW: Maybe the J. Edgar Hoover story I keep saying I'm going to do. I know I'm going to do a "what might have been" story about "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and anything else that jumps out at me.


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