Thursday, June 16, 2011


When I was about to begin writing a new blog last night, everything "crashed" and quite frankly, I was afraid I was going to have to buy a new computer.

Sometime after 11 last night, I turned the computer off. Sometime after 5 this morning, I tried turning it back on and it was (seemingly) working fine again.

Barring any recurrence of problems, sometime before the weekend has ended, a new blog will be posted.

Among other things, some of the topics will be "Hope and Change"...This past Monday's Republican Debate that was pretty much two hours of "Bad Obama This" and "Bad Obama That" while coming up with no sensible solutions for the problems we have...Another reason to not do business with Pakistan...The more than 60 billion dollars in cash that the Bush administration sent to Iraq that no one seems to be able to find...Michele Bachmann and some of her wacky "beliefs" like her claim that "Gay people can be 'cured' from being gay"...And what's up with that white supremacy guy she seems to admire so much?...In "Entertainment Stuff", we'll be mentioning two films worth watching that are currently on the cable circuit and two new films that I think are worth seeing, one of which I believe deserves serious "Oscar" consideration(s)...

Thanks for your patience, a new blog will be written and posted in the next couple of days and I hope that all of you have a great weekend.

Most sincerely,

Scott "The Jammer with the Hammer" St. James.


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