Thursday, July 19, 2007


While many citizens express concern about predatory priests who have ruined lives of innocent children and wonder why a covering up cardinal isn't in jail, there are two other things I (and others) can't help but wonder about.

What kind of leadership is coming out of the Vatican that seems to aid and abet in what has been a far too many years of "turn a blind eye" to these criminal acts approach?

And isn't it way past time to reconsider mandatory celibacy for priests? I mean, what is the overall good in enforcing a "basic needs" mandate on a group of people who want to serve God? I understand discipline. Hell, I was in the Army! But after all of our training, in addition to serving our country, we were also allowed to live! Why can't it be like that for Catholic priests?
I mean, these are people that sinners go to for advice (not to mention absolution) about marital difficulties and other issues involving sexual activity. I don't know about you, but doesn't the question I'm about to pose occur to many? Which is, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned, but before I go any further, what in the heck do you know about marital or any problems associated with sexual activity?"

I know. A cynic has an immediate sarcastic answer to that question now, but I'm being serious. Doesn't anyone in the Vatican think that maybe the celibacy mandate could have had a little something to do with the actions of their wayward priests?

There's an old saying; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Here's a newsflash for the Vatican. It's broke!


CBS officials are saying that Mandy Patinkin's sudden departure from "Criminal Minds" had to do with personal issues and that Patinkin gave them no warning. Seven scripts now have to be rewritten, but Patinkin will apparently appear in the first episode, an episode that figures to explain in a fictional way why this character is leaving and where he's going. How much tension do you think will be on that set? People who were associated with "Chicago Hope" remember when Patinkin did the same thing on that show. Patinkin is very talented and he figures to be offered future opportunities, but any new contract he signs figures have some interesting stipulations that will be spelled out in capital letters.

Speaking of talented actors...The new "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off has already fired a main actor. During the special showing of "Private Practice" in an episode of "Grey's Anatomy", we saw Merrin Dungey appear as Kate Walsh's best friend and Dungey was on board as a series regular. Oops! Kate Walsh's new best friend will now be played by Audra McDonald. I don't know why Dungey was let go, but McDonald is a heck of a hire. She's a well known Broadway actress who's a four-time Tony winner and who I thought was absolutely terrific in a TV show called "Mister Sterling" that starred Josh Brolin.

Speaking of new TV shows...I don't know about you, but am I the only one who hasn't come close to sampling all the TV channels that are out there now? I bring this up because of a great review I just read about a show that will debut on AMC at 10 tonight. I've never watched AMC. But I will tonight because of a new show called, "Mad Men". "Sopranos" writer Matthew Weiner created this show and it's described by the L.A. Daily News' David Kronke as possibly being "one of the most politically incorrect shows on television right now." Here's all I need to know. One of the stars in "Mad Men" is Elisabeth Moss.

Kronke also gives a great review to another show on at 10 tonight. "Burn Notice" on USA. I told you about this show a few days ago and how much I like the chemistry between lead actors Jeffery Donavan and Gabrielle Anwar. Two shows at the same time? Thank god for TiVo, huh?

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