Friday, October 05, 2007


Because of possible syndication opportunities that require my undivided attention and a project I've been asked to participate in by one of the true legends of broadcasting, I need to be "Blog-Free" for a few days.

The next new blog will be written Wednesday, October 17th.

Meanwhile, please feel free to check out any of the 134 previous blogs that are so darn easy to access that even I can do it.

Yes, I'll still be on "The Joe McDonnell Experience" with Tim Cates, Tuesday night, 9:30 or so until close to 10.

This very good radio show is on KLAC, Monday through Friday, 7-11pm and you'll find it at 570 on your AM radio dial. It's a sports talk show, but in addition to sports, we're apt to talk about anything!!! And that's why I look forward to doing this every Tuesday.

Speaking of sports...I'm picking the Rockies and Red Sox to advance to the World Series. I'm also picking UCLA's football team to get a break this week. They're not playing! And yeah, the way this college season has gone, UCLA will probably upset Cal two Saturdays from now!

Thanks for your continuing support and I look forward to writing more about anything that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?" on Wednesday, the 17th of October.

Scott St. James


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