Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Just when we think that support for President Bush in general and his decision to attack Iraq in particular can't go any lower, a new USA Today/Gallup poll tells us, "Oh yes it can!" More than 7 in 10 Americans want all troops out of Iraq by April and only 29% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing.

A lot of Americans didn't/don't like Bush's stand on immigration reform. Iraq? It has taken a while, but now most Americans see the bumbling, fumbling incompetence associated with going to Iraq and pointing guns at their citizens while telling those Iraqi citizens that what we're doing is "what's best for them". Some Iraqis bought into that, but they, like a lot of Americans, woke up recently and seemed to be saying, "Please tell us how all these deaths of Iraqis are supposed to result in the liberation of Iraqis?!?"

Simplisitic? No more so than the way this administration fed us the baloney that got us into Iraq in the first place.


Do you realize how close we were to having that immigration/amnesty bill rammed down our throats? A couple of things turned that around. All those Mexican flags at immigration rights' demonstrations got a lot of Americans to say, "Wait a minute! You're demanding that we give you lawbreakers amnesty while you wave your Mexican flags in our faces? You say you want to be recognized as American citizens, but you're not waving Old Glory?"

And then there's the identity theft problem. Illegal immigrants using Social Security numbers of real Americans which gets them fake identification. But it also turns the lives of the people whose numbers have been stolen, upside down. Defenders of illegal immigrants seek sympathy by saying these poor illegals don't know that the Social Security numbers belong to real people. They're just trying to find a way to get a job!

Short Commentary: What a load of horse manure! They break the law when they come here illegally. They know they're breaking the law when they get phony identification of some kind. Where do they think these numbers come from?


And can we finally quit using the "We're a nation of immigrants" argument? We used to be! Not any more. All those people died a long time ago. We have laws that new people who want to come here have to obey. President Bush seems to have forgotten that and that's another reason his poll numbers continue to drop.


All these candidates see what President Bush is going through, but they still want that job. When I first started writing this blog, the feeling expressed here was that the nominees might end up being Obama and Thompson. All the polls now show that Obama would beat any Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton? A lot of people are wary of her and that's probably why she's been parading her husband around as much as she has. The big unanswered question regarding that strategy is, "Will voters get the feeling that a vote for Hillary is really a vote for Bill and does that have a chance of being a winning vote?

Fred Thompson? He figures to officially announce his candidacy in the next couple of weeks. Right now he's having to answer a lot of questions about new reports attacking his conservative bonafides. Why? Because of some lobbying work he either did or didn't do on behalf of "right to choose" supporters.


After 18 years, Dan Patrick has decided to leave ESPN. His last day will be August 17. He says he'd like to do radio somewhere, but one has to wonder if we might soon see him on "The Price Is Right".


In an interview with New York Magazine, Katie Couric said that her move to CBS would have been less appealing if she knew she'd be doing what she's doing now. All the new things she tried, including the way she was dressing, have changed back to what she describes as "A more traditional appeal." When you read the whole interview, you get the feeling she wouldn't mind being assigned to do work for "60 Minutes".

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