Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hi Gang,

My intention was to write a new blog on Tuesday or Wednesday (August 16 or 17), but because of a job playing a college professor that I booked, the new blog will hopefully be written and posted tonight, August 18) or tomorrow, August 19.

Some of the things that will be covered in the new blog will be thoughts on the Republican debates that were held last week and Warren Buffet's comments about why he thinks big time rich folks like him should pay more taxes and how the excuses against that idea posed by bought and paid for congress people are bogus.

Also covered will be Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry's connection to a fringe fundamentalist movement known as "Dominionism" which says Christians should rule all earthly institutions. And while the belief here is that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, I can't help but wonder if that isn't the same thing that radical Muslims believe about their faith? And aren't most of us critical of that? Just askin'.

Another question that will be posed has to do with Tea Party backed presidential candidates and whether or not one of their missions has to do with making "The Separation of Church and State" a target? In other words, somehow getting it "struck down"?

I'll also be telling you about a so-called "Chick Flick" I saw yesterday, a film that is anything but that and has the potential of being a big time Oscar candidate.

And speaking of the Oscars, will Billy Crystal be the host of the next Academy Awards show?

All the above and more sometime tonight, August 18 or tomorrow, August 19.

Again...Sorry about the additional delay and thanks for your patience.

Scott "The Jammer with the Hammer" St. James


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