Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Pretty good football game, huh? Super Bowl 42 ended up being the most watched Super Bowl in history and pretty much no one is surprised at that.

I was certainly wrong about the final result. I predicted a 27-10 New England victory. Eli Manning's late 4th quarter Houdini act when he escaped what would have been a disastrous sack, instead resulted in a miraculous catch of his "up for grabs" pass by David Tyree, a catch that will be a permanent part of Super Bowl history.

For those of us who know this game, we know that there is no discounting the importance of New England's right guard Steve Neal, who left the game early because of an injury and he was never able to return. But ya gotta play through those things and the Patriots weren't able to.

Throughout the game, Fox cameras showed Eli Manning's famous brother, Peyton who was in a luxury box at the game. Peyton Manning is a former Super Bowl MVP. Eli Manning is the current Super Bowl MVP.

Archie Manning was a pretty good NFL quarterback his ownself. But can any of us imagine how Archie feels as the proud father of two sons who have been the Most Valuable Player in America's greatest and most famous sporting event? I mean, NO father can make THAT claim!!! And unless someone proves me wrong, no father can make that claim about ANY of our major sports. Here's how impressive this is. If Archie Manning ate oats and whinnied, he'd be in a stud farm and folks would pay millions for his offspring.

But come to think of it, I guess some folks ARE paying millions for his offspring, aren't they?

I'll tell ya, if Archie Manning suddenly has to buy new clothes because his chest size has suddenly gotten bigger, no one but no one will suggest that Archie Manning's sudden size difference has a damn thing in the world to do with STEROIDS.

No, Archie Manning's expanded chest size has to do with parental pride, pride that in this case, can be understood ONLY by Archie.

Take a bow, hoss!


Legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight decided to retire from coaching yesterday. No one saw it coming, but when one remembers how Knight operates, we shouldn't be surprised that we didn't see it coming. His Texas Tech team had a winning record, they won their last game and Knight, with 902 wins, is college basketball's number one all time Division 1 winner.

Knight did a lot of other things that we didn't see coming during what at times was a volatile career, but one thing remained a constant. His teams never got into trouble with the NCAA because of recruiting violations and he always emphasized class studies before (and ahead of) basketball studies.

His disciplinary tactics bothered a lot of people, but I wasn't one of those people who was bothered. Any parent who didn't know who they were sending their child to wasn't paying attention. In fact, most if not all parents knew exactly who they were sending their child to. They were sending their child to a rock hard disciplinarian who would see to it that their child excelled in the classroom and if the child stuck it out with Knight, that child would use the discipline he'd been taught to be a productive citizen after he left Knight.

With rare exception, all of Knight's former students swear by him. I mean, look at the Hall of Fame basketball coaches who swear by him.

Short Commentary: Bob Knight, you are a true original. From the beginning to the end, you did it like one of your idols did. "My Way". And you will be missed.


What did you think of the Super Bowl commercials?

A lot of lame ones, huh? I mean, especially when you factor in how much money was spent on these things.

I saw two commercials that I ended up remembering (in a good way) after the Super Bowl had ended.

The Pepsi commercial that featured the deaf guys who were trying to find a house party.

And the Budweiser spot that ended with the dog giving the horse a "high paw" to the horse's "high hoof".

Speaking of Super Bowl stuff that had nothing to do with the game....How about that singing of the National Anthem by American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks?!? As far as I'm concerned, they should book Jordin Sparks to sing our National Anthem at every Super Bowl. Wow, Wow, Wow and even MORE Wow's!!!


Have you seen the film, "Juno", which is an Oscar Best Film nominee this year? As is star Ellen Page who has been nominated for Best Actress?

I haven't (yet), but I bring this up because on Showtime last night, I saw another film that Ellen Page starred in. A film that came out in 2006. "Hard Candy".

The film stars Ellen Page as a very disturbed 14-year old who is very upset at a 32-year old man played by Patrick Wilson who has a secret that the Ellen Page character knows about.

This film involves MAJOR high drama, folks. I mean, riveting, on the edge of your seat high drama. What this young woman has in mind for "punishment" for the Wilson character will have you holding on to yourself if you're a guy. And how she gets the Wilson character into the position of (almost) submission is breathtaking.

I watched this film from sometime after three until sometime after five this MORNING after I had been up all night. During the watching of this film, there wasn't one second spent by me of being "tired". And when the film ended, I was all worn out, but was in NO mood to SLEEP!!!

"Hard Candy"!!!!! If you didn't see it when it first came out (I didn't), rent it, buy it or watch it on one of the Showtime channels. And after seeing Ellen Page's performance, you'll understand why she is considered to be an "Oscar" caliber actress.


A reminder for those of you living in the Los Angeles area. A little bit after 10:30 tonight, I'll be on the radio with Joe McDonnell, Joe Grande and Tim Cates on "The Joe McDonnell Experience" which is broadcast from 7-11 pm, Monday through Friday on KLAC, which is 570 on the AM dial. I'm on with those guys almost every Tuesday for 20 minutes or so and yes, it's a sports show, but we're apt to talk about anything. Especially movies or other entertainment stuff.


The next one will involve (among other things) the subject(s) of deregulation and consolidation, things that have been disastrous for all of us except for the RICHEST of us which is why we have to totally change the way we do business in this country.

When the next blog is written, you will always know that at least one of the subjects will have to do with something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"


Blogger Garrett Kramer said...

Heard you on the Joe Mcdonnell Experience last night and had to drop a comment. I have to do a blog for one of my college classes so I could use your help. The site is www.lakerswin.blogspot.com and anything you could post would help. I would like to reccomend other stundens from my small Baptist college to your blog and may be you could comment on their blog as well. God Bless. Garrett Kramer

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone will miss Bobby Knight. Like a toothache.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone will miss Bobby Knight. Like a toothache.

9:23 AM  

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