Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's January 26 and sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning a new blog will have been written and posted!!!

Hi Gang,

After four weeks of a full blog not being posted because of time consuming responsibilities involving film projects and personal issues, a new blog will be written and posted sometime this evening (Wednesday, January 26) or early tomorrow morning, January 27.

Some of the things that will be written about are The State of the Union speech, President Obama's poll numbers, Ronald Reagan, Doctor Laura, Nude pictures, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, the Tucson shooting, Ask's "least desirable woman" poll, Torture prisons in Iraq, the holier than thou Congresswoman who has disowned her son because he's gay, The "Birther" crowd and their pathetic persistence, Keith Olbermann, Regis Philbin, Alec Baldwin, the reason we need cuts in the Defense budget, Trailer Park Trash, Victimization, Entertainment stuff which includes new television shows and Oscar nominations and more.

Like a plug for my weekly hour of fun on CRN this Friday at 4pm Pacific Time, 6pm Central Time, 7pm Eastern time and repeats of the show throughout the weekend. CRN owner Mike Horn will host the fastest hour on radio (along with me and whoever else shows up) that features lots of laughs and conversation about things you're talking about with your friends. The show is easy to find. Click onto and ENJOY!!!


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