Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The "Party of No" LOVES Obama when he authorizes deficit increasing BILLIONS for TWO STUPID UNWINNABLE WARS!!!

Isn't the right side of the political aisle the side that's been doing all the bitching about the spending that is contributing to our rapidly increasing deficit during these dire economic times we're all facing?

We went to Iraq based on lies! We were told we were going to Afghanistan to hunt down Osama bin Laden and that we'd get help from Pakistan, an "ally" of ours. And we know they are an "ally" of ours because....WHY? Well, because we've been giving them billions of dollars of "aid money", THAT's why!

By now, I'm sure you've read or heard about the WikiLeaks documents. Almost 92,000 classified documents tell us (in essence) that we've been "played" by both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A reader of this blog sent me the story about these documents and what I am going to print now is my word for word response to this blog reader that I'm grateful to. A select few of you have already seen this, but what you haven't seen is a response I got to my response from a blog reader who's pretty well known in this, The City of Angels.

Okay...Here's my response:

Hi Pat,

When I was in St. Louis briefly doing a radio thing on their ABC station while trying to produce a film around the time "W" was getting reelected, I was yelling about this so-called "ally" of ours, Pakistan. I have continued to yell about it on my blog. I haven't been as specific about it in the last few months (maybe longer) because I've (in a sense) sort of given up and accepted what the musical group "Chicago" sang, "Does anybody know what time is, does anyone really care?!?"

The people I got my information from were former intelligence officials in the Bush administration and former Black Ops warriors who identified themselves and who felt their hands had been tied by the Bush folks and who had kept their mouths shut until they quit in disgust.

What I continued to write about in this blog was based on information from those (to me) great patriots.

Eventually, this kind of stuff tends to get leaked on a grand scale, like the Pentagon Papers, etc. and the people who feel they have eggs on their faces are people who should have (and I believe did) know/known about this and now we will hear howling from people like Mrs. Clinton and other members of the Obama and Bush administrations about how this kind of information is "damaging" to us, our troops, etc., etc.

The talk show enablers will howl about this, blame it all on Obama, ignore when most of this was really happening and as we used to say in the rock 'n roll world, "The beat goes on!"

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Accurately considering the conditions we (our leaders) face in that area and in a slightly smaller sense, the Iraq area and have (seemingly) blindly accepted, we are now finally faced with TRUTH that will be howled about and slanted in such a way that people responsible for revealing this truth will be labeled as being treasonous, etc. when in fact we NEVER had any business going to war in Iraq and the ONLY business we had in Afghanistan was for the purpose we were originally told which was to hunt down Osama bin Laden and as I've often stated; "How's THAT going so far?!?"

Pat, thanks for sending me this. In this little corner of mine, you're talkin' to a guy who is simply noddin' his head.

I will be sending copies of this to select others who read this blog, and I'll be asking these readers to take a few seconds to think about the state of our current economy, our huge deficit and how much TWO UNNECESSARY WARS IN WHICH NO TAXES WERE LEVIED TO PAY FOR are in fact responsible for a good portion of the disastrous economic condition the United States of America is in.

Okay...That's the response note I sent to the reader who was kind enough to send me the WikiLeaks Documents info.

As I mentioned, I sent my response note to a few select readers of this blog. One of the responses to my response is a response I'd like to share with you.

You readers outside the Los Angeles area may not be familiar with the person who sent me the response I'm about to share with you, but most of you in the Los Angeles area are very familiar with the name, Joe McDonnell.

Joe McDonnell is known as the "Dean" of sports talk broadcasters in this here, City of the Angels. For many years, he co-hosted a very popular show with Doug Krikorian. And I mean, very popular! Joe and Doug. It was "appointment radio" here. And I'm proud to say that I'm the guy who first put 'em, side by side.

Joe McDonnell recently went through a very rough health situation. In fact, he almost died. Because of a disease involving his flesh being eaten.

Gruesome, huh?

And according to Joe, quite painful.

Thanks to round the clock help from the medical professionals and his "Angel" wife, Elizabeth, Joe has taken a serious turn for the better. Elizabeth says that Joe has improved because he's a stone cold fighter and Joe says he's improved because he's the luckiest son of a bitch in the world to have gotten "Angel Elizabeth" to say, "Yes!" to his, "Will you marry me?" proposal.

When I sent Joe a copy of what was sent to me and my response to that, Joe, showing that he really is a lot better, sent me a reply.

I began my note to Joe with, "Joe, I hope you're feeling better."

And here is Joe's reply:

I'm doing much better. Thanks!

