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According to the headline in the new Newsweek, "WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOW" But guess who STARTED us down this road?!?

Ah, yes! As someone much smarter than me once said, "The devil's in the details!"

And let me say this for the record; I don't think "The Fairness Doctrine" will return anytime soon, but even if it does, I hope it doesn't affect the employment of people like 'El Rushbo", Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity or any of their wild-eyed copycat clones.

When you listen to them lie or (because of ignorance) give out partial bits of truth combined with "supposition" that is (I'm being kind) absurd, yes, when you (we) know better, it can drive us crazy, but there's one thing they say that I'll ALWAYS agree with and that is, "Hey, we're ENTERTAINERS!!!"

"Entertainers" who are scared to death of the possibility of the return of "The Fairness Doctrine" because they don't know how to have real conversations with people who have views different than their views. Oh, they know (especially "Little Lord" and the squeaky voiced so-called "Great One") how to YELL at and attempt to INTIMIDATE callers who express different views, but to try that with someone they had to LOOK AT? It wouldn't happen, because a "pro", would sit there until they were out of breath and then say something like, (while chuckling) "Are you finished?" What would happen next would be embarrassing because they would then hear their pious nonsense being ripped to (verbal) shreds.

I know this because before switching to sports, acting and writing, I was a talk show host on some major radio stations when we HAD "The Fairness Doctrine". I was very opinionated (I know, it's shocking) and I LOVED having someone on who disagreed with me.

Okay...Back to this Socialism business I mentioned in the "headline" of this week's blog.

The cover headline of the February 16 issue of Newsweek is, "WE ARE ALL SOCIALISTS NOW".

If you've listened to the talk hosts I referred to, you know that they have mentioned this Newsweek headline and story. Especially the egotistical "Little Lord" because his name is mentioned in this story, but the MAIN reason they have mentioned this story goes straight to what I wrote about regarding the "partial bits of truth" they are so good at exploiting.

They have immediately pointed to what they've claimed to be a big concern of their "blowhard selves" and that's the belief the new Obama administration is RESPONSIBLE for taking America down this "Socialism" road.

And now we get to THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS part of this story!!!

As this Newsweek story makes very clear (and truthfully), "The architect of this new era of big government is George W. Bush."

For those of you who are saying, "Whaaat?!?", I simply say it ain't that complicated, folks. George W. Bush became the "architect" of our current foray into "Socialism" when he made the move to bail out the financial sector with $700 billion a few months ago.

If and or when you read the whole story in Newsweek, you will learn that the opinions are that we (the USA) will not become a Socialist country permanently, nor are we one now. We're simply using some of those kinds of ideas to help get us out of the horrible mess caused by ill advised economic principles going back to the Reagan years. Principles that have now come back to bite us all in the ass! Big time!

Deregulation benefits THE RICH!!! Deregulation benefits ONLY the RICH!!!

Trickle down, my ass! The FIRST President Bush was RIGHT when, while running for President AGAINST Reagan, referred to Reagan's economic ideas as VOODOO ECONOMICS!!!

Full Disclosure time...

Just before President Reagan was still "Candidate" Reagan, I had the opportunity to have a terrific conversation with Reagan prior to him participating in a 7-hour radio special I was producing and narrating about Gene Autry. And we had this conversation while every major newsperson in America was waiting outside for Reagan to be in what was a major pre-election news conference.

A couple of years later, President Reagan did another major favor for me!

I will always be grateful to President Ronald Reagan. While Reagan was President, I was making good money as a television sports anchor here in Los Angeles and I thought his economic principles were terrific.

Looking back, I realize that the economic principles he preached are principles that benefit very few of us while the rest of us are left "wanting".

Because our economy was very strong, what Reagan and his administration pushed through and what subsequent administrations continued to push through (yes, even the Clinton administration), it took quite a while for what we're facing now to rear it's ugly head.

We became a nation of borrowers, folks. When credit cards made you feel like they were giving you/us "free money" with cash advances, we loved it. We took that "free money" and spent it on stuff we didn't need, houses we couldn't afford or gambled it away. When did this "free money" cash advance business BEGIN? During the Reagan administration. I remember the first time I went to a bank with a credit card because I had heard about this cash advance business. I sat down with someone at the bank and I remembering saying to her, "That's IT?!? This is ALL I have to do?" She said (with a smile), "That's it!"

And I walked out of the bank with several thousand dollars that I didn't need.

More and more deregulation followed. In the radio and television business it was "consolidation" that turned those businesses into businesses that are (now) doing nothing but firing thousands of people a week, while losing millions of dollars, on top of millions, on top of millions.

And every business you can think of is in the same sorry boat.

Deregulation. Voodoo Economics.

Yes, gang. The chickens HAVE come home to roost!


Again...This is the February 16 issue and it's at your favorite supermarket, favorite 7-11 store or wherever you buy magazines. On pages 24, 25, 26 and 27 you will see an easy to read section titled, "Booms and Busts" that takes us on a fascinating tour of the good and bad economic times our great country has experienced since the year 1791 and WHY they were good or bad times! No bought and paid for "spin". Just some simple facts. Like who it is who BEGAN the Socialism ways that we're now using to try to keep us from becoming part of what would probably be called, "GREAT DEPRESSION TWO"!!!


There's a new film out right now that sold a lot of tickets immediately. "He's Just Not That Into You". I liked this film a lot! It has an all-star cast of actors and I think they all used their screen time well. The audience I sat with (mostly women) reacted often to what was happening on the screen and that gave me (a guy) an additional bit of a fun film watching experience. Near the end of this film is a bona fide "tear jerking" moment. There were several women sitting behind me who were sniffling and telling each other about the tears they were shedding. And while I heard them whispering to each other, I was wiping MY OWN EYES!!

Television news and observations...

I'm liking "24" again. I'm still liking "Desperate Housewives", "Brothers & Sisters", "United States of Tara" and "The L Word".

We are told that sometime near the end of this season, "Desperate Housewives" will be saying goodbye to Nicollette Sheridan. She'll apparently be killed in a car crash.

We are told that sometime near the end of this season, "Grey's Anatomy" will say goodbye to TWO of THEIR lead characters. T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl who have already had their television careers killed because of their Big and ungrateful MOUTHS!!!

Baseball items...

It's beginning to look like "A-Rod" might BE "A-Fraud", huh? 104 names on a "confidential list" of baseball players who flunked drug tests in 2003 and A-Rod's name is the ONLY name that got LEAKED?!?

Today (February 11) Miguel Tejada stood before a judge and admitted he had lied about steroid use?

Do most of us even CARE about this?!?

I don't. Not really. I'm like most of you in the sense that I read the stories about these characters, but the fact of the matter is, if baseball officials, the union and owners hadn't quietly SANCTIONED this, it could have been stopped IMMEDIATELY!!!

WHY wasn't it stopped? Because what was happening was GOOD FOR BUSINESS!!!

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THE NEXT BLOG? Unless something unexpected comes up, next Wednesday, February 18, early or late evening.


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