Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's January 19 and this blog is still on hiatus!!!

Hi Gang,

Because of other obligations, a full new blog won't be written and posted until next Wednesday, January 26 or the following Wednesday, February 2.

Meanwhile, as a long time fan of "American Idol", I'm very encouraged by what I saw from the new judges on the 2-hour "A.I." season opening show tonight. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were terrific.

In political news? Are we surprised that some influential Republicans are saying that Sarah Palin needs to shut up for a while?

I'm not.

This Friday, I'll be making my weekly appearance on CRN and I hope you get a chance to check us out at 4pm, Pacific Time, 6pm Central Time and 7pm Eastern Time. Click on and get ready for the fastest hour on radio. I'm on with CRN owner Mike Horn and whoever else shows up. Lots of laughs, football picks and conversations about the big stories of the day. The show will be repeated on CRN throughout the weekend.

And I hope that you and yours have a great weekend!!!


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