Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rush Limbaugh's Pathetic Letter To President Obama!!!

The headline got your attention, didn't it?

Confession: I wrote one hell of a commentary about Rush and his letter to President Obama and why he wrote this letter.

I mean, it was probably one of the best commentaries I've EVER written, buuuut...

After I read it, I decided to delete it. This might be my last blog for a while (more on that in a minute) and I don't want to end with what might appear to be a "kicking a guy while he's down" editorial.

So I'll simply say the following about Limbaugh's letter to President Obama.

In case you hadn't heard, Limbaugh let everyone know that he wrote a letter to President Obama that (in essence) was asking President Obama to assure him (Rush) that President Obama wasn't/isn't going to pursue or support a new "Fairness Doctrine" or something new that would be like the old "Fairness Doctrine".

Translation? Rush doesn't want to be fair, his act has never been about being fair and he doesn't want to be told he has to be fair.

But here's all we have to know about this letter. President Obama didn't respond to it.

I mean, it was a few weeks ago when some Congressman begged to come on Rush's show so he could kiss the Rush body part that Rush wanted kissing while pleading with Rush to please FORGIVE HIM!!!

But the President of the United States IGNORED Rush Limbaugh!

THAT, my friends, is CHANGE!!!


Did you watch or listen to any of the speech last night? (Tuesday, February 25)

We're all mad at the banks, right? They get all this bailout money and too much of it seems to be going to bonuses, etc., etc.!!! I know it ticks ME off! Bill Maher wrote a terrific Op-Ed column about what bankers have been getting away with in last Friday's L.A. Times. The column was headlined, "Make 'em Pay". He wrote about how China handles people like this and in China, death IS an option. Maher's recommendation was that two bankers should be selected for death and once all the bankers saw those guys die, they'd start behaving themselves. But Maher went on to say he knew that wouldn't happen here because we're not China, we're just owned by China and that because we have more than a million lawyers here in America, doesn't ONE of them know how to put a banker in JAIL?!?

Amen to that, Brother Bill!!!

In his speech last night, President Obama addressed the anger we have about bankers and after saying he knows how we feel, he said, "We cannot, afford to govern out of anger."

And to that I say, yes sir, Mr. President, but every once in a while, making decisions based on anger does make us feel good. But yes, Mr. President, it's only a temporary feeling. But stillll....

Did you hear or read what President Obama said about Iraq? Are we really gonna be pretty much done with that mess in 19 months? If so, wouldn't it be nice if we could also get our asses out of Afghanistan as well?


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave the Republican response to President Obama's speech. A lot of people think that Governor Jindal is presidential material and he is often talked about as being the Republican who will be the candidate against Obama a little less than four years from now.

Of course, the same people who say that also looked at Governor Palin like she was some kind of political savior as opposed to the bimbo she is who just happens to look good in a skirt.

Anyway, here are the words Democrats AND Republicans used to describe Jindal's response speech. "Childish!" "Disaster!" "Insane!"

Bottom line? Governor Jindal, that was the bad news. Here's the good news. You have more than 3 years to correct what appear to 3 major concerns that folks now have about you.


In his first exhibition game since his steroids use was made public, Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) hit a home run.

Manny Ramirez was offered a 2-year contract by the Dodgers today. First year, 25 million. Second year, 20 million, but Ramirez could choose to reject that second year if he wants to. Basically, what that means is this; If (for example) Ramirez has a lousy year this year, he might want to take that 20 million for 2010. But if he has a great year this year, he can refuse the 20 million and force the Dodgers to give him more. To me, this is a win-win deal for Manny.


Did you watch the Oscars telecast this past Sunday? I did.

The new producers did some things differently and some folks didn't like the changes that were made.

On the Barbara Walters show that was taped BEFORE the Oscars show was aired, Oscar host Hugh Jackman told Barbara that while the Oscars show is a show about show business, the emphasis this year would be MORE about "show" and LESS about "business".

Was it ever!!!

And I LOVED it!!!

No, everything didn't work. Ben Stiller, Bill Maher, couple of other things.

But I loved the singing stuff Jackman was involved with. The first song that included what appeared to be a surprised Anne Hathaway, but the way she ended her singing tells us that she knew she was going to be performing. I mean, who knew she could sing like THAT? Especially the way she dragged out her last note! WOW!!!

I liked his second number with Beyonce (and others) as well. Was it long? Yeah, but it was also a showcase for the "show"!

And how about Queen Latifah? And the singing SHE did while show business people who died this past year were remembered! Yowzuh, Yowzuh, Yowzuh!!!

Were you as suprised as I was that Jerry Lewis didn't say or do more than he did? But what he DID do was deliver a very classy and short acceptance speech.

Now here's what I loved MOST about this year's Oscars show. When the five previous Oscar winners came on stage to each talk about one of the five nominees for Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Twenty former Oscar winners telling the twenty Oscar nominees and the whole world why these Oscar winners thought these Oscar nominees DESERVED to have been nominated and in fact, deserve(d) to WIN the Oscar!

Sure, all twenty of those performers wanted to win. Sixteen of them didn't. But what those previous Oscar winners said to the sixteen who didn't win, was a "cushion" those nominees could use to replace some of the disappointment.

I hope this is something the Oscars show does EVERY year!


I have been asked do some work on a brand new play that will open here in Los Angeles in a few weeks. It will require a lot of studying and rehearsing because my character is the LEAD character.

I also need to spend time going to festivals where a new film I have a starring role in is being shown. We're trying to get a distributor. Schmooze, schmooze, kiss, kiss, etc., etc.

And sometime after this Friday night, I will find out if I'm going to be one of the main characters in a video project that will be set in the year 2450 and will require all actors to be wearing Star Trek kind of makeup.

Bottom line?

I don't know if I'll have time to write a new blog every Wednesday until all this stuff calms down. Believe me, I'm not complaining. I wish I had these problems more often.

THOUGHTS OR COMMENTS? Please write to me directly at If you write to the blog, I have no way of knowing what your email address is and that means I have no way of responding to you. All emails sent to me at are answered by me. No exceptions.

THE NEXT BLOG? Please look for it next Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. If it isn't there, it'll be because I'm tied up with all these other things. If that happens, please try again the following Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, etc., etc. In the words of Ahnold..."AHL be BAHK!!!"


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