Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pakistan, NAFTA, Illegal Immigrants! If you've read what the Los Angeles Times' views are and you're like me, you think they're FULL OF SHIT!!!

I mention the Los Angeles Times because this is where I live. I could also include the New York Times and other publications who support these same views that aggravate the hell out of me.

Illegal Immigrants: The constant lie that we hear about how these lawbreakers are more of a "positive" than a "negative" makes me want to puke.

Yes, there are a few exceptions. Very few. But the inconvenient truth is that these people have deliberately broken the law to be here and by definition, that makes them criminals. And yes, some of them appear to be nice criminals, but they are criminals, nonetheless. And the Obama administration, much to the chagrin of illegal immigrant "supporters", have arrested and deported more of these people than any adminstration we can think of.

In a recent editorial, the Los Angeles Times seemed to be wringing their hands in frustration while expressing surprise that President Obama has been responsible for trying to be sure the law gets enforced as often as possible.

And are you as sick as I am when you hear there is no (or very limited) financial cost to American taxpayers because of these illegal immigrants? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!!! The free medical care they get. The trouble they cause when they use stolen Social Security numbers. The free schooling for their children. The thumbing of their nose so many of them do when it comes to speaking English!!!

And all of these things are especially noticed by most of us during these terrible economic times, times that are made tougher because of the extra weight caused by these illegals. Illegals that a lot of corporations like because they can hire them "off the books" and pay them a hell of a lot less than legal American workers would be paid. And one can't help but wonder how many of these people are hired by the Los Angeles Times and other employers who agree with the Los Angeles Times.

One major exception that I would wholeheartedly support:

Any illegal immigrant who has been "living in the shadows", but has taken the time to learn how to speak English and is old enough to join one of our military services, is a person who should be given a "citizenship opportunity". After two or more years of military service, I would not only support them being given American citizenship, I would be willing to show up at their swearing in ceremony.

NAFTA: In a recent editorial, the Los Angeles Times expressed their surprise over the fact that President Obama is still saying (in essence) what he said when he was a "candidate" which is that he is not a fan of NAFTA. Before Obama won the election, other candidates expressed the same view about NAFTA. Candidates like Hillary Clinton, who's husband, President Clinton, got NAFTA passed. The L.A. Times wrote (again) about how beneficial NAFTA is for Americans and the "Global Economy". Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Maybe it's beneficial to some foreign countries, but beneficial for American workers?!? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit and I was screaming about this on a radio show night after night after night along with a bunch of truckers just before President Clinton saddled us with this idiocy.

Pakistan: In a May 7 editorial in the Los Angeles Times, they made the case for why we need to continue our relationship with Pakistan which includes giving them multibillions of dollars for aid, weapons and whatever their dishonest leaders want to keep for themselves.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

What's particularly frustrating to me about this Pakistan business is that I, on radio shows and in this blog, have been saying (screaming) for more than seven years that Pakistan was/is a "phony ally". And during this time, I paid a "career price" for these views. I even went so far as to script a conversation that I thought the Bush and then the Obama administrations should have with Pakistan leaders about how "serious" we are/were about "getting" Osama bin Laden and in this scripted conversation, it would be pointed out to Pakistani leaders that "We could do this the easy way or the hard way." All my previous blogs are available for viewing.

Two presidents couldn't figure this out but a dumb guy like me.....???

The Los Angeles Times and others are making the case that we really need to continue to have some kind of relationship with Pakistan. And to that, I say, "WHY?!?"

I did not agree with Donald Trump and his birth certificate business and or his college grades business, but I DO agree with Trump when he says (in essence) that if any country wants our help militarily, they should have to pay us serious money for that help.


Think about it. What the hell is Pakistan or any other country going to do if we decide to spend all of our money on US....Us AMERICANS!!! Some OTHER countries' problems?!? Get back to us when we've solved OUR PROBLEMS!!!

And speaking of "problems".....How many of us are wondering why Oil companies get these wonderful and off the charts tax breaks from us, but in return for these wonderful things we do for them, why are they allowed to pay us back by sticking budget busting gas prices up our asses?!? In a commentary written by legendary radio columnist Claude Hall in Sunday's Radio Daily News, Hall is suggesting that we "Nationalize" the oil companies if they don't stop (literally) "screwing us". And ya know what? I'm thinking that might be a hell of a good idea.

And as long as we're talking about American companies who are screwing us while they laugh all the way to the bank, would someone please tell me how private health insurance companies are beneficial to us?

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The drama associated with "Two And A Half Men" ended (temporarily) when it was announced that Ashton Kutcher has been hired to replace Charlie Sheen. The guy they really wanted was Hugh Grant, but they couldn't afford him. Kutcher is an interesting choice and he's not the type of guy who figures to be any kind of trouble maker.

High drama on "American Idol" when James Durbin was eliminated. The three remaining contestants are Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina, the singer who should have been eliminated.

Speaking of television shows.....I think that adjustments made on "Law & Order-Los Angeles" are adjustments that have made this show a terrific show. As is (in my view), "Law & Order-SVU". The season finale of that show will be this coming Wednesday night.

The season finale of what I think is television's BEST SHOW , "The Good Wife", will be shown this coming Tuesday night.

Sadly, the show I used to think was television's best show has been cancelled. "Brothers & Sisters" blew it when they decided they no longer needed Rob Lowe as a main character and that's when that show began heading straight to the toilet.

A couple of nights ago, I saw a film on STARZ that was released last year. "The Runaways", starring Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Michael Shannon. This was a story based on singer Joan Jett and her all woman rock band. I found the film to be riveting and I liked it a lot.

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Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a great week!


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