Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When you ALLOW openly illegal behavior, you are INVITING more SEVERE illegal behavior!!!

And that's what's happening here in California. Maybe where you're living, too.


The people who support them, like the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Mayor of San Francisco, like to refer to these lawbreakers as being "undocumented".

And it's interesting to note that these same two Mayors, when cheating on their wife or cheating with someone else's wife would probably refer to that as just "boys will be boys" as opposed to being shameless alley cats, but I don't know that to be a fact. Oh, the cheating is a fact, but I don't know how these two paragons of virtue would rationalize it, sarcasm intended.

Here's something else that's a fact. What these illegal immigrants are doing (until they're caught) is "undocumented BEHAVIOR", that is in fact, ILLEGAL!!!

And let there be no confusion about this. Illegal immigrants are criminals. And they will continue to be criminals until they are here legally. I mean, how difficult is that to understand?

But we have the two Mayors of California's biggest cities, guys who both want to be our next GOVERNOR, protecting these criminals instead of seeing to it that their lawbreaking asses are thrown in jail and then being deported.

Oh, yeah. That's what we in California need. A governor who doesn't understand that when you encourage, allow and protect ANY illegal behavior, you are INVITING more SEVERE illegal behavior. And "EXHIBIT A" has bitten us in the ass, big time.

Five paragraphs from now I'll come back to "Exhibit A", but first a little background.

San Francisco is a "Sanctuary City" for illegal immigrants. Basically, that means illegal immigrants are not allowed to be "touched" by immigration officials. Translation? Illegal immigrants in San Francisco, because of local law, are (basically) free to do as they please.

Pretty much the same deal here in Los Angeles except for the fact there's no local law that says so and when I was in St. Louis a couple of years ago, I learned it was the same way there as well. No one complains much because they don't have that many illegal immigrants. Probably the same deal wherever you live, too.

But because they seem to populate like rabbits, your city might soon have the same problems we in Los Angeles and many other cities in California have. Allowing illegals "sanctuary" means you end up giving them a free ride that we legal taxpayers pay for regarding health care, education and many other costs and services. That means to pay for what we give these illegal immigrants, we legal citizens have to pay higher taxes to support these criminals. But while we give all this to illegals, the "off the books" jobs the illegals do effectively lowers wages for LEGAL citizens!!! End result? A MESS!!! That does nothing but get worse.

Back to the "Exhibit A" I referred to.

An illegal immigrant named Edwin Ramos was convicted twice of felony charges, but was never deported because of San Francisco's "sanctuary" policy which prohibited immigration officials from doing their job and getting this (then) TRIPLE criminal deported.

Oh, he was put in a San Francisco jail because of his previous felony convictions, but three months after his most recent release, twice convicted for felonies, but never deported illegal immigrant Edwin Ramos added ANOTHER "triple" to his criminal resume.

Ramos is accused of MURDERING three legal San Francisco citizens, citizens that happen to be related to guy who himself is related to a father and grandfather who were San Francisco police officers and this guy, like the fictitious Howard Beale, is "mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore".

And I don't blame him.

We had a similar situation here in Los Angeles recently that involved an illegal immigrant murdering the son of an Iraq war veteran, but it was before this San Francisco triple murder and that's why the San Francisco story is getting more publicity. That and the fact that San Francisco is a "legal" sanctuary city for illegals, while other cities, like Los Angeles (and maybe where you live) pretend that they're not.

But folks, this looking the other way regarding illegal immigrants has to STOP!!!

I mean, we never should have been looking the other way to BEGIN with!!!

It's as basic as the headline I wrote for today's (this week's) blog;

When you ALLOW openly illegal behavior, you are INVITING more SEVERE illegal behavior!!!

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First of all, can those of us who believe we're blessed with common sense finally accept two truths?

1: Because of 9/11, we were scared. Anything the President of the United States told us having to do with prosecuting the lousy sons of bitches of who did the dirty 9/11 deed was something that we citizens were ready to get behind and support. But once we stopped being scared and realized we had either been lied to by our president or that our president and his "advisors" were/are naive and easily conned or there was some other reason we went to Iraq that had NOTHING to do with 9/11???.....Can we now accept the fact that going to Iraq was (to be kind) "misguided" and get the hell OUT of there?!?

2: Oh, I still very MUCH want to get revenge for 9/11. Are those lousy terrorist sons of bitches who would like to do MORE harm to us in AFGHANISTAN?!? Or is it PAKISTAN?!? Folks, are we hopefully ready to accept this truth? The truth that our so-called ally Pakistan is as phony an ally as Osama bin Laden is? And that Pakistan is where bin Laden is hiding while Pakistani officials keep our CIA warriors from doing the job they'd like to do which is to GET that American hating, turban headed assasin? DEAD or ALIVE?!?

Afghanistan or Pakistan? Right now, we're being sold on Afghanistan instead of Pakistan. CIA patriots are quietly going ballistic. But hey, can you believe how much money that new Batman movie is making?


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