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EDITOR'S NOTE: This blog was written early this morning. At the end of the third paragraph, I have new information about Paris Hilton that I didn't know earlier.

Here in Los Angeles yesterday, it was "All Paris all the time!" on television and radio stations. Especially radio stations. The illegal immigration problem which is really a massive "no enforcement" problem that most folks ignore or aren't really aware of...The Iraq problem, a problem we got into because of twisted "intelligence" information followed by incompetence never seen in most of our lifetimes, incompetence that continues unabated when impeachment is something we should probably be considering...The health care problem...I could go on and on, but the point is, we are a country who seems to not want to be bothered by something we'd have to think about, but Paris Hilton?!? Man, we can get way behind that!

And I'm here to help.

After Paris Hilton was released from jail yesterday and put under house arrest at her own home because of a "medical problem" that can't be disclosed because of privacy issues, all hell broke loose in a way that made hosts on talk radio shows glad they hadn't taken the day off. Cries of bias toward the rich and famous were heard all across this city all day long and sometime during the day, Judge Michael Sauer, the judge who sentenced Hilton and made it clear in his sentence that there would be no home confinement, no chance to pay for one of those "rent your own private cell" deals that we have here in Los Angeles, none of that kind of stuff...Anyway, while everyone was yelling and screaming on radio and television stations, Judge Sauer apparently said something like, "Paris Hilton has WHAT?!?" And Judge Sauer has ordered that Hilton be picked up in squad car and show up in his courtroom at noon today. She was originally ordered to appear at nine this morning, but she tried to negotiate a way to do her appearance by phone, which was rejected by Judge Sauer. What will happen at noon? Hey, this is L.A., anything might happen.


After being taken to see Judge Sauer in handcuffs, a crying Paris Hilton heard Judge Sauer tell her that she was going back to jail to serve 18 more days. She's currently in custody in a prison or jail medical wing while being evaluted and or treated for what is believed to be a psychological illness of some kind.


A few days ago, we reported a rumor and now we can report that NBC's "Law & Order" has made it official. Sam Waterston will be changing roles. When the new season begins, Waterston will play the role Fred Thompson was playing until Thompson decided that instead of fictionally doing his best to save the city of New York, for real, he might decide to try to save this country. "Law & Order" will soon begin their 18th season and Waterston will begin his 14th season on a show that wants to break the 20-season record held by "Gunsmoke".

Do you remember all the noise that was made about "Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington when he made gay allegations about fellow castmate T.R. Knight, which some say, forced Knight to "out" himself? Washington (Dr. Burke in the show) has been told he's no longer welcome and his contract won't be renewed. Washington's response? "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" No one knows what he meant by that because Washington's response was issued by his publicist.


What on earth is going to happen in the final ever episode of "The Sopranos" this Sunday night? I mean, the possibilities are limitless! Tony could get killed or he could do the killing and survive or he could survive and go into the Witness Protection program or...Shoot, maybe he'll survive and decide to go surfing with "John From Cincinnati" which debuts on HBO when "The Sopranos" say goodbye.

Before watching "The Sopranos" on Sunday, I'm going to try to see two new films this weekend. "Oceans Thirteen" and "Hostel 2". I'm not much on "torturing women films", but these kinds of films have been making a lot of money lately and I want to see what all the shouting's about. I guess the next thing I'll have to do is see one of those "Saw" films. Hey, there must be something artistic about these films, right? All the people who are buying tickets can't be wrong, can they? I'll tell ya what I think in our Monday report.


The Senate immigration bill is in big trouble! Short Commentary: How about an illegal immigration bill that involves serious enforcement of laws that are on the books now? I mean serious enforcement, something that is most definitely not being done now.

Our final item comes in the form of a letter to the editor that was published in today's Los Angeles Daily News from a Granada Hills, California resident named Beverly Triggs who said/wrote, "If you drive illegally, they will take your driver's license away. If you are here illegally, they want to give you one."

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MONDAY: A Paris update, the George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Scooter Libby stories I was going to do today and my thoughts about the films "Ocean Thirteen" and "Hostel 2".



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