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It's Time to call out the Rich & Powerful regarding Illegal Immigrants! This lawsuit against Arizona is SO WRONG!!! No on Elena Kagan!

First of all, I hope you all had a very nice 4th of July extended weekend.

More fireworks on Tuesday, the day after the holiday ended, huh? The lawsuit filed by our federal government against the state of Arizona because of that illegal immigration bill they passed?

Our Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, speaking for President Obama said, "Setting immigration policy and enforcing immigration law is a national responsibility. A patchwork of state laws will only create more problems than it solves."

Short commentary: Is that so, Mr. Attorney General? This "national responsibility" you refer to regarding this very serious illegal immigration problem? How's THAT working out, sir?

Look, here's what appears to be the deal, gang. This is a brazen attempt to get Latino votes. And you legal Latino supporters of this lawsuit should be ashamed of yourselves.

Read my lips: 12 million, 20 million or whatever the hell the number is...Millions upon millions of illegal immigrants with more coming everyday is AWFUL for our country! Absolutely, no wiggle room, AWFUL!!! This B.S. that's spouted about the "benefits" these illegals provide has to do with one part of our country and one part only. BIG BUSINESS!!!

Have you heard any big time CEO's taking a stand on illegal immigrants? Of course not! WHY? Because too many of those greedy bastards are getting rich-ER by providing "cover" for these lawbreakers and having to pay only "slave wages" to these illegal's. Do you think a greedy bastard CEO gives two poops about the amount of money we taxpayers pony up for the free medical care, education, etc, etc. these illegal's get?

Why isn't anyone "calling out" the rich and the powerful about this subject? I mean, by asking them direct questions about the "position" they take regarding the illegal immigrant situation! And it would only take a minute or two. Example: Mr. or Ms. Rich and or Powerful Persons, do you believe we should enforce our immigration laws or should we give them all a "blanket amnesty"?

It's as simple as that, gang. How quickly do you think our illegal immigrant problem would (in essence) be solved if Mr. or Ms. Rich and or Powerful
Persons answered that question by saying, "Enforce our immigration laws!" And if their answer was, "We should give them all a blanket amnesty!"? Welll, here's MY answer to THAT; May God have mercy on all of us.

ABSOLUTE BOTTOM LINE: Gang, my position isn't about racism or anything else one might consider when possibly looking for some sort of nefarious reason or reasons for thinking the way I do. My position is a rule of law position that is strengthened by the concern that if we don't put a stop to this, we are in great danger of becoming a Third World Country.


A lot of people are finding it easy to blame President Obama for the illegal immigration mess and some other messes.

At the risk of popping a few balloons that quite frankly need to be popped, I'll start with this;

In my view, President Obama is dead wrong to be filing this lawsuit against Arizona. Let us not forget that George W. Bush was on the verge of providing amnesty for millions of immigrant lawbreakers until you, the people, rose up and collectively said (in essence), "Hold on, Bro! (Bush) Not now, you don't! Or EVER!"

You the people were heard, and he backed off.

President Obama is being blamed for the economic mess we're in. I fail to see where he has helped it any, but let us not forget (I don't) we watched our economy under George W. Bush's administration head straight for the crapper for the whole 8-years he was there, especially the last 4 years.

We hear a lot of complaining about President Obama and the "stimulus packages". Let us not forget that the first "stimulus packages" were under the direction of George W. Bush.

Have the stimulus packages helped? I'm not smart enough to know the answer to that question, but I am smart enough to see what I see and WHAT I see, is NOT a recession. To me, we're in a DEPRESSION! I know that those of you who read as much as I do have read the recent reports and analysis from experts who share my view. I say, "share MY view" because I wrote a lot about my depression beliefs near the end of Bush's second term and I think we're still in that position now.

Can we get out of this? We better!

Republican Chairman Michael Steele saying that Afghanistan is "Obama's War" is laughable in a sense, but in another sense, he's not completely wrong.

President Bush sent us to Afghanistan to find Osama bin Laden. More than 9 years later, we still haven't found him and if President Obama is continuing this war for that reason, he's an idiot. But quite frankly, anyone who saw what happened to the Russians when they spent a bunch of years there and still decided to send OUR troops to Afghanistan, I can't help but wonder what you call the person who made THAT decision? Idiot squared?


