Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Attention Sean Hannity: Ronald Reagan Is Dead!!!

This is being written on the evening of November 12, 2008, eight days after Barack Obama was elected to be the 44th President of the United States, a job that he will begin on January 20, 2009.

The fact that Obama was elected has right wing talk hosts like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh placing blame on Republican voters and politicians they think have "Lost their way!!!", but they've wasted no time at all placing blame for our economic mess at the feet of Barack Obama!!!

In Hannity's case, the name of Ronald Reagan is mentioned often, but this is nothing new for Hannity, a guy who chooses to long for the 1980's when we had a President (Reagan) who talked a lot about "values of the 50's", values that never really existed, but we didn't have 24/7 gossip internet columns and cable television shows in those days so people were allowed to pretend that "messy stuff" never happened.

Hannity also talks a lot about how we (America) need to go back to the way things were during Reagan's administration and that if we did or do, our economic problems will be solved.

Deregulation is the cause of most of our economic problems and it was beginning to be adopted during the Reagan administration. Our deficit went way UP during the Reagan administration because of all of Reagan's spending, spending that continued (not on as grand of a scale) under the first President Bush, same deal with President Clinton, but under this President Bush, wasteful spending was done at the level of the MOTHER of ALL grand scales. And the continuing deregulation under President Clinton and the current President Bush have resulted in a financial bite to all of our asses that will take a lot of time to fix.

When you've listened to Hannity and Limbaugh during the few days after the election, you know they're trying to make you believe this economic mess is Barack Obama's fault. And here's what's especially pathetic about that. SOME of their head nodding listeners BELIEVE them!!!
The silver lining in this dark cloud is that there's no evidence that either guy intends to ever invite their listeners to a mountain top where their listeners would be asked to drink this great tasting Kool Aid that will be served.

I hate to break it to you Sean, but Reagan is dead! And so are his policies! When Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, it will be 2009 and what we'll need are 2009 ideas to get us out of this economic mess that took a long time to explode. The 80's are over. And the 50's, (as often described) never existed.

CHANGE!!! That's what we elected Barack Obama for. Hopefully, he'll be able to deliver.


What the heck kind of company is going to be bailed out NEXT?!? I mean, are you FOLLOWING this?!? It seems like every morning when we wake up, we hear on the news that some OTHER company will be bailed out by our government. As I'm sure you know, SOME companies who GOT previous bail out money have asked for and are getting MORE bail out money even after it was discovered they used a lot of the PREVIOUS bail out money for MILLIONS to be given as BONUSES for EXECUTIVES who were partly responsible for the company LOSING all the money the company lost.

No, Sean and Rush. It's not the Obama administration that's doing this. It's the Bush administration.


At Barack Obama's press conference, I loved his, "A mutt like me" line...

Rush Limbaugh's constantly referring to Barack Obama as being a Creeeepy CREATURE"
is in itself, off the charts creepy! I know your ratings are going down Rush, but is this the STRATEGY you think will get your listeners BACK?!? Rush, your problem is the same problem we have with our economy. You gotta start thinkin' 2009 instead of the '80's....

Have you heard the new recorded show opener Sean Hannity uses at the beginning of each hour? I mean, you talk about Creeeepy!!! It's almost 2009, Sean. You need modern material to get YOUR ratings up.....


If you listen to a radio show that features a talk host complaining about the possibility of the Fairness Doctrine coming back to radio, here's what they're REALLY worried about. They're not capable of having intelligent dialogue with someone who has an opposing view. There are others besides Limbaugh and Hannity, but because they're the two who are the most popular, I use them as examples.

Rush Limbaugh strikes me as someone who could (if he wanted to) have a reasonably intelligent conversation with someone representing an opposing view and in some cases I think Limbaugh might be able to score big points in a conversation like that and even change the other person's mind.

Hannity? NOT A BLEEPIN' CHANCE!!! UNLESS.....What Hannity shows us on the air is a well crafted "act" that can change to a different "act" immediately if he's required to. Over and over and over again what we HEAR from Hannity when he's having a "conversation" with a person representing an opposing view is BULLYING!!!

If it IS brought back, the Fairness Doctrine is not something that will be a problem for talented and good broadcasters. But for now, it does give them something to bitch about on the air which is another example of folks participating in America's REAL national pastime. BITCHING!!!


I mentioned RADIO ratings that have been going down? So have TELEVISION ratings! Across the board, meaning it's likely that YOUR favorite television show has seen better days, ratings wise.

Modern technology, man! So many other choices out there. People who take the time to read this BLOG of mine are probably people who (in previous years) would be watching television or listening to the radio.

Hey, I spend a lot of time on the internet, too. Probably TOO much time, but I guess it's safe to say that surfing the net has become America's SECOND favorite pastime!

Speaking of television, I just want to give a shout-out to a few shows I'm watching regularly. Yeah, I used to watch more than these, but because of the internet...

BOSTON LEGAL...This is the final season for this show and I'm gonna miss it a lot. The James Spader/William Shatner dynamic along with first class writing and terrific guest stars make this must-see television for me.

BROTHERS & SISTERS...The hands down BEST show on televison for me! Once you start watching, it's impossible to not fall in love with the Walker family! I guarantee you'll see someone on that show that reminds you of one of YOUR family members!

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES...A major "comeback" season for this show. The writing's better, everything's better.

DIRTY SEXY MONEY...For me, this show has turned into a super cool night time Soap Opera. If you haven't seen it, it's a continuing story about the very rich Darling Family, a family that ain't whacha call "darling" AT ALL!

ENTOURAGE...Four Hollywood friends and an agency they're attached to. This is a very believable and very addictive HBO show and on Sunday nights it's followed by...

TRUE BLOOD....An Alan Ball continuing tale about a small town inhabited by humans and vampires who come across as VERY human until they get THIRSTY!!!

DEXTER....THIS Sunday night Showtime show just gets better and better. Better than last season which was better than the previous season, etc. Dexter features a terrific regular cast of characters and this season's Special Guest Star is Jimmy Smits who plays a guy who's NOTHING like that nice Bobby Simone character who was on NYPD Blue. And somehow you get the feeling that something will end up going very "wrong" with the best bud friendship he has WITH Dexter!

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