Thursday, September 13, 2007


Here's what's interesting to me about President Bush's speech tonight. I figured I'd find out what time his speech would be given by checking out my local newspapers. I didn't know that I'd have to look somewhere besides page 1 to get that information. The information is on page 8 of the Los Angeles Times and on page 17 of the Los Angeles Daily News.

This is a speech from our Commander in Chief about the war in Iraq! Yeah, it's only a 15-minute speech, but it's President Bush doing the talking.

For the record, his speech is scheduled to begin at 6 Pacific Time which means 9 for our readers back East.

Right after Bush's speech, presidential candidate John Edwards will speak for two minutes on MSNBC, two minutes that Edwards has paid for. You and I are paying for Bush's 15 minutes. Just like we're paying for his war. In his ad promoting his two minutes tonight, Edwards says, "Unfortunately, the president is pressing on with the only strategy he's ever had...more time, more troops, and more war."

We are told that President Bush will not address the question of why he wants more time. Or at least the question that a lot of us would like the answer to. You want more time for what, Mr. President. We continue to have many of our youngest and brightest killed and maimed while we spend billions and billions of dollars. FOR WHAT?!?"

And with all due respect Mr. President, if you (again) say we're there because of 9/11, I'm going to puke!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has accused President Bush of effectively signing off on a 10-year "open-ended" commitment there.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said Pelosi was "flat wrong" and also said, "Only a crazy person would fail to adjust strategy on a regular basis, based on the realities on the ground."

Short Commentary: Interesting observation, Tony. I've been thinking "incompetent". I hadn't thought about "crazy".

Sudden Thought:

Isn't it time to revisit the idea of a draft? I mean, if this never ending Iraq business is that important to Americans, shouldn't all young Americans be put into the position of being possible participants? Participants in what the Bush administration believes is something that's important to everyone in America? Shoot, Mr. President, you could even make it legal for illegal aliens to get drafted. You're trying to do so many other beneficial things for illegal aliens. If they come back from Iraq alive, they're given citizenship.


On top of the foreclosure mess, now gasoline prices are going back up!

Did you hear about the 15-year old boy in Palmdale who's been arrested for beating and raping a 14-year old girl on an elementary school campus. What 15 and 14-year olds are doing on an elementary school campus makes one wonder about their educational skills, but one thing appears to be a fact. The 15-year old boy did rape and beat the 14-year old girl into a state of unconsciousness.

A lot of people will say, "He's only 15, etc., etc.", meaning that for some reason, we should cut him some slack. I'm not gonna tell you I'm thinking we should hang him by his thumbs in a public square, but I'd be lying if I said that some unpleasant forms of punishment haven't crossed my mind. And I hope he faces a judge who believes in the "punishment fits the crime" kind of justice.


A few days ago, I wrote a story about a guy with one leg who passed me on his bicycle while I was walking on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. I told you his left leg was missing and so was the left pedal on his bike. While driving at a good rate of speed, he was holding a crutch over the right handlebar.

A lot of you wrote e-mails asking if I knew his name, was he a veteran, etc.? I didn't meet him that day. I just stopped and looked at him in awe as he continued his journey.

I met the one legged bicycle rider yesterday! While (almost) finishing my daily walk, I decided to enter a Jack In The Box to get some breakfast food. While waiting for my sandwiches, a guy with one leg walked in. After I got my sandwich, I walked outside and saw a bicycle. With one pedal.

When he came outside, I introduced myself and asked if he was the same guy who had passed me a few days ago? He smiled and said, "Yes!" He's a soft-spoken guy who as you might imagine, is in terrific shape. I told him that I had written about him and that I would like to write about this conversation we were having now. He told me his name, but he asked that I not print it. Yes, he's a veteran. He lost his leg in Vietnam. And it's not one crutch he carries above the right handlebar. It's two crutches. Which gives me twice the amazement! When I told him how impressed I was with his demeanor, the bike riding, etc., he said, "You gotta keep movin'! Otherwise, you just shrivel up and die!"

Ride on, brother veteran! Ride on!


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TOMORROW: Thoughts about what President Bush says tonight...New films that are opening tomorrow...And anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


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