Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Oh Why Are We At War In Afghanistan?!?

Unless I'm missing something, this war in Afghanistan that we're involved in is more leftover b.s. begun by the most incompetent of incompetents and that would be the recently "relieved of duty" I'M THE DECIDER Bush administration.

The war in Iraq? Unconscionable!!! All that wasted U.S. MONEY!!! OUR money!!! All those wasted U.S. LIVES!!! And for WHAT?!?

This war in AFGHANISTAN?!? Billions MORE U.S. dollars being spent! Thousands MORE U.S. troops killed and or suffering from devasting life altering injuries. And our U.S. commander there, General David McKiernan says that 55,000 of our troops figure to STAY in Afghanistan for up to FIVE YEARS!!! And again I ask, FOR WHAT?!?

Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan was asked about victory in Afghanistan and his answer was/is, "First of all, the victory, as defined in purely military terms, is not achievable, and I cannot stress that too highly."

Ya gotta appreciate his honesty, but my initial response is, "SAY, WHAT?!?"

And have these military and diplomatic bozos forgotten what happened to Russia when THEY decided to be unwanted military policemen there? The Russians got their clocks cleaned and they finally got the hell out of there!

Ever since I started this blog almost 2 years or so ago, I have advocated a military mission in Pakistan because that is where Osama bin Laden has been allowed to hide from us.

The incompetents in the Bush administration kept insisting that Pakistan is an "ally" of ours and in essence, we need to be very careful about possibly making those people mad at us.

What a load of horse manure! If they really WERE an ally of ours, they would have helped us smoke bin Laden out of whatever cave he's in so he can be killed or punished for all the 9/11 murders of our citizens he was responsible for.

Are we now to believe that the Obama administration thinks that Pakistan is an ally of ours? If so, that's frightening.

Something else I've been writing about since the time this blog began is about how the feeling here was that we were facing an economic mess, that if not corrected, could lead to Great Depression Two! And if a dumb guy like ME could see that...And if a dumb guy like ME could see that Pakistan is not a real ally of ours...And if a dumb guy like ME could see the financial destruction caused by these wars while not taking care of business HERE at HOME...I mean, no wonder that darn near everyone in America is scared to death. No, we're not scared to death because of the people in Iraq or Afghanistan. We're scared to death of what is going to happen HERE!!! Day after day we know friends and relatives of ours who have lost their jobs, watched their 401k's become virtually worthless, watched banks jack up our interest rates on our credit cards to levels in the upper 20% rates just because we were late for one payment or because THEY JUST FELT LIKE IT!!!


These banks have recently gotten billions of dollars of bailout money. Do you know who they got it from? US!!! YOU AND ME!!! THE TAXPAYERS!!!

And now these sorry son of a bitch bank bastards THANK you and me, the taxpayers, by royally screwing ALL us with these outrageous interest rates on our credit cards because they CAN!!!

Well, here's something WE can do! Seeing as how these banks are a big reason we're in the financial mess we're in, maybe it's time we tell our elected officials that we want to NATIONALIZE these banks! Have the government run them!

Just a thought.


This Sunday, the 81st Academy Awards ceremony will be held at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre with host Hugh Jackman. You can watch it on ABC.

I'm not going to tell you who I think should or will win the major awards, but I will tell you who I would really LIKE to win the major awards.

First of all, I'm very disappointed that Clint Eastwood wasn't nominated for Best Actor, or Best Director, or Best Film for his "Gran Torino" movie.

Having said that, I would really like it if Marisa Tomei won the Supporting Actress Oscar and that Josh Brolin won the Supporting Actor Oscar. I would really like it if Angelina Jolie won the Best Actress Oscar and that Brad Pitt won the Best Actor Oscar.

I don't CARE who wins the Best Director Oscar and I don't CARE which film wins the Best Picture Oscar.


I'm currently starring in a little film that's on the festival circuit. We're hoping to land a distributor for a film that's titled, "Manos Partidas" (Split Hands") that was shot near the Mexican border. In the recently completed Beverly Hills Film Festival, 56 films competed, 3 prizes were awarded and our film was awarded 3rd place.

Our next festival appearance will be at the 11th Annual Sarasota Film Festival, March 27 through April 5.

Our film will also be at the 9th Annual Phoenix Film Festival, April 2 through April 9.

We're also being shown in other venues, but you get the idea.

My role was that of a "vigilant" border patrol agent who's on a mission because his wife was killed by an illegal immigrant. Unbeknownst to my character, his son is dating an illegal immigrant which adds to the "family dynamic".

The first time you see me on the screen is when I drive to a dusty area where my son is drunk inside a trailer. A close-up of the bumper sticker on my Border Patrol truck shows the audience these words; "Putting the panic back in Hispanic".

THOUGHTS AND OR COMMENTS? Please write to me at If you write to the blog, I don't have any way of knowing what your email address is, so I can't write back to you with a response. A emails sent to are responded to by me.

THE NEXT BLOG? Unless something unforseen comes up, our next blog will be written and posted next Wednesday, February 25 in the early or late evening. THIS BLOG was a little late because I didn't start writing until a little after midnight on Thursday, February 19.


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