Tuesday, September 04, 2007


First of all, I hope that all of you had a very nice Labor Day weekend and that the heat wasn't too stifling. Where I live, when you walked out the door at 8 in the evening, it felt like you were standing next to an oven door that had just been opened.

Let's switch to political heat.

There's still a lot of time before we're faced with picking between two people to be our next President of the United States. Heck, a new candidate will announce his intention to run when he's on with Jay Leno this Thursday night. That would be Fred Thompson, but according to the polls, if you had to vote today, the candidates would be Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

Are those the final two that you would like to have to choose from?

If you've made up your mind, I'd love to know who would be your dream (new) President. E-mail me at scottstjames@sbcglobal.net.

Before the first debate, the feeling here was that the final two would be Barack Obama and Fred Thompson. At the time, I stated that my favorite candidate was Joe Biden and I thought that the most intriguing candidate was Ron Paul.

I also stated that as time goes on, I might change my mind which is something that a lot of you have done and will continue to do until it's time to actually vote!

My favorite Democrat is still Joe Biden, but my favorite/intriguing Republican has changed. Mike Huckabee. Ron Paul is looking more and more like Ralph Nader. An honorable man who isn't a good enough communicator to get elected, but might get enough votes to make sure the wrong person does get elected. It's a shame, because Ron Paul really does have some good ideas. But so did Nader.

Back to Hillary Clinton. Did you see her on David Letterman's show last Thursday? Letterman asked her if Bill Clinton could serve as her vice president. Hillary said that no, he couldn't, but, "Believe me, he looked into that!"

Short Commentary: It's too bad that can't happen. Even I would tune into Rush Limbaugh to hear him crying about that scenario. And poor Rush might have a heart attack on the air if Clinton and Clinton were elected! Like the song said, "If I Can Dream..."


One of actor Owen Wilson's best friends is Wes Anderson who is the director of a new film Wilson is in that will be released soon. "The Darjeeling Limited". Ironically, the character Wilson plays is a depressed guy who's bandaged throughout the film and who other characters imply has attempted suicide.

Anderson has seen Wilson and he says that Wilson, "has been doing very well and has been making us laugh. When he is ready, he's going to speak for himself much better than any of us could."

If you've been keeping up with this story, you know that there have been allegations of drug use and that's given as a main reason for Kate Hudson having broken up with Wilson. If there was an attempted suicide, a broken heart has been cited as a possible reason.

When we first reported this story, I mentioned the old Bee Gees song, "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" and I posed that question to all of you. Lord knows I'm no expert in that area, but I've certainly experienced it.

I received several responses and here's one them.

St. Louis resident Lauren Barnes writes, "The short answer to that broken heart question is: You don't.

A broken heart never mends.

My husband Warren died at the age of 32, 'Suddenly One Monday Night' at home in my arms. (I've often thought of writing a book with that title) He died of the same thing John Ritter did. There was no clue that he was going to suddenly leave me.

His heart was irreversibly broken and when he died, mine became the same.

Over all these many years I have found out a few useful things to cope with a broken heart, but I've never found a way to mend it.

In the end, I think the best one can hope for would be genial companionship, true and abiding respect, assuredness someone really does 'have your back'. In other words, I guess a hilarious wingman that you could have great sex with would be ideal.

The good news is a Jaguar only running on 9 cylinders is still better than a Gremlin.

I hope Owen Wilson has the heart of a Jaguar. I felt I could always see his heart pouring out of his eyes...it looked like a sensitive and good heart."

Wow! Lauren, thanks for sharing.


If you're out driving around tonight or if you're free at home, you can hear me on the radio with Joe McDonnell and his sidekick Tim Cates from a little after 9:30 until close to 10. This very good sports talk show is on KLAC between 7 and 11 every evening and KLAC is at 570 on your AM dial. I'm on with those guys every Tuesday and we don't just talk about sports.


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TOMORROW: I'll tell you what I thought about three films you can see on cable...My thoughts about the new "Halloween" film...New news about Anna Nicole Smith and anything else that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"



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