Wednesday, March 05, 2008

President Bush, a man who used lies to get us INTO Iraq, has endorsed John McCain, a guy who apparently LOVES wars!!!!

And who's waggin' the tails on these two dogs?

This war in Iraq is about what?!? A desire to put the United States of America into the position of having to file for bankruptcy?!?

I mean, we've all heard the term, "stupid is as stupid does", but these two guys are taking this term to extremes.

Question: How much money are we willing to spend on a war, that has put us into the trillion dollar category and a war that our "leaders" have never answered the "Why?!?" question to unless you believe the "We're fighting the war on terror" answer or you haven't heard about the admitted horse manure about Iraq's involvement with 9/11.

Yes, we have a terrorist problem. And it's leader, Osama bin Laden, is hiding out in Pakistan. Cut off the head of the snake, (bin Laden) and his mythical stature of invincibility vanishes.

But no, for who knows what idiotic reason, this bumbling bunch of leaders in the Bush administration decided to attack Iraq. Vengeance on Saddam Hussein because "He tried to kill my daddy!!!"? An attempt to hijack the oil from Iraq? Who knows? I don't pretend to understand President Bush's mind. But if you buy the "We're fighting the war on terror!" reason, I have a bridge you can also buy. And it'll be a hell of a lot cheaper than this war you're apparently willing to pay for.

Here's a newsflash, gang! If this war in Iraq was REALLY important for reasons that apply to ALL of us instead of just a FEW of us, an attempt to reinstate the military DRAFT would have been proposed along with higher taxes to PAY for this war because of the SACRIFICE that was necessary. Sacrifice that we would ALL have to participate in, because the mission was THAT IMPORTANT!!!

Neither one of those things were requested.



As I've stated before, I would (unconditionally) support a military operation in Pakistan to "cut the head off of the snake", the head being, Osama bin Laden's.

Pakistan is allegedly an ally of ours, so they shouldn't object to this, should they? And if they do object, shouldn't we explain to them how important this is to us?

And if they still object? Well, then we'd have to assume they're no longer an ally of ours, wouldn't we? I mean these kinds of relationships change all the time. It wasn't that long ago when Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein was considered to be an ally of ours.

Saudi Arabia is supposedly an ally of ours. fifteen of the 9/11 airplane hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and Saudia Arabia (right now) is refusing to give us, their American allies a break on these outlandish oil prices that are helping to cripple our economy.

And yes, President Bush, we are creeping towards $4 a gallon. In fact, it costs more than that in some American communities now! And how you, the President of the United States wasn't aware of that is further proof that we have witnessed (perhaps) the worst president in our history being responsible for decisions that were made (or in some terrible cases) not made.

And now THIS president is endorsing John McCain to be our NEXT president?

Just the thought of it gives me a feeling. But it ain't a warm and fuzzy one.


Are we going to be looking at a Clinton-Obama ticket?!?

And that's the only way I think that duo would exist. If Clinton was the presidential candidate and Obama was the vice presidential candidate.

If Obama wins the nomination, I don't think he'd pick Clinton to be his running mate and I'm not sure she'd agree to that anyway.

And what about Joe Biden?!?

Senator Joe Biden would be a terrific choice as a running mate for either Clinton or Obama, but a Clinton-Obama ticket would be difficult to deny because the thinking would be that eight years later, Obama would then be the democrat's candidate for president.


First of all, whoever it is, figures to be a lot younger than McCain. I mean, he wouldn't pick Joe Lieberman, would he?

Mike Huckabee? A possible guitar playing VP would be a much lighter touch than the current VP, who seems to have a bunker mentality with all the hiding out he does.

I'm sorry. I forgot. President Bush said Dick Cheney is the best Vice President we've had in our history. And cynics would suggest that compliment is given because Vice President Cheney let President Bush believe he really was/is our President.

I'm joking! At least I hope I am.

But back to McCain? Who do you think McCain should choose as his running mate. Please tell me by writing to


"American Idol" loves to give us stuff to talk about, don't they? It's been revealed that one of the favorites in the men's category, David Hernandez, is a guy who has an interesting past. For three years in a Phoenix gay cabaret, Hernandez worked as a stripper and gave lots of lap dances to male customers.

"American Idol's" response to this story? Zilch. In fact, all the A.I. contestants have been barred from giving interviews until this blows over.

Dina Lohan? Mother of the year?

And then again, maybe not.

Dina Lohan is the faded beauty who imagines otherwise and who's oldest daughter just happens to be Lindsay Lohan, a bonafide beauty who's had some recent problems involving rehab stays, etc.

Mother Dina has loved the attention she's gotten while being near Lindsay in different clubs, but because she is Lindsay's mother, one might think that as a parent, she would be trying to provide guidance of some kind for Lindsay. Well, one might think that, but one would be wrong!

No, Mother Dina has decided to star in a new unscripted (wink-wink) series , "Living Lohan" which will also star Mother Dina's 14-year old daughter Ali. When will we get to see this series? Sometime this summer on the wonderful channel known as E!

Hmmm...We've seen what a wonderful influence Britney Spears' mother has been on her two show business daughters.

We've seen what a wonderful influence Mother Dina has been on daughter Lindsay.

Yo, daughter Ali! Good luck!!!


Soon! And you know that at least one of the subjects will be about something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

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Anonymous Bill in Chicago said...

"Saudi Arabia is supposedly an ally of ours. fifteen of the 9/11 airplane hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and Saudia Arabia (right now) is refusing to give us, their American allies a break on these outlandish oil prices that are helping to cripple our economy."

True enough, but that's just the tip of the iceberg:

7:52 PM  

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