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Glenn Beck, "The Quitter" and Newsweek Magazine's Attention Getting Cover Headline about President Obama!!!

Because of a film that's about to be produced and directed by three top of the line film students in the Steven Spielberg Building at USC that I will be the lead actor in, this figures to be a relatively short blog because of the studying I need to do. The title of the film is, "A Brief History Lesson" and I have no idea how many people will end up seeing this, but what I do know is this; If I'm any good in this film, there's only one person I want to see this and that would be Mr. Spielberg, his ownself. Meanwhile, my heartfelt thanks to the director of this film, Jeff Chanley, for asking me to be his lead guy in "A Brief History Lesson".


Did you see the big rally that Glenn Beck put together a few days ago? Did you see "The Quitter" who was there as a soldier's mom? That would be Sarah Palin who quit her job as the Governor of Alaska and for some reason, some people seem to think she would be a good person to have in the White House. The most important thing she's done since failing to be the help John McCain needed in the last presidential election, is the decision she made to quit her job as Governor of Alaska in the middle of her term.

Am I the only one who thinks that's a pretty big deal? Am I the only one who wonders how anyone can take her seriously as a candidate for higher office when she quit the last real job she had? And am I the only one who wonders what the real reason was that she quit? I mean, has anyone heard any kind of sensible reason that she's given for walking away from the citizens of Alaska?

Oh, excuse me. Did I use the words "sensible reason" in a question about Sarah Palin? My bad!

After Sarah Palin made her brief remarks at the Beck rally, I watched about an hour of Glenn Beck doing a lot of talking about monuments, what they meant to him and a whole lot about God. In fact, he was doing so much preaching, I was immediately reminded of the evangelist named Jimmy something or other who's related to Jerry Lee Lewis. Beck is known for his ability to cry on cue, but I didn't see him do any crying at his rally. Evangelist Jimmy was known as a guy who could cry on cue, too. Especially when he was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing.

I'll give Beck this; He has this thing about him that makes you wonder what he's going to say or do and that keeps you from changing the channel, so to speak. But after about an hour, I gave up. Why? Well, I simply got tired of waiting for something that I would consider to be interesting. The fact that I watched and listened for an hour before realizing there wasn't much "there" there, is a tribute to his stage presence and charisma.

However, there were some who picked up on some things that I either didn't hear, see or pay attention to because I kind of know what Beck's act is. So I would like to share with you observations made by blog reader, Edwin Craig, a guy who's a veteran stage and film actor who now spends most of his time teaching women how to dance. And yeah, that line seems to be working very well for him.

Edwin Craig is also a very serious political, economic and Glenn Beck analyst and here are his observations after he watched all of the Glenn Beck rally:

Don't these protesters realize that it's not the government that's taking money away from the people, it's the corporations?

Supporting less regulation of the so-called free market economy is causing the problems we have, the pit of depression we're likely to fall into.

Now, we've given those same corporations the control over which candidates get elected to government office.

That would REALLY end the people's rights.

I think that the majority of conservatives must be poorly educated.

Yet, they want to control what schools teach in a way that would make everyone less well-educated.

I'm very afraid of what's happening right now in America.

It's time for a people's revolution alright, but not the kind that Beck and his followers propose.

Thank you Edwin Craig.

Thoughts and or comments about what Edwin Craig says? Or anything I've written? Write to me at and I'll respond to you as quickly as possible.

The New NEWSWEEK Magazine Cover Featuring President Obama!!!

And what a cover it is! The September 6 issue has the following long headline on the cover:


What you'll read is a 4-page story that lays it all out there. The rumors, the polls, all of it.
And if you can handle some "truth", this is a story that's worth reading.


We are told that the combat operations by us are done. Combat operations that never should have begun because the loss of American lives, the horrific wounding of Americans, all the Iraqis who were killed and wounded were because of a mission that was based on lies. Lies that even the most rabid of war lovers have to admit were lies.


Our mission in that part of the world was supposed to be about getting Osama bin Laden. Here's a very simple question; If we haven't found him after 9 years, isn't it time to come home?

Are You Still Eating Eggs?

Legitimate question, isn't it?


Bravo, Jimmy Fallon! I mean, wasn't that opening "Born to Run" number uber-cool and just the right thing to get the Emmy show off to a rousing start? I enjoyed the whole show and I look forward to watching Jimmy Fallon in action again!

Have you heard about Michael Douglas? The Oscar winning actor has throat cancer and his appearance on David Letterman's show this week was quite revealing. Douglas' "Wall Street" sequel will be shown soon and I plan to be one of the first in line. Meanwhile, let's all think good thoughts for this very fine actor.

Paris Hilton has been banned from the two Wynn resorts in Las Vegas and her boyfriend was fired by the Wynn people. That's because they both got busted by the Vegas cops for their "I'm a celebrity and I can't be touched" behavior. Am I the only one who wonders what guys see in Paris Hilton and why the rest of us should even care about Paris Hilton?

The new George Clooney film opened today, I didn't see it, but I will have seen it when I write the next blog. The reviews are mixed.

Here are a couple of films I saw on cable during the past week:

"New York, I Love You". A 2008 film that's currently on the Showtime circuit and it features a lot of short stories directed by different directors and featuring many big name actors. I liked this film a lot and I think you will as well.

"Dragonfly". A 2002 film that's currently on the Encore circuit. This film stars Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates, Joe Morton, Susanna Thompson and Linda Hunt in a film about a doctor (Kevin Costner) who is close to becoming insane because he can't accept the fact that his wife (Susanna Thompson) has really died. He finally takes the mother of all trips to find his wife and what he does find, besides his sanity, is....Well, it's worth watching to find out what the Costner character finds.


I've been having the pleasure of appearing on CRN quite a bit lately and I, along with my good friend Harold Sylvester will be co-hosting their weekend show live this Friday afternoon, 4-5, Pacific Time. The show will then be aired several times throughout the weekend. This station can be heard all over the world and most of you can hear it by clicking onto or for more info, or you can call, 818-352-7152.

QUESTIONS AND OR COMMENTS? Write to me at and I will respond to you as soon as possible. Don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address and I won't be able to respond to you. All anonymous emails are ignored.

THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, Wednesday night, September 8 or early Thursday morning, September 9.

I hope that all of you have a very HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!


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