Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Because Of Other Projects, I Have To Put This Blog On Hiatus For A While!!!

Hi Gang!!!

Personal note time to those of you who have taken the time to read what I write. And have been writing since March of 2007.

I spend a lot of time on this blog. Reading, talking to people, checking facts, etc., etc. Because of some interesting people I know, I've been able to give you information and educated guesses about a few things you haven't read elsewhere until after it was published here.

And yes, you get a lot of opinion here.

For a while, I've been involved with two other projects. I've now reached the stage where one of these projects needs my undivided attention until a final decision has been reached. No, not by me. By other people.

I'm anticipating a decision to "go forward" or to "give it up" will be made within a month or so.

Meanwhile, we have a Supreme Court nominee to think about. A nominee who we don't know a lot about except that she has "A Good Story".

We also have a big time General saying we might be staying in Iraq for (at least) another ten years!

And while I must focus totally on my own private projects right now, I can't help but wonder about our new President of the United States and what he really stands for.

Thanks very much for your support, it's a pleasure of the first order for me when I get feedback from you and I hope you wish me luck on what it is that requires me to stop writing for a while.

In the meantime, here is a link to a new music vide,o PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH, sent to me by a friend, you may enjoy.

From their website:

INTERNATIONAL RECORDING ARTISTS and YOUTUBE SENSATIONS - Ron and Kay Rivoli travel all across the United States and Canada performing their music as “The Rivoli Revue". Ron, a New York native, and Kay, a native of Kentucky, are singer/songwriters who perform a unique style of music they call Amerimobilly. Music about America and our love of the roads and the places, people and things they lead us to. Songs about life and living in America. Funny, witty and touching songs, most with a story that hits close to home. Songs about the things people care about - Family, God and Country.

Scott St. James


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