Tuesday, June 05, 2007


In yesterday's thoughts expressed here about illegal immigrants, I threw out a line that went like this; "You're illegal! We're supposed to give you stuff?!?"

A few people checked in with basically the same question; "Yeah! What's up with that?"

Free medical care, driver's licenses (in some cases) to help them "game" the system, have a baby while here who automatically becomes legal and therefore gives the illegal parents a "sympathy" card and oh, while you're at it, why don't you have more babies who will also be legal, so that you, the illegal parents can have more sympathy while you continue to be here illegally.

I could go on and on, but don't our leaders see this? That until we secure our borders...I mean, really secure our borders, we are in danger of becoming a third world country. And why do we continue to make it easy for illegal immigrants to stay here? And then our leaders try to convince us that if we allow those illegals who are now here a legal status, that that will somehow keep millions of more illegals from entering our country?

Whoa!!! Like that great philosopher Lee Trevino once said, "I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night!"


It's been almost six years since 9/11. Everyone agrees (and bin Laden even brags about it), there's no question about who the leader of the murderous rampage that took place on 9/11 was. And we don't know where he is? He's in Afghanistan....No, wait a minute, he's in Pakistan...No, wait a minute, let's ask President Bush. Do you know what President Bush's recent answer to that question was? "He's hiding!"

Thank you, Mr. President and we walk away while asking ourselves, "Is it possible this Administration doesn't want bin Laden to be found, because, I dunno, maybe we need to have a villain out there so that other things can be done?" Nah, too much like a bad movie, right? Then we ask ourselves, "Why does the FBI have only 6 Arabic speaking agents?" And there are other questions we, when frustrated, ask ourselves like, "How did we ever elect a President who's so dumb?" And then we ask a question that's even scarier; "Or is he?!?"


Did you see "The Sopranos" Sunday night? In what was the next to last episode ever of this great series, one of Tony's main guys was killed, another, after being shot, was put on life support, Tony was fired by his therapist, Tony told his wife and kids to go into hiding and then Tony, with a big gun next to him, laid down on a bed in a hiding place while we all wait for the final episode this Sunday. Will Tony be killed this Sunday? Will his crime and personal families be wiped out? Or will Tony prevail? And after surviving, decides to go straight?

Speaking of questions facing television shows...Is Sam Waterston, who has played Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy for 13 years on "Law & Order", about to become the District Attorney because of the departure of Fred Thompson who is probably going to become a presidential candidate?

Speaking of Fred Thompson...As many of you know, Thompson was a United States Senator for eight years. The other day, while talking about his acting career, Thompson said he had left the Senate because "After eight years in Washington, I longed for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood."

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TOMORROW: Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's performance on Comedy Central with Jon Stewart.


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