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AMERICA is going BROKE, but IRAQ now has a SURPLUS?!?

Just when you think the most incompetent presidential administration any American now living has ever witnessed, and in fact, has exceeded all of our negative expectations of them/him, along comes some new information.

One of the many, many falsehoods (lies) we were told about regarding the "good" that would result in our invasion of Iraq, was how what we were doing would result in lower oil prices for all Americans. Not to mention the new democracy in Iraq, the killing of all the evil doers, killing that would result in Americans being safe from terrorism, "don't worry, be happy!", yada, yada, yada.

And once again, I find myself saying, "What a load of horse manure!!!"

And now people are talking about Condi possibly being John, "I never met a war I didn't like" McCain's Vice Presidential running mate?!? The SAME Condi who might possibly go down in history as our worst National Security Advisor EVER?!?

I mean, do these people EVER cease to amaze us?

Here's a news flash, folks. While we have stupidly sat idly by while watching Americans get killed and seriously injured in Iraq, the Iraqis are nowhere near any kind of democracy envisioned by this "out of touch with the real world" president of ours and even General Petraeus can't say, when he's under oath, that America is any safer because of what we've done and continue to do in Iraq!

And here's the irony of ALL ironies...While we have spent billions on top of billions of American dollars in this "fool's enterprise", by the time we stop counting, three TRILLION dollars might be spent by us while oil prices continue to go way UP for Americans! BUT, because of oil revenues in IRAQ, revenues that were supposedly going to pay for part of this war but AREN'T, Iraq is now looking at a budget SURPLUS for Iraq, while America, because of all the money we've spent BEING in Iraq are very much in danger of facing what happened to this country in 1929 unless we can keep BORROWING money from CHINA!!!

Look, it's hard for me to keep up with this stuff, too. And like most of you, I'd rather be watching American Idol than worrying about what should be "government stuff", but gang, according to our Constitution, this government works for us!!!

Look around!!! Are you happy about the oil prices? The food prices? Health care? Your wages? Your job? And that's if you even have a job? And how about crowded conditions that aren't at all helped by the millions and millions of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!

You want to watch us possibly turn into a 3rd world country? Just let these millions and millions of illegal immigrants continue to have children that we can't afford to educate, feed or provide health care for.

If this government of ours, a government that is supposed to be working for US, was "on top of things", they'd be doing something about all of these problems! In the illegal immigrant issue, courageous government people who are working for us would be doing their darndest to get rid of this idiotic rule, law or whatever the hell it is that mandates children born here who's parents are here illegally are automatic legal citizens of the United States! In fact, THOSE CHILDREN SHOULD BE AS ILLEGAL AS THEIR ILLEGAL PARENTS ARE!!!

But because we have a government that ISN'T working for us, there ain't but one thing we can do. And SHOULD do!!! Which is to make it our business to vote every one of these sorry sons (and daughters) of bitches OUT of office and if necessary, start the hell over.

I mean, I hear all this crap about somebody running for something who "doesn't have experience" and that's supposed to be something we should be worried about.

Gang, here's what I'M worried about!!! All these EXPERIENCED people we NOW have who are making decisions and the sorry state we now find ourselves IN!

A famous sports guy once said, "Statistics are for losers!!!"

While agreeing with that, here's what I'M saying; Experience has caused us to BE losers! I'm more than willing to take my chances on people who have NEW ideas!!!


Those of us who live in the Los Angeles area are never surprised at leniency given illegal immigrants and to the employers who hire them. We are also (no longer) surprised at the attitudes of many illegals which is (in essence) a demand that we (legal citizens) adapt to their way of doing things as opposed to them (ILLEGAL citizens who claim they want to be legal) adapting to OUR way of doing things.

Anyway, there's been some recent noise here about a woman named Maria "Chata" Leon who has lived here illegally for 23 years. During that time, she has had three drug related convictions, no jail time, has never been deported and HAS GIVEN BIRTH TO THIRTEEN CHILDREN!!!

See what I mean about how our experienced government leaders are handling things?

And then there's what's happening in San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom is publicly encouraging illegal immigrants to take advantage of city services with no fear of consequence for the fact that they are criminals.

And let me stop right there. If you're doing something illegal, that still makes you a criminal, doesn't it?

Mayor Newsom, a guy who has interesting moral standards (to say the least) is also a guy who is thinking about running for governor in 2010. Newsom's a popular mayor and he might even have some fresh ideas for this state if he decides to run for governor. I'm one of these people who thinks it's "private business" if you cheat on your wife or if you get involved with your best friend's wife, but his "Law, what law?" position regarding illegal immigrants would make me do my darndest to make sure he doesn't become our next governor.

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All the songs sung on American Idol last night were "inspirational songs". And after the first two singers sang, this thought occurred to me; "One of these people will have to be ELIMINATED!!!" And the reason that thought occurred to me is because at this point, all of these singers are pretty darn good or at least as good as each other. We won't find out who will be eliminated tonight, because the big "Idol Gives Back" show will be on. The eliminated person will be announced during a special "American Idol" on Thursday (tomorrow).

What you're about to read are short notes I wrote about all of last night's singers, the songs they sang and who I think deserves to be eliminated tomorrow.

1: Michael sang, "Dream On". I thought it was a powerful performance and he figures to be one of the final seven.

2: Syesha sang, "I Believe". Looks wise, Syesha is a bonafide babe and she's also (as the weeks go on) becoming a better and better singer. The last two weeks, she's chosen to sing two "classic" songs that are easy to criticize, but she has held her own both times. I think she's in the top seven.

3: Jason sang, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" while playing a ukulele. Gutsy move, the judges loved it, I thought it was "okay". He figures to be in the top seven.

4: Kristy sang, "Anyway". I thought she had a light beginning, but a strong finish. The judges liked it, I like Kristy.

5: Older David sang, "Innocent". He ended his song with a pandering move when he showed the palm of hand with the words, "Give back" written on it. I would have appreciated that move more if his song had been good, but it wasn't. Older David is a definite elimination candidate.

6: Carly sang, "Show Must Go On". I've said it before and I'll say it again. Carly, talent wise, might be the hands down best singer of all, but she's been making lousy song choices lately. When she was finished, here's what I wrote; "I dunno WHAT I thought of that!" The judges didn't like it and Simon said, "I think you might be in a little trouble now." And I agree.

7: Young David sang, "Angels" while playing the piano. There were a couple of glitches, but overall, it was very nice. He's easily in the top seven.

8: Brooke sang, "You've got a Friend". What people didn't see last Wednesday after Brooke found out she was in the "bottom three" was what could best be described as a "panic attack". I thought she looked (mostly) uncomfortable during her song, the judges thought her performance was so-so, Ryan pointed out she was shaking while standing there with him and here's what I wrote when Ryan said that (and she agreed); "She's READY to go!!!"

Older David should go, Carly could go, but I think Brooke will go!


Unless something comes up, I'll write the next one a week from today. And you know that at least one of the subjects will be something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

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