Not surprised by the revelations...not one tiny, little, microscopic bit. And from an economic standpoint...there's nothing more damaging to an economy than excessive (unnecessary) military spending. Money going out for something that can't be bought by it's truly a bottomless pit. What are we getting out of this? So far, absolutely nothing. We're in two wars we can't win and we're bankrupting the country. Obama has to stop listening to his advisers and do the right thing and get us out of! Bleep those people! Let them kill themselves if they want. Enough of our people have died...and as you mention...not in the pursuit of Osama. Obama better get his head out of his ass...realize he's being played by the military...something they tried with Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But JFK had the balls to tell them to shut the bleep up and he'd make the final decisions. Does Obama have the balls, or did he just talk a good game to get elected? I guess we'll see shortly. Keep telling the truth!

Joe, believe me, I will certainly continue to try to tell the truth and hope there's a different version of the "Chicago" song that will go something like this; "We DO know what time it is and we DO really care!!!"

And Joe? The sports talk entertainment quotient has really gotten low. Hurry up and get better-better so we can all be entertained again.


As I'm sure you've heard, a federal judge has knocked out some of the stuff in the new Arizona Illegal Immigration law.

Short commentary: There's no other way to put this, gang. What that judge did is another example of bowing to the "Entitlement Crowd". The crowd that believes that they don't need to learn English unless they feel like it. The crowd that believes they don't have to be, "Americans, first". The crowd that believes they are "entitled" to free medical care, free education and if they get stopped by the police for something, they don't need to show the police identification, because that would be "racial profiling".

I could go on and on, but illegal immigrant enablers here in California need to "wake up and smell the coffee", because new statistics that just came out show that we here in California are shelling out more than 20 BILLION DOLLARS a year to pay for what these illegal immigrants are "entitled to".

What a country, huh? The "entitlement illegal immigrant crowd" gets all that money. The "entitlement war lobby crowd" gets all that money. The "entitlement financial institutions crowd" got all that money. Or are they still getting it? I lose track.

Bottom line: And we WONDER why we're going broke as a nation? Or are we already broke? I lose track.


This was sent to me by Illinois blog reader, Dave Acocks. It's a quote from P.J. O'Rourke.

"When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the FIRST things bought and sold are legislators!"

Think about it, folks. And thank you, David Acocks.


I don't know how entertaining anyone thinks Mel Gibson is these days, but because he has been a big time actor, director and producer I'm just going to throw something out there about him, in this, our entertainment section of the blog.

What he said about Jews after he got busted on a DUI violation is/was inexcusable. Some of the things that he is alleged to have said to his former girlfriend are indefensible.

Buuut....Investigators are not just looking at Gibson. They're also looking at the girlfriend about alleged extortion possibilities. Why? Because this girl has a bit of a "history".

Bottom line? This appears to be a classic case of two people who were meant to get together, did get together and surprise, surprise, look at what the results were. Allegedly!

Okay...Now some so-called real entertainment related stuff.

On HBO the other night, I finally saw Michael Mann's latest film, "Public Enemies". It stars Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and the very lovely (and current "it girl"), Marion Cotillard.

I didn't see it in a Cineplex because I thought I would be disappointed. I was wrong. It's not a great film, but it is an entertaining film and if you haven't seen it, I recommend that you look for it on cable.

"Inception": The film that so many people are talking and writing about. I went to the Cineplex very much prepared to like this film. A lot!

As I'm sure you know, this was directed by Christopher Nolan and the film features a who's who list of actors led by Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard.

This film is a little more than two and a half hours long and I nodded off only (I think) three times.

Not because of the acting. The actors were first rate.

I simply didn't think this film was very good. I was sitting in an almost half filled Cineplex and you could have heard a pin drop from the time this film began to when it ended.

A lot of guns are fired in this film. I really think the primary purpose of all the shooting was to keep people awake.

As I stated, I think the acting was first rate, but what those fine actors were dealing with is something that all actors (me included) have had burned into their brain(s) and that is; "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage!" and I did not think it was "on the page" and I do think it's the most overrated film I've seen in quite some time.

"Salt": This is the new Angelina Jolie film. It's an action-adventure film that was originally meant for Tom Cruise to star in, but it is Angelina Jolie who plays this "man's" role.

Liev Schrieber and a number of other fine actors are also in this film.

We have a very fine film critic named Kenneth Turan who writes for the L.A. Times here. In his review of "Salt" he (in essence) said that much of this film is preposterous, but that he thought it was a fun film and that Angelina Jolie was a perfect choice to play this part.

I totally agree with Mr. Turan. I thought Angelina Jolie was flat out terrific as "Salt" and this film is nothing more than what it's meant to be. A good old fashioned popcorn film. Nonstop
action, some fun "twists" that I didn't see coming and at the end of film, we are led to believe there will be a sequel. And if there is, I will be one of the first people in line to see it.


Please write to me at and I will respond to you as quickly as possible. Please don't write to the blog because there's no way for me to know your email address and that means there's no way for me to respond to you. Again... and I will respond to you as quickly as possible. All "anonymous" emails are ignored.


Barring unforseen circumstances, late Wednesday night, August 4 or early Thursday morning, August 5.

And I hope you all have a great rest of the week!


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