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What Do Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity and Mark Levin Have In Common? Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin?

Let me answer that second question in the headline first. Absolutely nothing!

The first question in the headline? What do Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Hannity and Mark Levin have in common? Their radio ratings are falling and in Beck's case they are dramatically falling. All four of these guys have been dropped by several radio stations and it looks like the dropping will be continuing. Why?!? Well, a big part of the problem seems to be that they're saying the same things everyday. Especially Hannity. Beck says different things, things that more often than not are loony, loonier and looniest! Mark Levin, yells a lot with a voice that sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Rush Limbaugh is the only true entertainer of the four, but even some of his most loyal listeners are finally reading between the lines of some of his so-called "satire" comments. But their biggest problem might be that all four of them don't have many listeners who are under the age of 65.

Back to Palin and Reagan. After a while, if you're paying attention, you just have to wonder if Sarah Palin ever reads anything unless it's praise or criticism. To help celebrate what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, Palin said some things that made people like columnist Steve Lopez and me ask, "Does Palin read?" I mean, she obviously doesn't know about Reagan's raising of taxes when he was governor of California and when he was president that the deficit went way up. Columnist George Skelton, a guy who knew Reagan well, points
out that Reagan raised California's top tax rate from 7% to 11% and that corporation taxes nearly doubled. As president, Ronald Reagan did cut taxes his first year, but after that, he jacked 'em up. George Steffes is another guy Skelton knew and knows. Steffes was a legislative liason for Reagan and he told Skelton, "When Reagan was facing the same kind of budget deficit that they are today, he knew what anybody with half a brain knows: You can't balance a budget without new revenue."

Soooo....Our big question this week is, "Does Sarah Palin have half a brain?"


Donald Rumsfeld has written a new book. "Known and Unknown". He blames a lot of people for lots of things, but one thing, as a former veteran, I will always know in my heart of hearts. When all the dust has settled, he was no better a Secretary of Defense than Robert McNamara was. In fact, Rumsfeld was probably a lot worse!

Our political leaders like to tell other countries how they should be conducting some of their business. Why do we do that? Is it because we give so many of these countries billions upon billions of dollars that we describe as "Foreign Aid"? While our country (especially now) goes to hell, economically?

Isn't it long past time for us to stop paying dictators and other politicians what appears to be "protection money" of some kind? If a country is run by thugs who seem to be doing unpleasant things to their citizens, why should that be any business of OURS?!?

Egypt? They have problems? Let THEM find a way to solve those problems? Good ol' Uncle Sam? Uncle Sam needs to get busy and figure out how to solve OUR problems!

Am I the only one who's sick of all the excuses that are given regarding illegal immigrants? A recent editorial in the L.A. Times (they seem to love illegal immigrants) stated (among other things) that illegal immigrants who carry forged driver's licenses and or use fraudulent Social Security numbers are people who are committing only "minor offenses". A reader responded to that editorial in the L.A. Times and here is that response:

"Are illegal immigrants 'carrying a forged driver's license or using a fraudulent Social Security number' committing only 'minor offenses' as the editorial claims? Isn't using a forged license even worse than driving without a license, since it enables further fraudulent activity? Doesn't widespread use of fraudulent Social Security numbers undermine the entire system? Is tolerating these offenses 'effectively enforcing immigration laws'?

And isn't hiring drug and human smugglers to enter the country illegally a serious offense? How can taking this route be considered an auspicious first step on the 'path to citizenship'?

Why isn't the existing 'path to citizenship', followed faithfully by LEGAL immigrants, good enough for the undocumented?"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Super Bowl Leftovers:

First of all, when the score was 21-3, I said to myself, "This is the worst Super Bowl I've EVER seen!"

But it got better, didn't it? A lot better!

I loved the opening that Michael Douglas did.

Christina Aguilera's "flub" when she sang the National Anthem? Hey, stuff happens. Those who chose to make a big deal out of this are people who desperately need to "get a life".

Despite the unfortunate technical difficulties, I LOVED what the Black Eyed Peas gave us in the Super Bowl halftime show. My feet were tapping, tapping and tapping some more.

My favorite Super Bowl commercials were, in no particular order:

The "House" takeoff on long ago Mean Joe Greene's coke commercial with the very grateful kid, but in this case, House's cane was involved with the kid.

The cast of "Glee" singing the Chevy commercial.

The Bridgestone Tire commercial that showed a guy saving a beaver and later, the beaver returns the favor by saving the same guy.


The very sexy, beautiful and fine actress Olivia Wilde is 26 and she's been married to a Prince for 8 years. A few days ago, she said the marriage is over and this is a lady who will have lots of guys pursuing her. Meanwhile, the people at the television show "House" are hoping that she will soon return to their show because she's been busy making films. And speaking of "House", Monday's "House" was especially good. With special guest stars Candice Bergen, Paula Marshall and an extraordinary performance from Olivia Wilde's replacement, Amber Tamblyn, this was absolutely "Must-See TV".

"House" was followed by a brand new show, "The Chicago Code" which stars Jennifer Beals, Jason Clarke, Delroy Lindo and Matt Lauria. This show has "hit" written all over it.

And it was nice to see Brittany Snow get turned loose a little bit on "Harry's Law". That show is another big hit for David E. Kelley.

I plan to watch two shows tonight besides "American Idol". Matthew Perry's new show, "Mr. Sunshine" and the first show of Timothy Olyphant's 2nd season of, "Justified".

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