Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If you think this country will experience a great loss when Dick Cheney is no longer running things, CONDI just might be the perfect replacement!!!

You've heard the rumors, right? That John McCain might select Condoleeza Rice to be his running mate? One assumes that McCain would give that idea some very serious thought if Barack Obama ends up being victorious over Hillary Clinton.

And let's stop and think about something for a minute.

In alphabetical order...CLINTON, McCAIN, OBAMA!!!

Is this the BEST we can do?!?

One of THOSE three will be the person we hope will turn around the mess of all messes created by the worst presidential administration in our lifetime(s)? And maybe the worst of ALL time(s)?

Anyway, for those of you who haven't figured out all the snake oil you've been sold for the (almost) last 8 years and you believe all this Iraq war baloney espoused by "patriots" like Limbaugh and Hannity, etc., who want everyone else to put on military uniforms, I'd like to call your attention to a little piece of video.

It's easy to locate. If I can find it, anyone can find it. All you have to do is click on


Long time contributor Elvis (his real name) sent me a couple of questions that a Fred Reed would (if he could) like to ask General David Petraeus.

1: "General, five years ago the Commander in Chief said that combat operations in Iraq had ended. Since this isn't true, the Commander in Chief was either lying, delusional, or simply a fool. Which do you believe to be the case?"

2: "Some of your critics, sir---misinformed, I am sure---say that you send kids from small Southern towns to die while you work on your Power Point presentations. To put this foul canard to rest, would you tell us how much time you have spent in combat as compared to a rifleman on his fifth tour?"


Hopefully, this little thing called "Looking for Work" that was sent to me by the fine stage and film actor, Edwin Craig will lighten the mood for everyone. Or not.

Here goes...

A Japanese doctor said, "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks."

A German doctor said, "That's nothing. We can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks."

A British doctor said, "In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half of a liver out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks."

A Texas doctor, not to be outdone, said, "You guys are way behind. We took a man with no brains out of Texas, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work."

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All the songs sung on American Idol last night were Mariah Carey songs because Mariah Carey was the "mentor" for A.I.'s Final Seven. Before A.I. is down to a Final Six, Carey will sing a song tonight, a song that figures to be from her new C.D.

What you're about to read are short notes I wrote about all of last night's singers, the songs they sang and who I think deserves to be eliminated tonight. And I couldn't have been MORE wrong about who got eliminated LAST week!!! MICHAEL?!? ELIMINATED?!?

Will we be surprised TONIGHT?!?

1: Young David started with, "When You Believe". I thought it was so-so, but the judges loved what he did.

Now before I go any further, I want to write what I wrote when all seven had finished last night.
"I didn't think ANY of the seven were good."

That doesn't mean I thought they were all bad, but at this point, I expect to be dazzled by somebody. Anybody!!!

But the judges were dazzled a few times. I guess it's just me.

2: Carly sang, "Without you". I liked the beginning, but this was (to me) another not quite performance for a woman who appears to have a lot of talent, but has been walking a tightrope lately. I would not be surprised if this very talented singer got eliminated tonight.

3: Syesha sang, "Vanishing". Syesha is gorgeous, but I didn't think the song worked for her and that might result in her "Vanishing" from American Idol after tonight.

4: Brooke sang, "Hero". I didn't like it, the judges appeared to be luke warm and Brooke is also a "hot seat" candidate.

5: Kristy sang, "Forever". I thought it was so-so.

6: Older David sang, "Always Be My Baby". I'm obviously in the minority. I don't get this guy! At all! But the judges LOVED what he did! Was that because of the three performances that preceded him? Hmmm!!!

7: Jason sang, "I don't want to Cry". Well, I did when I heard it, but the judges loved it.

And here's something else. Paula Abdul. I know that she's been a part of this monster show since the beginning and I know the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" has merit, but she is so reminding me of the horse with the broken leg. And the humane thing we do to that horse.

Before this season began, there were rumors about Britney Spears being considered as a replacement for Paula Abdul. Think about it. If that move were to be made, it would be to replace a known A.I. trainwreck, with the tabloids' most famous (for now) trainwreck. Who knows? It might even be helpful for Britney. And she might even be good. Is there anyone out there who thinks Paula Abdul is good on American Idol?

Who do I think will be eliminated tonight?

Any of the women could go! ANY of them! I think the weakest was Brooke (again), but I'm guessing it might be Carly.


If we're done with the pilot I'm about to begin shooting on, I'll write the next one a week from today. And you know that at least one of the subjects will be something that makes me say, "Whaaaat?!?"

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