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EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm writing this Monday morning, May 28th. This is a birthday for us. We're now two months old!! Our Memorial Day weekend column got and continues to get off the charts tremendous reaction!! So, like the rest of you, I'm going to take the day off and leave Friday's column front and center for anyone who missed it. When we return tomorrow, we'll have a Lindsay Lohan update, thoughts about Rosie O'Donnell and "The View", a memorable quote from Ronald Reagan that I had forgotten about and anything else that gets my attention. As usual, the new blog will be posted tomorrow morning (Tuesday) between 7 and 7:15. Meanwhile, we're going to celebrate our second month's birthday. Thanks for finding us, thanks for your thoughtful and kind reactions that you've written to and I hope we continue to keep you interested. Here comes the Memorial Day weekend column that I'm still responding to responders about.

Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day itself isn't until next Wednesday, but we're always looking for an excuse to have a 3-day weekend, right? Whatever. Most of us won't even think about what Memorial Day represents, but here's what it represents to me. Setting aside a few seconds to think about past missions accomplished by our fighting men and women. Accomplished missions that have helped keep the rest of us safe. From people like Hitler, the leaders in Japan who decided to attack Pearl Harbor, etc. And then there was this thing that happened on the 11th of September in 2001. When planes, commandeered by religious zealots crashed into New York towers. Crashes that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans. A clear act of murder. Murder that was planned and orchestrated by Osama bin Laden, who in a number of statements since those attacks happily claimed responsibility for those murders.

We have the greatest military in the world, right? On this Memorial Day weekend, we should be remembering how we reacted to these murders. And we are remembering. Less than 2 years after those murders, we seemed to say, "To heck with bin Laden! Let's raise some hell in Iraq!"

And we, the people, after rolling over like obedient dogs, woke up one day and said, "Why?!?"

Over and over again, we were told that this Iraq business we were involved in was somehow related to "9/11". Those who protested were referred to as being "unpatriotic" and the Bush administration had enough hired gun propaganda spewers on major radio and television stations who, like the lap dogs they are, willingly shouted to their Kool-Aid drinking followers that this Iraq business was good for all of us. Good for business, maybe, but...

New regulations were instituted involving "freedoms" we take for granted, but we were told to not worry, because like everything else, it had to do with "9/11".

On this Memorial Day weekend I would like everyone to take a few seconds to remember all we need to remember about "9/11". OSAMA bin LADEN!!!!

The greatest military in the world can't find Osama bin Laden?!? After almost SIX YEARS?!?

When I was in the military, there was an elite group of warriors known as LRRP's. Very few people knew about the existence of these guys. Those in the know, referred to them as Lurps, because it was easy to say. Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol is what the letters LRRP meant. The fictitious warrior "Rambo" was really a Lurp, but because most folks had never heard of a Lurp (including maybe even Sly), Rambo was called a Green Beret. Valiant warriors, but Lurp's were considered to be the baddest of the bad.

I don't know if we still have Lurps, but we have SOMETHING. And whether it be Lurps or whatever has replaced Lurps, I refuse to believe people like that couldn't find Osama bin Laden and bring his head back on stick. And that's if there's enough left of his head to PUT on a stick.

Morbid? Crazy? Is the thought too violent for your mind to digest?

Okay. And what happened on "9/11" was, what?


Did you see "So You Think You Can Dance" last night? It's a show produced by the same people who produce "American Idol". I had the whole show on while (for most of it) I was reading a magazine. When "American Idol" is on, I don't do anything except watch. I thought the host was fun, she's definitely easy on the eyes, but other than that, except for rare moments, I was bored.

Speaking of "American Idol"....I can't help but think about all the behind the scenes work these kids are involved with before each week's new show. The commercials they have to perform in is time consuming enough. I know. I've made a lot of television commercials that aired nationally. How about the routines these kids had to learn that were routines that had nothing to do with the song or songs they would have to sing by themselves? Preparation that involves memorization and rehearsal time. Rehearsal time that might be used up while doing the obligatory on-camera taped thing with whatever "coach" the Idol producers hired for that week. Not to mention the sponsor tours, interviews, etc. And when do they have time to sleep?

Bottom line: Whatever success these American Idol kids get from this experience is success they've earned!!! And speaking of "earning"....I don't know the answer to this question, but are any of these kids paid for their performances and all the work they do? I mean, are they paid anything?!?


I read the National Enquirer every week. I'm a subscriber. In the new issue, head gossip guy Mike Walker has a story about Lindsay Lohan that I want to share with you.

Recently, Lohan was driving through Beverly Hills one evening with a galpal (Mike's word) when she saw a young guy crossing the street. A guy that Lindsay Lohan thought enough of (looks-wise) to slam on her brakes and yell at the guy: "Hey, you! What are you doing tonight? Want to go clubbing with us?" The 20-something guy apparently looked, did a double take and then while stammering said, "Are you...Lindsay Lohan?" While giggling, Lohan (reportedly) said, "Yeah, that's me! Hop in, and let's go have some fun."

Wait. There's more.

The young guy looked at his watch and said, "Gee, uh, I'm late for my acting class...but I'd love to meet up with you in about two hours!" Lindsay Lohan's response was (reportedly), "Forget it!!! You snooze, you lose!!! And while burning rubber, Lohan drove away.

I really don't know what to write next. I mean, according to Maxim, Lohan's the hottest babe on the planet. It's an assertion I happen to agree with. All I can say is, I understand dedication to your craft and maybe the young man had a memorized scene in class that would have affected another actor, but....LINDSAY LOHAN?!? I mean, you don't think your instructor (and your scene partner) would have given you a "pass" on THAT excuse?

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