As I said before the last presidential election and as I've said since, for the first time in my life, I supported a Democrat to be President of the United States a little more than a year and a half ago and for the first time in my life, I ended up VOTING for a Democrat. THIS Democrat!

I know that he inherited a mess. It wasn't a George W. Bush mess, it was a mess that began to percolate at least 30 years ago. I didn't expect a miracle from Obama the day he become our new president, but a year and a half later, I would expect SOME sign of progress. I'm sure he would say he HAS made some progress and maybe he has, but it isn't the kind of progress that seems to be beneficial to most of us as opposed to what appears to be (maybe) a small handful of us.

Right now, I am very disappointed in President Obama. He still has time to pull some rabbits out of a hat and end up looking like a guy we should give four more years to, but right now, if he continues with this lawsuit against the state of Arizona and is in fact, SUCCESSFUL?!?

Gang, if that were to happen, I don't care how many legal or illegal votes he gets, he won't have a chance to be elected "community organizer".

One more President Obama thought; Elana Kagan to be the next new Supreme Court Justice? Bad, bad choice. VERY bad choice! She is expected to be approved, but if she's rejected, I have another Democrat he might want to consider. That very big time lawyer who argued that big Gay Marriage trial. He's a "star" lawyer who has done a ton of successful work in courtrooms. To the best of my knowledge, the only time Elena Kagan has been in a courtroom was as a guest or a visitor.

What is this big time lawyer's name that I'm referring to? I'll let that be your homework assignment.


Postal rates going up 2 cents for letters, soon. And maybe no more Saturday mail deliveries.

China has been brought to my attention again. Specifically, the amount of money we owe China. Here's a hint; It's a LOT! And China isn't the only country we owe money to. It's just the country we owe the most to. But all this money we owe is another example of why we need to take care of business HERE, take care of people HERE and quit doing all this other expensive stuff ANYWHERE but HERE!!!

Did you hear about that Waterbury, Connecticut Roman Catholic priest who's been arrested for allegedly having stolen $1.3 million in church money to use for male escorts, etc.?

Question: Isn't it time....Maybe long past time....To reconsider this "celibacy" requirement that Catholic priests are required to adhere to? I mean, think about it....A guy who (supposedly) knows nothing about relationships between a man and a woman is giving counseling to a couple who are trying to save their marriage?

Just askin'...


A few nights ago, I finally saw a film that was a hit a couple of years or so ago. "The Proposal", starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It's now playing on the cable channel STARZ.

I thought this was a fun-fun film to watch. I'm told it made good money and to me, it's easy to see why. If you haven't seen it, I recommend that you look for it on STARZ this month.

Last night, I saw two films on the cable channel, TMC. "The Girlfriend Experience" which was followed by, "Women in Trouble".

I remember reading about "The Girlfriend Experience" when it was released a year or so ago. The very fine director, Steven Soderbergh directed this film and what I remember most from the review I read was the comment that suprisingly, there was no nudity in this film.

The reason that comment/observation was made was/is because Soderbergh chose to hire a well known porn actress to play the lead. Her name is Sasha Grey and I had never heard of her or seen her before seeing her in Soderbergh's film. I thought she was terrific. She plays an "Escort" in this film and I thought she was charming, vulnerable and I ended up caring a lot about her character. All of that adds up to good acting.

After seeing "The Girlfriend Experience", I decided to google her. There are lots of pictures of her that are available for you to see. And none of them are showing the vulnerability I saw in Soderbergh's film. Her primary business is the "hard-core" business and in the pictures I saw of her showed her eyes to be "blank" and someone who was simply doing a job. In "The Girlfriend Experience", it's easy to get the idea this woman has the potential of being a fun date. And maybe she would be, but I'm inclined to think she's strictly a "show me the money" girl no matter what kind of relationship you might think you have with her.

Good film, though. Check it out on TMC.

Which is the same channel I saw, "Women in Trouble" last night. This film has an all-star (mostly women) cast but it also includes a very fun scene in which Josh Brolin is in. A whole lotta stuff going on regarding "Women in Trouble" and that is certainly the perfect title for this film.

When I say "all-star" cast, I'm not kidding. These are some great looking women and you will have a good time looking at and following the adventures of these great looking women.

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THE NEXT BLOG? Barring unforseen circumstances, late next Wednesday night, July 14.

I hope all of you have a GREAT rest of the week!


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