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Before getting to the war in Iraq, let's address the war going on at the Kodak Theatre here in Hollywood.

Blake and Jordin are the finalists in this year's "American Idol" competition. A coin was flipped before the singing began and Blake won the coin toss meaning that he could decide if he wanted to sing first or second. He chose to allow Jordin to make the choice and she chose to sing second.

Both of them sang three songs. After the first song, the judges (Randy, Paula and Simon) seemed to think Blake had the edge or it was a tie. That wasn't the case when they sang their next two songs. The feeling expressed was that Jordin had won and if they're right, Jordin will be announced as our new American Idol tonight. But you never know how the people using the phone will vote, do you? Will there be a surprise tonight? One thing there will be is a long show. A half hour red carpet show followed by 2 hours inside the Kodak. What will be done for 2 hours? Who knows, but hopefully it'll be entertaining.

Here's how I voted last night. The numbers next to each name represent a 1-10 vote, in order, of the three songs they sang.

Blake: 7, 7, 6

Jordin: 7, 8, 7

Sudden thought. If any of this year's previous Idol contestants do any singing tonight, I hope that Haley Scarnato, who Simon criticized for her skimpy clothing sings and that she wears an outfit that gives us all something to talk about and to look at.


I received a number of responses at to my "800 pound gorilla in the room" commentary about illegal immigration yesterday. If you missed it, you can read it by simply scrolling down past the end of today's (this) blog. No one disagreed with me, but it's okay if you do. I always like hearing (reading) what you think about something I wrote or anything at all.



9 more soldiers killed yesterday. Vicious attacks by roadside bombs. 3431 soldiers dead as I write this. Many more thousands have suffered injuries the likes of which we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies.

It is long past time to take the blinders off. We are told that what we're doing in Iraq is important. For the sake of argument, let's say that it is important. If so, how could something so important be something that gives new meaning to "idiotic planning" or worse, no real planning at all! From the much smaller than needed amount of troops, to bulletproof vests that didn't work, to ineffective armor on vehicles, to lies about Iraq's connection to 9/11, etc., etc.

This administration talks about our sacrifices and that these sacrifices are necessary to fight the war on terror.

With all due respect, Mr. President, what sacrifices? The only people I see making sacrifices are these poor folks who joined the National Guard to do what they thought would be work involving disasters in the states they were living in. Fires, floods, earthquakes and the like. None of these people thought they'd be used as cannon fodder for a bumbling, fumbling administration the likes of which hasn't been seen in any of our lifetimes.

Buuut...Maybe what we're doing in Iraq is important and we really do need to sacrifice.

Mr. President, please go on national television and tell us what we're trying to accomplish there. I mean, really tell us. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

And then Mr. President, announce the ultimate sacrifice. That you want to reinstate the draft. If that flies, then let's do some real "shock and awe" and win this thing.

If not, let's get the hell out of there.

If neither of the above options is acceptable, let's talk about something else.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. For two days I've stated I would do a piece titled, "Do you remember your first time? I'll do it tomorrow. I promise, I promise, I promise.

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American Idol thoughts and "first time" recollections.


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