Wednesday, August 29, 2007


How often have you heard someone say, "I'm gonna kill myself!"?!?

How often have you said it!

When we say it, it's usually after we've done something stupid, right?

Like dating someone who wasn't "right" for you, but you kept doing it because you thought (hoped) that something would change for the better in the relationship. When pretty much nothing changes, more often than not, you make the decision to "leave" and then tell a friend or two, "I'm gonna kill myself!" Your friend nods knowingly, orders you another drink and you wake up the next morning with a terrible hangover.

But sometimes...the reason you leave the person is because it's their idea, an idea you don't agree with and when after constant attempts to get that person to change his or her mind, you give up and walk away with your heart feeling broker than broken. The Bee Gees once had a hit song titled, "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?" and that's a question that feels impossible to answer if you're the one with the broken heart. Lemme have a show of hands here. How many of you have great answers to that question when it's someone else whose heart has broken? Pretty much all of us, right? But when it's us, man, there ain't enough booze in the world to eliminate that pain. Pain that causes us to do stupid things. Like call the person and hang up when they answer. Follow them. Hang around their house with the intention of knocking on the door, but after several hours, going home. And sometimes... people try to kill themselves because of a broken heart.

Is that what happened to actor Owen Wilson?

We don't know, because first of all, Wilson, or anyone close to Wilson has never said he went to the hospital because of a suicide attempt. A call log at the Santa Monica Police Department stated that the reason they had been called to Wilson's address is/was because of a suicide attempt.

Was it? We might never know, because there isn't a cop anywhere who can't tell you about spousal abuse calls that are denied once the police arrive and it's the same deal with suicide attempts.

Here's what we do know. Owen Wilson recently broke up with a woman.

Here's something else we know. He will not be appearing in "Tropic Thunder", a film that will star Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr.

Other projects that the highly bankable actor is scheduled to participate in? We don't know and might not know until Wilson comes up with an answer to the age old question; How do you mend a broken heart?!?


In yesterday's blog, I told you about a Hollywood premiere and party for the film, "Balls of Fury" this past Saturday. A premiere and party that star Christopher Walken did not attend. I speculated that the reason Walken didn't attend was because maybe he felt like some viewers did. That the film was/is, "Balls of Dumb". That prompted a nice e-mail from Michelle Shildkret who was writing on behalf of NBC Universal to see if there was a way she might get me to change my "Balls of Dumb" line to something else. Like, I dunno. Maybe "Balls of Fun"? She sent me exclusive preview clips from the film and I watched them late yesterday morning. One was a cute scene about a cricket that made me smile and the other was a few scenes showing Christopher Walken doing what he often does. And that's being the guy who will be remembered most when the film has ended. Scenes that also made me smile.

"Balls of Fury" opens today. The L.A. Daily News' Bob Strauss gave it a so-so review but thought that Walken was worth the price of admission. The New York Times' A.O. Scott thought that Walken was terrific, but that the film was "terrible".


Do you watch so-called reality shows? Do you believe that what you're watching is real? If your answer is "Yes!", you're not alone. The hocus-pocus shown in many of these reality shows is so believable that many are convinced that certain political strategists used the same techniques to get certain unqualified candidates elected. But that's another story for another time.

I bring up the subject of reality shows because we're going to be seeing a lot more of them because of a potential strike that would force a lot of your favorite dramas and comedies to discontinue production.

I've always known that most of these reality shows involving "peril" of some kind were b.s. because a network was involved, national sponsors were/are involved and to suggest that something bad might happen to any of the participants is something that won't ever happen because of potential huge lawsuits. In the latest issue of Back Stage West, several former participants in reality shows are quoted and they tell stories about scenes that are shot over and over again and about all the scripted dialogue that is used.

So...The next time you watch a "reality show", ask yourself this question; "Reality as opposed to... what?!?


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