Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talkin' to each other and gettin' DUMBER!!!


That what our presidential candidates are woofin' about!

How effective it's been, when it became effective, who was/is responsible for the effectiveness, yada, yada!!

I know. Some of you are saying, "The 'surge'? What the hell are you talking about, Scott?!?"

I'm talking about when President Bush decided to send more troops to Iraq. That was referred to as THE SURGE and it's credited with slowing down the violence in Iraq.

Propaganda spoon fed sycophants preach this gospel to anyone gullible enough to buy it without remembering what happened when this Iraq invasion disaster began!

Without examining anything else, I will tell you that THE SURGE has been effective, okay?

But I'M in the business of examining EVERYTHING, so here come some inconvenient FACTS that the propaganda spewers conveniently leave out. Like what the price of gasoline was when George W. Bush became President George W. Bush.

Back to THE SURGE.

The excuse that we're constantly given for INVADING Iraq is that intelligence services "everywhere" came to the conclusion that Iraq had WMD's, otherwise known as Weapons of Mass Destruction. Since when are we supposed to care what OTHER "intelligence" services say? Shouldn't any final decision be made on what OUR "intelligence" services say? Everything else is a classic exercise in, "Talkin' to each other and gettin' DUMBER!!!"

Okay. The decision was made to invade Iraq. On the cheap! We didn't send anywhere near the amount of troops we should have sent, soldiers' PARENTS had to send bulletproof vests to their soldier/children that were bullet deflectors as opposed to bullet attractors, the armor covered vehicles soldiers were in were, in fact, death traps because of a LACK of effective armor ANNNND... We didn't send enough TROOPS to Iraq!!! At the very BEGINNING!!!

A dumb guy like me knew it and said so on the radio. We needed AT LEAST 300,000 MORE troops so we could make it a "get in and get out" mission like that stupid "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" statement attributed to President Bush.

A very smart guy also knew we needed at least 300,000 more troops in Iraq at the time. General Shinseki. What did he get when he stated his opinion to Donald Rumsfeld and to President Bush? General Shinseki got FIRED for his candor.

If I'm not mistaken, Senator McCain was in favor of what General Shinseki's position was, but as soon as Shinseki got fired, McCain went into what the military might refer to as "radio silence" for a while.

Yes, a few years later, Senator McCain came out of his "foxhole" for lack of a better term and publicly endorsed what has become known as THE SURGE before President Bush put it into motion, but people who have been paying attention know that McCain was "slow on the trigger" and that President Bush had no clue as to what the "trigger" was or how to effectively use it.


Before you let anybody sell you on the merits of THE SURGE and who should get "credit" for it, ask yourself this; Who gets credit for all that "Talkin' to each other and gettin' DUMBER" business???


Some new radio ratings for Los Angeles were published today.

How did Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity do? DOWN!!!

How did "Divine Oracle, El Rushbo" Limbaugh do? DOWN!!!

Is this part of a what will be a TREND or is it simply part of an "aberration"?

I'm not smart enough to know the answer to that, but here's something I AM smart enough to know. If Senator Obama wins the election, Limbaugh and Hannity DESPERATELY need the Vice President to be HILLARY CLINTON, because without the Clintons to bitch about, 50% of the Limbaugh/Hannity "act" is GONE!!!

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Did you watch The ESPY's this past Sunday night?

I'll be honest. It was the FIRST time I've ever watched The ESPY's!

Justin Timberlake was the host of The ESPY's. Yeah, the singer/actor guy. The guy who used to be a Mouseketeer, used to date Britney Spears and was the guy who exposed a little too much of Janet Jackson at a Super Bowl.

Hosting is something I know a little bit about. Back in the day, I did a lot of it. Talent shows, big banquets, you name it.

Never anything like The ESPY's, but I wouldn't expect Justin Timberlake to be hosting a show like that, either. Or be good at it, if he did host it.

The dude wasn't just GOOD, Justin Timberlake was SENSATIONAL!!!

During a long singing and dancing skit called "I Love Sports", Timberlake had me laughing out loud in my living room. And I'm willing to bet that was happening in a lot of living rooms!

I don't know if ESPN can afford him on a yearly basis, but if they can, they should offer The ESPY's hosting job to Justin Timberlake EVERY year and hope he's available.

Just like The Oscars do with Billy Crystal.

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