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What My Mother Meant To Me!!! Unemployment Rate Now Lowest In More Than Four Years!!! The Stock Market People Have Gotten All Of Their Losses (and then some) BACK!!! Will Tina Fey Be The New "Tonight Show" Host When Jay Leno Leaves? ANNND...Are We About To Have A SECOND "Who Shot J.R."?!?

Hi Gang!   Once again I'm writing the new blog a day later than usual.   Earlier this week, I drove many miles to be with my sister and and other relatives.  We spent a lot of time talking about the recent "passing" of my mother.   The combination of a lot of driving and developing a personal understanding that I will never see her again are things that caused me to become exhausted.

Sooo...Now that I feel like I can do this, I'm going to write a couple of things that won't be over the top "long" or in any way being "woe is me" stuff.

Briefly, my mother always "had my back".   She bent over backwards to see to it that I got everything I needed when it became apparent that I was going to take a crack at being a radio announcer of some kind.   She paid for a school I attended, bailed me out of a couple of "jams" along the way, paid for other stuff I needed, etc., etc.   When I did television sports for a decade, took a shot at acting (which I'm still doing) and then did more radio for a bunch of years, she was my biggest cheer leader. 

Gang, If I chose to do so, I could write many pages about the support I got from my mother, but what you see above, in short form, speaks volumes.

R.I.P. Mother Beatrice!


Before the unemployment and stock market news was announced a couple of days ago, I was prepared to do a big time "rip job" on the lack of progress while President Obama has BEEN our president.

Have you heard about this news?   Our unemployment rate (7.7%) is the lowest it's been in more than four years.   We still need it to be lower, but this is great news.

And how about that stock market news?   All that money they lost?   They've gotten it all back and "then some".   Also great news, buuut....we need this kind of direction to not be something that's "temporary".   We need this direction to CONTINUE!!!

Folks, short blog this week because I'm now going to.....


Will Tina Fey be the new "Tonight Show" host when Jay Leno leaves?   I ask this because there's a lot of talk about Leno leaving sometime next year and he would be replaced by Jimmy Fallon.   But now we're hearing that Tina Fey might "come into play".   Wow!   Tina Fey?   Very talented lady.   I think she'd do a hell of a good job.   Jimmy Fallon?   Very talented man.   I think he'd do a hell of a good job.  

Stay tuned, folks!

I'm sure that most of you know that Larry Hagman died a few weeks ago but that he'd been part of many shows on the new "Dallas" which is on TNT Monday nights.   At the end of last week's show, we hear J.R. talking to his son on the phone.   Then we hear gun shots.   Then the show ended.   When the next episode of "Dallas" is shown on TNT NEXT Monday, will we (long time ago) Dallas fans be going through a "Who Shot J.R." part 2 for a few weeks?!?



For whatever reason, that great NBC show, "Parenthood" which has been on for four years is a show that hasn't (yet) been told there will be a season five or that they're "done".

Ahhh, showbiz!!

The ratings for "American Idol" are continuing to sink, but they still have numbers that most every other show would love to have.   I've been a big fan of this show since day one.   In my view, there is something wrong with this year's show.   One of the things is the lack of big time talent among the men who have been chosen.   It's obvious the "Idol" bosses are trying to do some things differently, but so far, it ain't working.

Some people will say the problem is that people have gotten tired of ALL these music shows.   In other words, the public is bored.

And that ain't just the music shows, gang.   Ratings show that the public is turning away in droves from sports talk radio and political shows that are one-sided.   Why?   They're (the public) BORED!!!

Yo radio and television boss men and women!!!   Are you noticing this or are you ignoring this?   If you're ignoring it, good luck at the unemployment line(s).

Here are some TV shows that are doing just fine, thank you.   "The Good Wife", "Nashville", "Revenge" and the new Kevin Bacon show, "The Following", a show that's been renewed for next season.

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THE NEXT BLOG?   I'm hoping it will be next Thursday night, March 14 or very early Friday morning, March 15.

Meanwhile, I hope that all of you have a very pleasant weekend and I hope you're with us when I say, AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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