Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WOW!!! "No Drama Obama" will be the 44th President of the United States of AMERICA!!!

Yeah, that's another nickname he has. "No Drama Obama".

Then there's "Chicago Thug", which is what President Clinton called Obama after Obama royally pissed Clinton off when Clinton thought Obama had tagged a racist label onto Clinton.

That misunderstanding obviously got squared away or President Clinton wouldn't have stood and sat next to Obama in front of a huge audience just a couple of days before the election.

"Chicago Thug", indeed. As I stated in my last blog, I totally got the meaning of that "slur". And to me, it was a compliment. An acknowledgment of a guy (Obama) who in President Clinton's view, would/will do anything to win in the political arena!

Takes one to know one, President Clinton??? I think the answer to that question is, "Yes!!!"

This blog is being written late Wednesday afternoon on the 5th of November, 2008. Less than 24 hours ago, all the television networks announced that Senator Barack Obama had gotten enough electoral votes to be the 44th President of the United States, a position he'll officially take when he's inaugurated on the 20th of January, 2009.

Wow, WOW!!!!

Please indulge me while I (temporarily) turn back the clock.

I made a couple of predictions many months ago. I thought that when all the primaries had ended, the Republican nominee would be Fred Thompson and the Democrat nominee would be Barack Obama!

Fred Thompson showed us in very short order that he and hard work don't go well together and he was an early political graveyard occupant.

During the debates, the guy who (initially) impressed me the most was Senator Joe Biden. As time went on, Senator Obama, like a stealth bomber, got better and better in the debates. And as we all know, the Democrat race came down to Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.

After finally beating Senator Clinton, a lot of "advisors" wanted Senator Obama to choose Senator Clinton as his running mate.

When Senator Obama chose Senator Biden to be his running mate, the sound of the howling that was heard was probably similar to the howling made by poor wolves in Alaska when Governor Palin and others enjoy the "sport" of shooting and killing wolves while taking aim from helicopters.

We hadn't heard about Governor Palin yet, but we certainly heard the howling on behalf of Hillary.

A lot of "experts" thought that Obama made a critical mistake by not asking Hillary to be his running mate. Two of those "experts" were Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Along the way, we heard about other mistakes that political "experts" thought that Obama made or was making.

Obama's response to those criticisms? There was no response which helped lead to Obama's quiet nickname, "No Drama Obama".

Like a combination stealth bomber and quiet "Chicago Thug" hitman, Barack Obama showed the powerful Clinton machine and the powerful Republican machine what a very unique "machine" HE can be while giving those "pros" a lesson on tactics that they'll never forget!

So...What happens now? For openers it looks like Obama's Chief of Staff will be Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel, another "Chicago Thug" type that we're told is "ruthless".

But the big questions everyone has are, "What does Obama plan to DO? And what will his GOVERNING style be like?"

Answer? No one knows. Barack Obama has been elected for pretty much the same reason I articulated in my last blog. I/we like the fact he's INexperienced as opposed to EXperienced because it's the EXperienced people who have gotten us into the multiple messes we're in!

Here's what we DO know! Whatever it is that Obama DOES or whatever his governing style will BE, it will be done with a no-nonsense DISCIPLINE not seen in the White House in many, many years!


I was watching the election stuff in my home by myself last night. When Senator John McCain finished his concession speech, you heard a lot of applause from his supporters in Arizona. Well, there was at least one more round of applause that you couldn't hear. It was from me.

I didn't vote for Senator McCain, but I respect Senator McCain and after his concession speech, my respect for Senator McCain reached a new level.


When Senator McCain asked Sarah Palin to be his running mate, because she wasn't "ready", she should have turned him down.

But because she has a great personality and is very attractive, she might have a future as a "Reality" show host or a Fox News panelist.


I think this guy is going to be a GREAT Vice President!!!


As we all know, what we've just witnessed is some major, major American history. During this campaign, there were no shortage of opinions expressed by our friends and relatives about which candidate they preferred and why. Opinions that often resulted in arguments and friendships' being negatively affected. Same deal with relatives who often ended up wondering how on earth they ever ended up being related to YOU?!? And to be fair, vice versa.

I don't know about you, but there's a lot that I haven't liked about the way things have gone ever since George W. Bush was elected in 2000. Or did he steal that election?

I won't regurgitate the specifics of what I haven't liked, but if you're curious, you can read my "bitching" in some of my previous blogs that are all under this one.

Our first African American President is a man who takes this job with the deck stacked against him. A long and very expensive war we never should have gotten into, an economy that's in the toilet, homelessness that's becoming a bigger and bigger problem, the health insurance problem, the huge illegal immigration problem, jobs that continue to be outsourced, etc., etc.

When it's time for the "scorecards" to come out, if the Barack Obama administration is perceived to have been a failure, the opportunity for the next minority to be a serious presidential candidate will be whacha call, slimmer than slim!

What we must remember about Barack Obama once he becomes President Obama is how he operated before he won the election. His tactics were being questioned by darn near everyone.
In other words, he was underestimated. Constantly underestimated!

I'm not looking for overnight miracles, because overnight miracles ain't gonna happen. But I sincerely believe that timing is everything and that this is the guy we've been waiting for!

Be patient, folks. I believe that good things are on the horizon because I believe that you, the voters, made the right decision.

Now that the campaign has ended, we can all get about the business of repairing our fractured friendships, reestablishing relations with our relatives and then get back about the business of participating in America's real National Pastime. No, not baseball. BITCHING!

THOUGHTS OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at I write back to everyone. As a rule, a new blog is posted every Wednesday afternoon (late) or (early/late) Wednesday evening.


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