Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What a difference 24 hours makes. After finishing yesterday's blog, my intention was to write a hoped for "fun" piece that would be titled, "Do You Remember Your First Time?"

Well, I'm still going to do that, but it won't be today. It'll be tomorrow. You see, a number of other stories are just too good to ignore.

Like Paula Abdul's nose.

Did you hear about this? Tonight, Jordin and Blake will try to convince America that they deserve to be the new "American Idol", but all anyone wants to know about is what happened to Paula's nose. Paula says that while trying to avoid stepping on "Tulip", her Chihuahua, Paula fell. A fall that resulted in injuries to her arm, chest, waist all the way down to her hip and a broken nose. We are told that the dog wasn't hurt and that Paula wasn't hurt enough to even think about missing tonight's "American Idol".

WHEW! I don't know about you, but I'm certainly relieved.

Speaking of shows that are usually on Tuesday nights...The season finale of "Boston Legal" was supposed to be on tonight. According to both Los Angeles newspapers, it won't be on. Anybody know WHY?


Did you see last night's season finale of "24" on FOX? Now THAT's the Jack Bauer we've grown to know and love. I mean, he was all over the place while doing his super-hero thing and at the end, he even said goodbye to his beloved Audrey. Did his declaration of love bring a tear to your eye? Me neither, but the heroic stuff was cool. Did Terminator Arnold, Die Hard Bruce or Rambo Sly ever bring a tear to your eye? Case closed.

Did you see the season finale of "Heroes" on NBC? One word synopsis. WHEW!


Paul Brownfield's page one column in today's L.A. Times' Calendar section that's headlined, "Brothers & Sisters, Love and Politics". If you like "Brothers & Sisters", you'll like Paul's column.


We are hearing more and more about Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. He is someone I've had conversations with and he's a man who makes a lot of sense (most of the time), but he's also a guy who doesn't have the camera "look" and at times he shoots himself in the foot because Ron Paul doesn't have the "sound bite" thing down. Having said all that, here's an invitation to check this candidate out while he (hopefully) learns better communication skills.


Illegal immigration!

A few days ago, the United States Senate put together a proposal that neither side of the illegal immigration argument likes and in most cases, that would be considered a "good" proposal because it would figure to represent fair "compromises".

But the complainers on both sides are howling SO much, one of three things is going to happen to this proposal.

(1) The Senate will throw their hands up in the air, promise to come up with something better down the road and more or less go on to other things.

(2) Address all the arguments by implementing some of them from each side and end up with a proposal that will make people (on both sides) scream even louder!

(3) Address what REALLY is the 800-pound gorilla in the room by stating (and somehow try to legislate) what bothers most legal citizens big time. Make that bigger than big time.

The United States of America is simply too crowded. Illegal immigrant supporters howl that people who are against illegal immigrants are racists, because most of the illegal immigrants appear to be Mexicans.

I want this non-stop infusion of illegal immigrants stopped and I will say that about people from Norway, Canada, Russia or wherever.

I absolutely want anyone who wants to be a citizen to have to learn English! Put a time limit on it. Don't learn English within a certain period of time, we'll escort you to the airport. Let's (hopefully) get back to where we were when we didn't have to listen to long messages about language options when we're trying to reach someone to solve a problem. If I were to choose to move to Mexico or Germany, etc., I would consider myself to be an idiot if I didn't learn Spanish or German, etc. Why should we have to tolerate that in America?

And just because you want to be a citizen, we need to allow all your family members to be citizens as well? Wife, husband, children? If you pass all our tests and we have room for you, fine. Anyone else in your family? Stand in line like everyone else.

If you're illegal and you have a child while you're illegal? That child is illegal as well.

Am I being too tough? Unreasonable?

From where I sit, by having everything rammed down our throats because of the way things are now, I find myself (often) remembering Howard Beale from the great film "Network" who yelled, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"


Speaking of guys who could be like Howard Beale...

I worked with the late Hall of Fame broadcaster Robert W. Morgan three different times. Have you noticed the title of this blog? The Jammer With The Hammer? Robert W. Morgan is the guy who nicknamed me, "The Jammer" and he would often refer to me as "The Jammer with the Hammer!"

Nine years ago today, Robert W. Morgan passed away. If there is a heaven, there's no doubt in my mind that Robert W. has already done his best to straighten out a couple of Angels. We miss and love you, bro!

You can check out the 36-minute Robert W. Morgan Boss-Ography video at:

And you can also hear airchecks of his work at:

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