Thursday, August 30, 2007


And at the risk of upsetting a lot of people, I say, why is this possible new California law, if passed, affecting drivers who are only under the age of 18? A law that in addition to covering the use of cellphones while driving, would also include using a pager, text-messaging device or laptop.

Apparently, the thinking is that drivers between the ages of 16-18 are more distracted and therefore dangerous on the roads when doing other things while driving, so they've been targeted. If Governor Terminator signs this bill when it reaches his desk, violators would be hit with a $20 fine on the first offense and a $50 fine for additional offenses, but no violation points would be placed on their driving records.

And drivers aged 18 and above aren't distracted and therefore dangerous while using these devices while driving?

Recently, while using a cellphone, I suddenly realized I was getting close to a freeway exit I was going to have to take. I'm talking to my friend on the cellphone, the voice on my navigation system is telling me that two tenths of a mile from now I'm going to have to exit to the right and I realize that I need to change two lanes before I take that exit. Hell, I felt distracted and dangerous!!! Oh, I successfully made the turn while nodding affirmatively to other drivers who were giving me middle finger salutes.

People, people, people....None of us should be using cellphones while driving! Okay, if you're on a straight stretch of freeway and you know you won't need to turn or exit anytime soon, I'll give us a reluctant okay on that, but....Are you making sure you haven't slowed down in your lane (especially the fast lane) to the point of making that part of your driving dangerous and extremely aggravating to the drivers behind you?!?

And that's if you're just using a cellphone! You think you're not distracted and dangerous if you're text-messaging someone while you're driving?

Or using a laptop while driving?

Again...this possible new California law has to be signed by Governor Terminator before it becomes law and he seems to be undecided! What is the debate here? And why is this possible new law only for drivers under the age of 18?

I gotta tell ya something folks. I honestly feel I'd feel safer next to a person on the freeway who'd been drinking that I would be if I found myself next to a person who was typing on his or her laptop while driving.

Buuuut...As the comedian Dennis Miller might say, "That's my opinion. I could be wrong."

In this case, I don't think so, but I'd love to know what you think. E-mail me at


You've heard of this Larry Craig guy, right? Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig? The anti-gay rights guy who was recently arrested for doing some kind of coded foot tap while he was in a men's room stall. The guy he was tapping to, tapped him back by showing Senator Craig his badge. And this was after Senator Craig had shown the officer his business card. Doncha just hate it when your Senatorial card gets trumped by a badge when all you want to do is have a little fun in the men's room?

Yo, Senator! Does the saying, "Get a room!" mean anything to you?

But seriously, folks....This is another case of one these phony family values guys preaching, preaching and preaching some more while secretly getting their kicks by (in some cases) doing tricks.

Senator Craig, for once in your life, do the right thing. Leave the Senate and hang with whoever you really want to hang with. The people who elected you will be happy and who knows? Maybe you will be, too.


Did you hear about this surfer who was attacked by a shark in Monterey Bay near San Jose a couple of mornings ago? A 24-year old guy was surfing with 6 other people when the shark attacked him from behind. California State Parks spokesman Loren Rex said, "He screamed and started punching the shark while trying to get away from the shark. Then the shark took him down under the water. Witnesses saw a lot of thrashing and some blood coming up. Other witnesses saw the shark let him up before biting him one more time." This victim (who was not identified) was given first aid by surfers before being airlifted to a hospital where he's being treated for multiple bite wounds.

Gang, imagine something for a second. You're in the water and you've suddenly been pulled under the water by a shark! Is that visual burned in your brain? Now...How bad is that day you're having today?


I've said it before and I'll say it again. That Sunday night tripleheader on Lifetime is soooo good!!! Yesterday, I watched the most recent episodes of "State of Mind", a show that just gets better and better, same deal with "Side Order of Life" and (what was) the season finale of "Army Wives". "Army Wives" is the biggest hit that Lifetime has ever had and I can hardly wait for their new season to begin. "Army Wives'" season finale was a 5-hankie episode that ended with a cliffhanger situation involving a soldier who looks like he's ready to be a suicide bomber.

A television heads-up! It looks like tonight's episode of "Mad Men" on AMC at 10 might be something special. This is another great show that's on cable!


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