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Did you watch? Me neither. But a crack observer from St. Louis tells me that Mitt Romney got it all wrong when he made his argument for why we ended up in Iraq. The St. Louis observer is also amazed that Romney wasn't called on his mistake by most members of the news media. Not to worry. I don't think Romney has a ghost's chance in hell of being elected anyway, but by today, this big time flip-flopper has probably changed his mind about what he said.

After the debate, unannounced candidate Fred Thompson appeared on Fox News and was asked about the criticism he is already facing from the announced candidates. Thompson's response was, "It's a badge of honor to get attacked by some of these bozos!"

Speaking of Republican presidential candidates...

Congressman Ron Paul appeared with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central night before last. Congressman Ron Paul, is to me, the candidate who might be the best candidate out there as far as ideas, etc. goes, but he is terribly lacking in communication skills and until he corrects that, he has no chance. Buuut...he wasn't given much of a chance by Jon Stewart who spent too much time trying to be "cute" as opposed to asking Paul some serious questions. Probably just as well, because if he had asked the Congressman some serious questions, Paul might have put us all to sleep.


Did you hear about the big mistake Fox News made regarding the showing of a picture in a story about a congressman who has been indicted? The indicted congressman was/is William J. Jefferson for bribery charges. But the picture shown was of a highly respected congressman who not only wasn't indicted, but is in fact, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers. FOX News has apologized, but Congressman Conyers is big time mad. Both congressman are black and you don't have to read between the lines to understand what the argument is in this complaint. Conyers said, "Fox News has a history of inappropriate on-air mistakes that are neither fair, nor balanced. This type of disrespect for people of color should no longer be tolerated. I am personally offended by the network's complete disregard for accuracy in reporting and lackluster on-air apology."


And as long as we're talking about newspeople...Katie Couric continues set records at CBS. For lowest ratings in that newscast's history since sometime in the 80's.


Fans of the cancelled show "Jericho" let CBS know what they thought of CBS' decision and it looks like the protest might have worked. CBS is trying to figure out how to bring most of the cast members back with a seven-episode order that would air after the first of the year. I hope it happens. I loved that show!

The co-creator of "Seinfeld" and the creator and star of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has trouble on the marital front. Larry David and his activist wife, Laurie, have split after 14 years of marriage. Laurie has been seen a lot with Sheryl Crow while the two of them have been on a "Global Warming" tour and I think those two are a cute couple. I mean, if those two were walking toward you, wouldn't you pay attention?

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TOMORROW: What Lindsay Lohan's mother is up to and two films made in 2005 that are worth checking out.


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