Friday, July 13, 2007


Now we're talkin'!!!

In a vote of 87-1 today, the United States Senate authorized 50 MILLION DOLLARS for the killing, capture or information leading to the capture of the guy who's really responsible for what happened on 9/11. If this bill is also passed by the House of Representatives, in addition to the 50 million dollar bribe/bounty for the capture or killing of Osama bin Laden, the bill would require President Bush to refocus on capturing or killing bin Laden.

If the House passes this bill and President Bush vetoes it? Well, we'll then be reminded of what Bush said a year before Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq when he said he didn't know where bin Laden was and "I truly am not that concerned about him."


Some people in the Sheriff's department are claiming that while she was in jail, Paris Hilton received special treatment. What kind of special treatment? Well, there's an investigation going on, but we're told that a Sheriff's Captain delivered Paris' mail to her while other inmates got their mail from a jail trustee. There's a charge that Hilton was allowed to use a cell phone while in jail as opposed to using a jail phone that requires inmates to call "collect". There's another charge that Paris' jail uniform was new as opposed to a used uniform that all other inmates get.

I don't know if any of these charges are true, but let's assume (for fun) that they are true. Your reaction would be, what?

Here's my reaction. I'm shocked and that bulge you see in the area of my cheek is my tongue.


While speaking with reporters yesterday, President Bush said (in essence) that Congress should let him manage the war and that Congress should concentrate on funding the troops. It appears as though that will end up happening until the 15th of September when General Petreaus issues his "status report". What will happen after that is anybody's guess.

When asked about the Libby commutation and his earlier assertion that anyone in the White House who was guilty of leaking Valerie Plame's CIA connection would be "fired", the president more or less answered by blowing it off. He referred to the Plame situation as a distraction and that it was time to "move on".

Short Commentary: While wondering if while his lips were moving, the words were actually coming from Vice President Dick Cheney, I'll give President Bush this; If you're loyal to this president, he will definitely be loyal to you. Is that good for the rest of the country? We'll leave that up to the historians who figure to rank this president and this administration among the lowest of the low, if not the lowest!


In the latest Newsweek CW (Conventional Wisdom) section, Cheney received a "down arrow" accompanied by these words: "Bad enough that he's totally in charge. What's worse is he's always wrong."


I received a number of responses to my thoughts on abortion that were written two days ago. For those of you who read it, you know that I included a personal experience with abortion. All the responses were positive except for one and it was written by someone who was "Anonymous". And it was only mildly critical. Not in the point that was made, but in the manner in which it was written. Instead of writing some of your responses, let me tell you how this "response thing" works. If you send a response to me at , (which is what most people do), I can reply to your response. If you send your response straight to this blog, two things happen. Your response is forwarded to me and I am asked to approve your response for publication or to reject your response. But there is no way for me to answer your response unless I decide to do it publicly. Just so you know, I have rejected only two responses. One because it was written in a language I couldn't understand and the other was in a language I could understand, but the language was obscene and it was in reference to a public figure.


Derek Fisher has agreed to rejoin the Lakers. A three year deal worth 14 million dollars. Does this mean that Kobe will no longer demand to be traded? No one knows, because all of a sudden, Kobe isn't talking.

Short Commentary: Just for fun, let's assume that Kobe will be with the Lakers this season. When he walks into the locker room, what is he going to say to a bunch of "teammates" that he has (in essence) said, are lousy?

On the other side of that coin, what are those "teammates" going to say to Kobe when he does walk into that locker room? Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that happens, huh?


Denis Leary's "Rescue Me" is on FX, Wednesday nights at 10. I finally saw this critically acclaimed show. And now I know what the positive shouting's been about. "Rescue Me" is now "must see TV" for me!

Are you familiar with the actor Don Cheadle. When I first saw him on "Picket Fences", I said, "Whoa!", what do we have here? And he has continued to impress. Cheadle's new film, "Talk to Me" opens today and it's getting terrific reviews!

Congratulations to former Hollywood "bad boy" Charlie Sheen. He's announced his engagement to a real estate agent named Brooke Mueller. He gave her an 11 carat engagement ring. That is so out of my financial reality! Do any of you know how much a rock like that might cost?

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Blogger LB said...

I'm thinking a better question than 'did Paris Hilton get special treatment' would be; Did Osama bin Laden get special treatment?

The answer to both is obvious. So, it's more a waste of breath than an excercise in civics.

Here's another question. Did Dick Cheney get special treatment?

Dick Cheney is now the "Certs" of political bad breath. He's 'two,two,two mints in one'.

He's either part of the Executive branch, or he's part of the Legislative branch. Can he be both?

Nice work if you can get it. Does this mean he also gets two paychecks?

You have to hand it to the guy though. He's managed to prune all the branchs without getting his nails dirty.

Cheney gives new meaning to 'the constant gardener'.

I hope he stays the hell out of my yard!

11:00 AM  

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